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Ecchi no Himitsu!Ecchi figure how far will you go

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  • Rejean235Give her a weaponRegular Boarder
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    • 8 years ago
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    5 years ago • Updated 5 years ago
    VampyBunny (5 years ago)No Limits for me! Unfortunately im still living in my parent's house so I can't collect them let alone buy them since i'm still in college.

    Maybe when I finally graduate, get a job and a house.
    I wish you a display like mine when you move out.

  • aznsaiyan1029Regular Boarder
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    • 5 years ago
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    5 years ago
    Vambee-Lacuer (8 years ago)PhilosopherOtherwise, I haven't found too many cast-off and/or topless or full-nude that I really like. It's almost like, the main selling point is the nudity so the rest of the figure they can just do an OK job on.

    That's true. I don't have any Gigapulse figures, but I did order Collet

    Besides the entire cast of Queen's Blade, Sexy Magical Girl Ai, and Demon Hunter Asagi, that will be the most extreme one I will have so far. I am not adverse to that content in any way but most of the more revealing ones are just extreme, and not really nice to look at. We need ecchi figures with more class like Collet. That's right, classy ecchi.

    I also don't like extremely oversized breasts.

    I agree with you. Queen's blade is the farest I wanna go. The straightly sexual hardcore eroge figures like nurse shift, bible black... are too sexual oriented with a negative taste. (beides, imagine your friends came and saw em). The real and honest reason for me to collect such cast off/ ecchi figures is kind of pure and childish - like I want her because she's pretty/ sexy. Sexy figures are like representations to fulfill my craziness of that character. By owning that figure, part of me feel like I kind of "have" that character. Truth be told, I don't even stare at my figures like crazy long nor do I remove them from the package. The feeling of "having" em just feel good is what I want to say.

    I am personally fond of magical girl stuff, and girls with weapons are along the line. My first ecchi figure is symphonic lily, a magical girl eroge character from triangle soft.
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  • theyasminshowCarnal CymbidiumVery Important Boarder
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    5 years ago
    I don't mind a nude/cast-off figure, but I've yet to see an "in the act" figure that appeals to me.
    Besides, my figurines gettin' down all day and night and I'm not? Hell no.
    - not that I was obsessed with it, I just needed to get it -
  • vidaotakuRegular Boarder
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    • 8 years ago
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    • Portugal
    4 years ago
    No limit whatsoever! :p
    I'v several figures but the far i have is: ITEM #81381
  • endcollectorRegular Boarder
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    4 years ago
    Boobs are fine. Heck, they CAN be the main charm point for some figures. But they also tend to make the price go up.

    I have around 20 top cast-off figures; no problem displaying them topless especially if the craftsmanship is excellent. After a long day at work, what better to find waiting at home than a nice topless figure in a display case? It cheers me up.

    Only a few of mine have bottoms that cast-off and none are terribly explicit in that way. My preference is to leave the bottoms on.

    It does not seem a lot different than if somebody had explicit posters from porn mags taped to their walls. There is a big range there. Some people might go for simple topless; others might want heavy action.
  • andypandyRegular Boarder
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    4 years ago • Updated 4 years ago
    With me I think it's more the craftmanship than the level of explicitly that provides the limits. I wouldn't mind explicit or perverse themes, but so far the quality in such figures is too far from the top level soft porn you get in figures from Orchid Seed or Daiki.
  • SturmhornisseRegular Boarder
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    4 years ago
    I think she is my border (for now at least XD): ITEM #50574
    She is displayed open without her panty, because I think it is super ugly =_=

    Ecchi figures must be sexy, high quality and creative for me... Very important! Not only sex sells XD

    That's how I display my sexy ladies: picture/652429&...
    But need to take a new picture I have already 3 more ^^"
  • wormsinwombsRegular Boarder
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    4 years ago • Updated 4 years ago
    The only limit I have is no pregnant figures or scat figures (because I am just not into those things at all). I enjoy and display cast off figures and hopefully one day I'll be able to afford some hardcore hentai figures or at least get good at doing garage kits haha.
  • sirgRegular Boarder
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    4 years ago • Updated 4 years ago
    I like ecchi figures a lot, but there are limits of course. I don't want ecchi lolis, they just don't feel right. Also I don't want any figures that are having sex or masturbating, anything too explicit really, no matter how good they'd look otherwise. Yes there are some extremely hot figures such as ITEM #50574 and ITEM #42386, but they wouldn't fit into my shelf. I also don't like gigantic boobs such as ITEM #69055. I love big boobs, but they got to fit the character's proportions. Tamaki's size is the best ;)

    So basically my limit is this: ITEM #6725 :D
  • byakkoshikiRegular Boarder
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    15 days ago
    Well.... The most far I would go in terms of ecchi are: ITEM #49201

    Not cast-offable... Reason being is that my girlfriend is already kindly putting up with the fact that I have figures TT^TT . Bless her soul <3
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