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  • Chloe-tsundere
    Chloe-tsundereThe louise otakuRegular Boarder • lv47
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    7 years ago
    Hmm my fav would be louise white bustier ver.

    But top 3:

    1. Louise white bustier
    2. Momohime
    3. Asa shigure

    Tho louise has a lot of nice alter figs
  • MeKagheist
    MeKagheistRegular Boarder • lv9
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    7 years ago
    An heartbreacking choice D:

    But definitly... Demonbane is my favorite

    Top 3:
    1: Demonbane
    2: Aegis
    3: Sanya V. Lytviak and Momohime (yeah, I know, that makes four but Screw that! Alter makes so good figures)
  • katsudon
    katsudonPlay-Along TsukkomiRegular Boarder • lv23
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    6 years ago
    This is a pretty difficult decision, as I love all the Alter figures I own, but if I had to choose, it'll probably be Momohime (ITEM #27637) with Milla (ITEM #84814) being a close second. I love how detailed they both are, and how faithful the sculptor was to their appearance in their respective games.
  • Chanoc1982
    Chanoc1982Regular Boarder • lv4
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    1 month ago
    Hanamaru Kunikida - 1/7 - School Uniform
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