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  • Twonny
    TwonnyRegular Boarder • lv8
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    6 years ago
    Street Fighter: Abel (SF4), Guy (SFA2), Ryu (ST), Yun (3S)
    BlazBlue: Arakune (CP Extend), Bullet (CP)
    P4AU: Teddie, Yosuke
    Virtua Fighter: Brad
    JoJo's ASB: Part 4 Josuke, Gyro Zeppeli
    UMvC3: Wolverine/Taskmaster/Akuma
    Guilty Gear Xrd: Ky Kiske

    Games in bold are what I currently main even though VF is dead in America. :(
  • Jackalope
    JackalopeRegular Boarder • lv9
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    6 years ago
    Blazblue CS: Hazama
    Blazblue CP: Terumi
    Guilty Gear: Zato-1
    KOF: Ryuji Yamazaki
    Jojo's ASB: Kira
    P4AU: Yukiko
    Darkstalkers: Q-Bee
    Rival Schools: Akira
  • Luvurs
    LuvursRegular Boarder • lv5
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    10 days ago
    darkstalkers: anakaris, hsien ko, or lord raptor
    rival schools: hinata and sakura
    street fighter: sakura, juni, juli, ken, makoto, hugo, q and necro
    heritage for the future: D'bo and vanilla ice
    killer instinct: spinal
    i hope the last two count
    also sorry sometimes i have more than one main
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