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Bootleg FindersWhat bootlegs have YOU bought?

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  • NayanMoriRegular Boarder
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    16 days ago • Updated 16 days ago
    Hooo boy, lemme tell ya. When I first got into figure collecting about a year ago, I was very naive. I ended up sinking a lot of money into some bootlegs, some very obvious too.
    In a mall nearby, there was a store that had anime figures and I was so excited, I had never seen so many in a store before, and in a store close-by! A few visits later and I spent over $200 on bootleg figures. $200 on bootleg figures! I was so stupid! To be fair, I should have either looked at them more or just questioned the prices! The most I paid for one was around $40.
    I did end up making an article on two of them, which can be found here.
    Anyways, all of the bootlegs I bought were;
    ITEM #689124, ITEM #530086, ITEM #198415, ITEM #768872, ITEM #104300, ITEM #216857, ITEM #144340, ITEM #144341, ITEM #16728
    Not including 2 wall scrolls, a bag, and some buttons.
    I regret being so blind and wasting money, but oh well, at least I know better now.
  • Candycanes02Regular Boarder
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    16 days ago
    I obviously don't like how bootlegs look and just the idea of stealing art from people who have gone through the legal means to get their figures out there. However, I've only bought one bootleg voluntarily (luckily I think I have a good eye and have been able to avoid making bootleg purchases by mistake) and it's ITEM #22885 unpainted garage kit from E.
    The reasons that I bought it are as follows:
    1. I really love everything about this figure- the show, the details, the pose, etc.
    2. the original kit was sold very limited so you can't find the original anymore.
    3. On very rare occasions, it appears to show up on auctions and on such occasions goes for as much as $800, which is unrealistic for my grad student budget.
    I don't know if I'm just making an excuse, but the way I see it is that the original sculptor no longer makes money off of selling the kit themselves (because everyone is reselling the kit), and so buying a cheap copy of it wouldn't hurt them.
    I ordered it and it should be arriving this week or next. I've never built a garage kit in my life, so I'm hoping that I'll get some good practice with it since it appears to be less complex than other figures (at least it doesn't have that many creases, which are something I hate to paint because paint accumulates there).
  • FeuerkopfRegular Boarder
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    15 days ago
    So my one and only bootleg I got (a Misaka Mikoto) was a gift from a former friend of mine. A friend who loves to buy stuff from wish. As she gave me this thing, only wrapped in bubble wrap I asked her: "Was there no box?" "Nope." "Uhhh wot?". I still have her because, it's still a gift I cherish very much, but over the years she got yellow discoloration on her skin parts and on the base. Her eyes are green instead of brown and her hair und skirt look crusty. The paint job on her vest is not that good. Still one of the better looking bootlegs tho.




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