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  • crocatoot
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    8 years ago
    Lots of anime stuff i am selling off, I only have the more expensive stuff up on ebay at the moment but I have alot more to list

  • Zilverlight
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    1 month ago
    selling lots of my collection stuff on eBay.

    Other than figures, I have lots of merchandise in auction:
    - Merchandise for Games and Anime
    - Anime Blu-rays/DVDs (American, German and Japanese releases)
    - Kamen Rider Merchandise (Shikishi, Blu-rays or CD Collections)
    - Towels, Wallscrolls, …
    - Artbooks
    - Mugs
    - lots more…

    Just take a look. :3

    Shipping is only stated for Germany. Shipping is possible worldwide (just ask if you want to know the shipping costs).

    eBay Link: www.ebay.de/sch...
  • Riylo
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    3 days ago • Updated 3 days ago
    I've set over 100 figures aside to sell; in a bad spat with work and trying to prepare for the worst. I'm in the process of adding them only after taking the pictures and getting shipping boxes together.

    List of intended sells: itemlists.v4.ph...

    ebay page: www.ebay.com/us...

    I intend to go through ebay to start as I'm unfamiliar with selling here, only buying. If you see anything you want listed quicker, send me a message and I'll get on it. If you've got a good record on here for your own sells and buys, I'll consider doing business here through paypal to start building my own reputation.
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