HetaliaWho is your favorite character?

  • Claudetto
    ClaudettoRegular Boarder • lv11
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    9 years ago
    Definitely Italy, though Russia is a close second!
  • laika_nagi
    laika_nagiRegular Boarder • lv10
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    8 years ago
    I love all the manry charas ^q^, like turkey,sweden,denmark,germany and holland^//^
    For the female cast, I like belgium because she's cute and has the "3" mouth like konata ^q^.I like vietnam as well!She's my fave asian nation in aph because she looks like kuudere and independent >//<
  • HuaQiao
    HuaQiaoRegular Boarder • lv16
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    7 years ago • Updated 7 years ago
    My favorite character will be Japan,United Kingdom,America,Russia,Italy,Romano,Norway,Finland And the Awesome one is Prussia.
  • Joichi
    JoichiRegular Boarder • lv20
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    7 years ago
    Haha aww no one mentions any of the cool hetalia females? Majority there's hardly any character I dislike, I like them all! But ones who stand out most for me are:

    I LOVE Hungary (she is strong as well as feminine which is a rare combination), I love both Italy brothers (tho I favor tsun-Romano more) and I got a soft spot for Spain and LOVE Prussia (and way he always gets in trouble with Hungary, love their bickering)
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  • Miho-Touko
    Miho-ToukoRegular Boarder • lv9
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    7 years ago
    I like Hong Kong.... and Norway! And and... there are soo many!
  • Douitsu
    DouitsuRegular Boarder • lv10
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    7 years ago
    Ehm, this is kind of hard (> u <). I think my favorite characters would be Canada and Russia <3.
    But there are just so many awesome characters!
  • magicalgirlj
    magicalgirljRegular Boarder • lv11
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    6 years ago
    My Top 3
    1. Russia
    2. Italy
    3. America
  • Yue-chan
    Yue-chanRegular Boarder • lv17
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    6 years ago
    I love Japan, China and Seychelles (she's so cute >w<)
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  • MoeMoeKyun
    MoeMoeKyunRegular Boarder • lv7
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    4 years ago
    I like Liechtenstein and Belgium❤❤❤
  • derpykat
    derpykatRegular Boarder • lv9
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    4 years ago • Updated 4 years ago
    I really, really love N. Italy! He's just so sweet and innocent~ ♥
    My second place goes to England though. I really like his design and personality.
  • cocoababyy
    cocoababyyRegular Boarder • lv7
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    4 years ago
    Italy of corse he's the main character and hes so sweet and innocent and kawai and Romano because he's hilarious
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