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  • thanks so much for the figure! it arrived in perfect shape! I love her, thanks for the smooth transaction~! :D
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    Aren't you supposed to be working? *cough. I don't even have a job!

    I just saw Saekano's display. It already ends so that's unfortunate you won't be able to see it on your trip :( All the goodies though! www.youtube.com...
    3 years ago
    Flickr finally working so I was able to look for it. Here's to compliment the props I mention earlier www.flickr.com/...
    Don't ask why I'm still awake xD.

    Update: Emilia's.
    3 years ago
    Ardenor3 years ago#21225130I'll probably make my return sooner or later, but I have to confess this event's new kanmasu didn't impress me a whole lot. I see you're nearly finished with yours. What did you think of it?
    There are more important things in life to attend to at time, but collecting ship girls isn't the only thing you do at event. The biggest reason you have to bother with difficulty is to get the equipment reward, which could be beneficial to clearing later map; or required for kai ni certain ships. I say could, because since I started the game I'm still going through the horrid RNG luck. For E5 I used a history fleet that has x1.5 damage bonus again boss fleet, along with all the big guns YamaSushi + NagaMutsu, plus 3CLT and Abukuma who also has preemptive torp strike. The result? It took me 20 sorties for last kill, and I see no merit in doing debuff either.

    So yes, you are absolutely right equipment is a waste of time. Better go with easy to get the ships and save time.

    Ardenor3 years ago#21225130Are you thinking about playing it at all?
    I think I will, but I will try my best not to get suck into it too much. I have seen enough FGO CG to know that at some point I will abandon my wallet for the gacha :/

    View spoilerHide spoilerI'm still not ready for tomorrow, it kinda feels surreal. And it would be really cool if I can bring Sheryl and get May'n to sign a spare hand or something :P
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    Ardenor3 years ago#21121035Haha, wow. You know I observed some things at my storage facility that had me call into question just how secure things really are over there. I can recall on at least several occasions last summer/fall while moving things around, the garage door that serves as the entry point into the warehouse for all renters was left perpetually opened for no particular reason at all. Bear in mind this door is supposed to be password protected, and only renters have the ability to open it. So anyone from the surrounding neighborhood could have easily jumped the fence and entered the building without clearance. Obviously all the individual units inside the building are locked-up tight, but it's still a little disconcerting knowing that some potentially malicious third-party could enter the building. There are security cameras, but you never know...
    And now that I think about it, I've also seen opportune people driving their vehicles in through the exit gate while they lie in wait for someone to leave the facility. How is that even allowed? lol. People have got their trucks and boats parked in there. If they're not stolen outright, they could be easily be vandalized.
    So anyway, are you actively looking for a new place to move to? Any prospects within the area you're currently living?
    I get where you're coming from with respect to NYCC. It reminds me of when I went to Otakon several years back, and then again the following year after. First time experience? Hey, this is awesome! I kind of like Baltimore! And then the next year? Bah, I feel like I've seen and done all this before, and the con itself felt more frustrating than fun. I was feeling that way about ACEN this year until May'n was announced as one of the musical guests of honor. On my short list of acts I'd really, really love to see performed live, she's one of them. So I absolutely cannot miss this opportunity! Beyond that, I have every intention of making the most of my experience this year; and I'm actually aiming to spend a little bit less time in the Dealer's Room than I usually do. The ACEN Facebook page revealed that Kotobukiya and RightStuf will be in attendance officially for the first time ever this year, so I'm anxious to sit in on any panels they may be playing host to.
    Speaking of, is there anything you'd like me to pick you up from Good Smile Company's booth this year? Part 1 of their sales menu has already been revealed, and part 2 will supposedly be revealed tomorrow. Here's what we're looking at so far: scontent-ord1-1... (and let me know if you're unable to see this)
    To answer your questions about Japan, well... frankly, they're questions I still need answered by my friends I'm planning to go with. You see they've been there before a few years ago and I'm kind of sort of depending on their expertise because of their previous experience. The three of us are going to meet up in a couple of weeks to iron out plans, but thinking back on what they said of their trip before, I'm pretty sure they didn't participate in any sort of tour. The one guy I'm going with had mentioned wanting to visit Mount Fuji and potentially hike it. To what extent he wants to "hike" a mountain I really don't know, but it's at least something to consider. Now the other friend and myself want to spend a substantial amount of time just nerding out in Akihabara. With how little time remains between now and September, I can't imagine brushing up very much on the language, but I'm curious to try out some Japanese language learning software I got for Christmas to see just how effective it could be. A little bit of knowledge is still better than none, right?
    Haha, the Defender of Justice, huh? He's not the one who travels a lot for work and dotes on his cats is he? I remember browsing through the cast last year, and the lone female among the bunch really captured my interest; until I realized this game was intended for female audiences and she was the one lesbian pick. sigh lol. Can't complain, though. There are plenty more games like this catering to male audiences comparatively. What makes Mystic Messenger notable, though? The fact that it was developed by a Korean gaming studio as opposed to a Japanese one? The fact that it's setup more like an interactive game of phone tag, maybe?
    Oops, just saw your comment about Dino. I was right! Your man is the cat lover!!
    I'm plotting another series of orders. Once again, convention time much like WonFes has a way of putting the collection into perspective but I'm pretty sure I'm set on what I really want to pick up through the remainder of 2017 and beyond. I'm really enjoying Saekano this season. Are you watching Attack on Titan by any chance? It's really compelling this season. I have to imagine we're going to be seeing scores of merchandise showing up for Titan in no short order. The show's way too popular.
    Have you gotten around to visiting BBG yet? We've had so much rain lately it's unbelievable. Supposedly this weekend is going to be in the clear with temperatures rising every day this week. We need a good Saturday night at least, because May'n is supposedly performing outdoors. I've never known ACEN to play host to an outdoor concert before so this is going to be a first-time experience for me. I'm really excited. And on another somewhat related note, I just wanted to add that I'm in a really good place mentally now for the first time in a few months. Thanks again for lending me your counsel. ;)
    EDIT - I forgot to mention FAKKU will be there, too (I'm pretty sure). If there's anything from their booth or anything else you'd like me to find for you, I'll be more than happy to look into it.
    EDIT 2 - The second part of Good Smile Company's sales menu is live: scontent-ort2-1...

    A lot of places have security cameras but uh, who's monitoring them? I think most of the time they only check if something went wrong instead of having someone scan the live feed. So if someone robbed my unit, even if I got a clear shot of who did it... they're already gone with my stuff! But I did have a roundabout security method - a lot of the figures in the storage weren't complete. The extra parts, faces, cast-offs, stayed at home. If someone stole my stuff they'd end up with incomplete figures not worth much, and in the off chance they sold it there's be a sale for lots of figures missing crucial parts and bases. Though this is a bit of a reach; not sure if anyone in this area would have considered my unit a treasure trove. lol

    Nope; the first goal is saving since I'd like a ground-up move - all my furniture is ancient and bad-off so I'd like to get new things along the way. Can't wait for a new bed and desk especially, lol.

    This is why NY needs a proper anime con; NYCC cuts it as little as possible. We get whatever guest VIZ brings and that's it. Even though GSC and Koto are present, GSC now focuses mainly on comic/game franchises, and Koto is about 50/50 on display and 75/25 on the sales. They don't even bring Cu-poche stuff. A concert at this rate is out of the question... when ReedPop did NY Anime Festival the musical act was Voltaire. I'm gonna leave that right there.

    I peeped Menu 1 and 2 and can I say I'm super unimpressed? Two scales? Nendoroids that look like leftovers? The only thing that's a rough maybe is Gudako but that's only because I'd use her parts, I don't even know who she is. But for 50 bones, nope. Pass. I think at this rate the only reason I'll visit their NYCC booth is to see if they have Deadpool on display. I don't want to buy 4th wall but it does look amazing.

    Haha hold on, there are two cat lovers in the group:
    Jumin: corporate director with tons of money, doesn't like women (they only want him for his money), treats his pet cat Elizabeth 3rd like a wife instead
    707: lives in an underground bunker, loves cats but is considered a cat abuser by everyone else. Jumin found out through his CCTV feed that 707 got into his penthouse to play with his cat. theyasminshow.c... Look closely LMAO
    As for Jaehee, the one female in the group... go ahead and crush on her, as she isn't really lesbian. She spends her free time obsessing over Zen, and even though you get close to her in her route, they still keep it ambiguous and it never goes full romantic. I guess Cheritz wanted to make it so that if you weren't interested in that you could still walk away with a close gal pal, and if you were you could project that the relationship went further... but... I want Jaehee to get fresh with me like all the guys did! lol. Even though I get why they kept it kind of open-ended, a lot of people feel curved/friendzoned by her.
    As for what makes MysMe notable, the phone app setup is definitely unique and definitely keeps people on their toes. And then, a lot of people agree it's more than just an otome game, it goes a lot deeper than that. Once you clear the main (707) route, which is heavily advised to be played last, there's a 14-part epilogue to unlock that fills in what was an already deep story. This is the first otome game I've ever played so I can't really compare Korea vs Japan in this case. What I do know is this is Cheritz's third title and each one has its own unique style of play. While it seems the first two titles did well, MM ended up as their smash hit.

    Actually... I decided against watching AoT, and my coworker said he'd pay me to watch. So I demanded $5 an ep and he still hasn't paid up. If he pays me I'll watch. LOL

    I actually didn't beyond a few minutes of shopping at the cherry blossom festival... this spring has been chilly, overcast and rainy. Which is appropriate for springtime, but we hit mid-May and still having cold nights...? I predicted the temp would suddenly spike.
    Yesterday: 86
    Today: 90
    It'll be going back down thankfully...
    Also, anytime ^_^

    I was about to hit up that Fakku sale you linked, I'm still going mostly digital for books but there are a few I want physical copies of. But then I realized, RS doesn't give digital copies so I passed instead lol. Fakku though, every time I browse their shop those skateboard decks tempt me. They never brought them to NYCC though, would have been nice so I could have saved on cross-country shipping. But, I will continue to fight the good fight and pretend they don't exist *puts on shades* They never showed up to NYCC last year period so I think unless they show up for Crunchy's Mystery Mini Anime con, that's that for NY.
    3 years ago
    Are you participating in KC's event? How's your progress?
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/ETCLEQN.png

    Did you hear about FGO getting English release? Since you already spent on JP ver I guess you won't be jumping server?
    3 years ago
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    Ardenor3 years ago#20317400Trick or treat!
    These nendoroid more parts are really cute. Do you feel the itch?

    lol, it's not so much an itch as "Get nendo more sets before they appreciate astronomically in price!"
    I also have to put in an order for the business suits... I think the only thing I passed on was the fundoshi, and I don't regret that. lol
    How about you?
    3 years ago
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    Ardenor3 years ago#19471261You got rid of your storage unit???
    Oh, man. I guess KonMari is really rubbing off on you. :P
    Do you remember how many trips it required to transfer all your boxes? Did you have help? Did you draw attention from curious onlookers? To take on the burden of all your boxes at once like that, I can't help but imagine all the contents of my unit in its current state and the painstaking effort required to follow you in your footsteps. My gut reaction would be to call you crazy, but you know what I just realized? By shocking you and your surroundings with a hoard of possessions you can't tolerate sharing your personal space with, it enforces the need to remove them from your life post haste. More to the point, you created a swift kick in the ass for yourself. To that end I say good for you! How is the process of selling your unwanteds going for you?
    By now I wish I could tell you I started reading Kondo's book, but I've felt so unmotivated and quite honestly, melancholic lately. About a month ago, I mentioned to you how a couple of my favorite co-workers made their way out of my company for various reasons. That was a stunning blow I have a hard time reconciling in the workplace even now. But the fact of the matter is they weren't the only important people to suddenly invite themselves out of my life. I've been feeling so empty inside. Rather than taking the necessary time to keep up with more important things in my life such as downsizing my collection, working out, or even eating right, I've taken on bad habits such as spending large sums of money on mobages and playing them for long stretches of time. The distractions helped me fill the void I've been feeling in my heart, but they've cost me precious time and money as a consequence. I recognize they're a bad habit, but I'm still having a hard time letting go; even as various figures and merchandise I ordered many months ago have started to trickle in over the last few weeks; increasing my own personal horde which I described to you before, substantially.
    And the gross net effect of all this seems to have been rapidly moving time. We're already in April now but I can scarcely account for March, or even February. Where did all the time go? Before I realized it, ACEN is a little over a month away now and I'm very sorry to confess I don't feel nearly excited about it this year as I have in years past. It's surely the product of how I've been feeling lately, but the truth is their guest list this year leaves much to be desired. People who I used to attend the con and share a hotel room with won't be coming back this year; so between that, lack of guests I'm interested in seeing, and just knowing how bad of an idea it would be to spend money on overpriced merchandise, I'm seriously considering limiting my participation to only one day. Over the next couple of weeks I'll have to decide whether to keep my hotel room or cancel the reservation outright.
    I need to try and get all my ducks in a row. I believe I've been keeping this bit of info from you as I didn't want to put the cart before the horse as they say, but it's becoming increasingly likely that I'll be going to Japan in September this year. You see despite so many people whose company and friendship I've valued quietly stepping out of my life recently, I managed to rekindle with an old friend from high school last Fall. Since then we've made plans to make our old, once-in-a-lifetime, dream vacation to Japan which we were thinking about waaay back then, a very real reality now. So here at the end of all my bitching and complaining, I can honestly say there's a silver lining to every story. I just need to get my shit together. And more than anything I hope that by the time it's August, I feel a lot more excited for a prospective trip to Japan the following month than I do right now about ACEN in May.
    So enough about me. Let's talk about you! Oh, let's talk about your husbando! It seems Mystic Messenger is your poison these days, hehehe. Well, you've got to be real careful with that. From what I know, your love interest(s) is more likely to contact you at all sorts of weird hours. After all, they're operating on South Korean time, are they not? While they're having lunch calling you casually on their break, it's 3 AM for you and you're trying to sleep because you've got work the next morning. :P Who's your man and what's he like? As for me, hmmm, I don't think I've played any dating sims; at least nothing like MM which sounds a lot more interactive than most. With MM it's like you're carrying on a real relationship with somebody that has the net effect of butting into your life even at the most inopportune times. I can see the appeal, though, because it makes it seem like it's more real. I know there are plenty of other dating sims that are more like visual novels, though, where you advance the relationship or "story", really, at your own pace. I've been wanting to seriously play something like that for some time now, and my friend CARBON1903 recommended to me several games he thought I'd enjoy such as Muv-Luv Alternative and White Album 2.
    I couldn't help but notice that among your WonFes prospects you included ITEM #549476. I found that one particularly interesting since she's from the game that's been eating up most of my time lately. :P But, yeah, in the same way many of your prospects you could categorize into subfolders that line up with your interests, I noticed many KanColle kanmasu, idols, and Saekano girls to look forward to for this year. So. Many. Saekano girls. So. Much. Utaha~~~ ITEM #549397 ITEM #549374 ITEM #347654
    Speaking of, the Spring season of anime is right around the corner. In fact, I think some shows may have already started to premiere today. Saekano is back, so I'll be watching that one, of course. Titan's back. Berserk's back. Should be a pretty promising season of anime by any measure. With the weather warming up soon, I expect you'll be returning to Brooklyn Botanic Garden to witness all the cherry blossoms in fresh bloom. Mmmm, sounds really nice~~

    I gutted that sucker like a madman.

    Well, I guess so. I thought about it. Long story short, I want/need to move. I love the area I live in but I don't like the particular place I'm living, the property owner is a demon, and living with two NEETs is more than anyone should have to deal with. (how do the Matsuno parents deal?) The unit rent goes up every February plus they added on extra for some kind of security plan that seemingly covers nothing... so I decided to scrap the unit in exchange for positive cashflow.

    Speaking of security. While draining the unit... each unit has a little box attached the outside that supposedly is an alarm that goes off if it's tampered with. The units are double tier so people who have upper tier units have to use heavy metal rolling staircases to access them. My unit was literally top floor, furthest hall, unit furthest back... so a lot of those rolling stairs got parked there. So when I went to pick up things I noticed one of those alarm boxes had come off its unit. On the one hand I thought maybe it got hit by a rolling staircase. On the other hand there was no sign of impact or busted... screws or whatever attaches it to the wall. But I took it to the front desk, they wrote the unit number on it and put it away.

    I finished clearing my unit over the next few days... they never reattached it.

    Ahem... if it's an alarm shouldn't it have gone off if it broke off the wall or someone removed it?
    If the alarm is off, what could stop me from bringing a lock clip in and going to town?
    So yeah... I kinda lost some faith in the security portion. Also I think it's possible no one was keen on robbing one another because everyone I saw in there looked like their unit was hoarder's paradise... everything really looked like trash lol.

    To answer your questions,
    - I didn't count the trips. I did at least 3 a day for a few days, mostly with IKEA blue bags, then the mini handtruck at the end for the excess cardboard removal.
    - No one helped me (no one ever does so I don't bother asking... it was humid then so I would have had a barrage of complaints anyway)
    - Curious onlookers, no. During the daytime the streets aren't too busy here. It's pretty residential so people are at work or the local schools.
    - Selling is going alright. Of course not as fast as I'd like but the pile is getting smaller. :9

    Like, if you need downtime for yourself don't be concerned with taking it. I do agree that noticing the passage of time is nerve-wracking to say the least but to expect things to be even -stable- 100% of the time is pushing some high expectations. You're down doesn't mean you're out. And knowing that is half the battle. Spring is a nice optimism booster, I think!

    Well, even though they're unrelated part of me is not surprised because of how dry NYCC was last year. And this year I'm not sure about my attendance because they're coming down with a bullshit double-whammy - replacing their flawed pricing structure with no weekend passes (must buy each day) and making sales open on a Saturday instead of Wednesday (higher sales traffic). Last year I barely made it with my ticket purchase. It's not that I won't try this year, I'm just not sure if I can get it given the circumstances. Add to that the doubts of "will it be worth it?" seeing as 2015 was A++ fun and last year was a D... even the crowds seemed unenthused many times over. And, shoddy guest lists are poison... just look at the defunct NY Anime Festival. I would put in at least a day though, there could be some nice treasure to be found.

    Wowow. I'm kind of jelly! I want to go lol! I'm excited for you! Are you going to brush up on Japanese in preparation for your trip? Any plans on where you're going to visit? Is it one area or a full tour? Actually, are you going solo sightseeing or taking a tour package?

    MM <3 The game actually runs on whatever time you put when you start the game, and while you do get chats at random it's still set on a semi-pattern:
    - Incoming calls always follow a chat, so you'll already have the app open when it happens
    - Outgoing calls... of course that's dependent on when you call them lol
    - There are always two chats after midnight. I'm usually okay with these since I work late anyway, but people with normal schedules are burdened with chats at 2-3am lol
    It's not necessary to participate in every chat/call, but it's fun so you want to try anyway. Also, people played with the system clock as a form of game abuse (so they wouldn't have to pay) so Cheritz bans accounts that have a lot of time-leap activity :p
    My man is 707, Defender of Justice! LOL hmm... to be honest, he reminds me of wifey in that they both follow similar principles (though Muramasa is more extreme of course...). Not to say I love my wife any less, but I do feel closer to Seven since I actually got to interact with him vs. I only got to read a fan translation of FMDM, and the translator took it down so I can never re-read it. :<

    The excess of figure boxes is still curbing my shopping appetite lolol
    The only thing I may put on order is the new Cu-poche friend, a little guy named Dino. When I saw him I thought "That catlike hair and glasses... he looks like 707 pretending to be his beloved cats"
    Then someone on Twitter photoshopped it and it is PERFECT lol. So I may bite for that and some other related customizing stuff. Originally I was thinking custom nendo but as I researched potential parts, it looked to be a very difficult and expensive project, so this may be the start of a workable solution. As for scales, I'm watching a small number but outside of the Virtues everything on watch remains tentative. Oiran Utaha looks tempting though! You better buy her from her house before another rich patron does~~

    The reason why BBG sounds good right now is not just cherry blossoms, but simple fresh air. Suddenly my bathroom is being redone and re-piped which means lots of dust inhalation for me. And the project keeps growing somehow... suddenly they're ripping off the ceiling in the closet. Oh, and blaming us for the poor upkeep. Somehow it is my fault they kept ancient pipes??
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    Ardenor3 years ago#18982778Hey, I saw the weather's not good by you. I hope you weren't hit too hard. Stay safe, and don't get snowed in!
    (I owe you a reply from before--I'm getting around to it soon, I hope!)

    Thank you :D! I actually was not hit too hard! AND! I got a snow day! \o/
    It is below freezing here though. How's the weather in your neck of the woods?
    3 years ago