AZONE HOLICS!customizing Azone Doll?

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    5 years ago
    Hello MFC-users! <3

    Since a longer time i am hunting for a way to get a cheap Dollfie.
    A friend told me now about AZONE, not as beautiful and big as Dollfie but for my needings more than enough.

    Of course i want to customize my dolls (want a total of 3 characters at the end >w<)
    Sadly i am VERY worried about buying the wrong stuff...
    also i have no idea how to customize a doll

    on amiami i saw this body base www.amiami.com/...
    pretty good for my budget but.. i have no idea about the head and the hair...

    Maybe someone here is used to customize dolls and can help me a little? >w<
    i am afraid of buying the body and don't know then how to continue >-<
  • darkmiel
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    5 years ago • Updated 5 years ago
    If you're looking for a big doll (I assume you mean 1/3 Dollfie Dream and not Volks 1/6 Dollfie's cause these cost around the same as Azone) then why not try Obitsu or Parabox's large dolls? They're still several hundred dollars but cheaper than the price of Volks dolls with the same amount of fun.

    For the 1/6 Azone ones you posted, the blank Azone heads are not sold outside of Japan. Most of us use Obitsu heads with those Azone bodies. HLJ sells some of the OB blank heads as does Parabox. The hair is usually rooted (like Barbie's). There are wigs out there but it's not really nice looking because the size of the head is so tiny. Hope this helped!
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