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    A very happy birthday!!!
    *wheels in a cake*
    *Badou jumps out, then promptly asks for a smoke*
    4 years ago
    Happy Birthday!
    4 years ago
    IlzeNomi (4 years ago) #2429479hahaha, was just about to message you! Definitely a beautiful couple. Yeah I really feel the WonHobby is a better value for money + exclusive so the price will go up. a good investment idea hahaha. I think there is enough time for us to save up for him. I'm looking into getting a better paying job before then however.
    - Also, congratulations on the soon anniversary! It's beautiful to hear you guys been together so long! Any kids? Do they play with your figures? I think that would be the scariest thing. Babies and kids vs expensive delicate toys!(゜◇゜)
    - Also, sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm so busy during the day at work and then when I get home I'm so tired I fall straight into bed ( ´Д`)
    - Also, got Aoba 2 days ago. He is so kawaii! and tiny legs and tiny arms and super tiny Ren and the airbrushing on the hair looks amazing! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    I looked at both versions and for the money, the exclusive is indeed the better buy. Since I'm picking up Aoba, I was also looking at the matching bases and how they would look next to each other. I did like smiling Ren, but since they didn't give him a different pose, that made the decision a no brainer for me.

    No kids, my husband is pushing 50 and has ambitions of his own. (We made the decision long ago not to have any for a number of reasons.) He had a very good job but got let go little over 2 years ago and has since then returned to college to pursue his dream of a job in the arts. He's very talented and has had people scouting him so it's only a matter of time before the right opportunity presents itself. While I'll concede that our current jobs aren't the best, we're both pretty resourceful which leaves room for figures. I did tell him I'd be better next year, I've been going a little crazy figure wise this year. That Ren though!!!!!

    Don't worry about late replies at all, I'm on here some pretty strange hours myself and don't always have the energy to reply back. ^_^

    Aoba is downright adorable. Can't wait until December when the cleaning Levi nendoroid comes out: Aoba's shirtless torso is going straight on Levi. Cleaning is sexy! XD
    4 years ago
    Ah, I was getting ready to tell you that Ren was up for order, but I see you're getting the same one I am. He's going to look fantastic displayed next to Aoba! Was gonna say that I can't wait to get him, but my wallet sure as hell can. Wow.

    Thanks for the fr add too! Didn't know that Bullets and Carnage was still being released. Next Manga volume is out in December?
    4 years ago
    IlzeNomi (4 years ago) #2423409Don't get me wrong, I need both xD but I think I'll end up also getting the WonHobby ver. for now and hopefully the other one later. Since he will be a standard run it will be easier to get a hold of him later.
    The irony of it all is I also have decided to cut down my figure buying to one a month - one every 2 months for more petrol money to go visit a man I am very much in love with hahahaha xD
    Aoba is so close! He has been detained by customs so it won't be very long till he is in my little hands. Kyaa! Can't wait. With our post office workers striking, things are taking forever to get anywhere. Koujaku is your favourite of the boyfriends? My favourite is Noiz xD it's definitely the piercings
    ... and the suit at the end (亝ω亝。) hehehe

    I'll be getting the Wonderful Hobby version, it matches the Aoba scale. Will be on pins and needles waiting for December to get here. I warned my husband that I'll be ordering Ren, I'm estimating that he'll end up being maybe a little over $200 USD, making him the most expensive figure I'll have ever purchased. Cast off, worth it!!!!

    Koujaku is my favorite, but Noiz became a favorite too. That suit! While I like Aoba's nendoroid, I'm hoping GSC eventually make a DMMd figma line. The little Ren that comes with Aoba is just too cute.

    Congrats on finding that someone special too, and best of luck to you both. I'm very fortunate in that aspect, my husband and I will be celebrating 17 years in a few months. ^___^
    4 years ago
    Hello again! :D
    Which version of Ren will you be getting? I'm bracing myself for the price tag on the Wonderful Hobby version. I told my husband I'd behave myself this year in regards to figures, and then I see that....

    You're going to love the Aoba nendoroid, he's so cute! I need Koujaku to go along with him!!!!
    4 years ago
    IlzeNomi (4 years ago) #2344148Hahaha, thank you. But now things will start to die down. Had to buy a car xD I love Natsume Yuujinchou and have never gotten any figures because they were mostly sold out. So with the new ones I though I'd jump at the chances. So excited about the price of the revised 1/8
    I see u have ordered Shiro from No Game No Life. Just yesterday I finished it. Man, and do I need more hahaha. I was looking around at their figures earlier but nothing appeals to me. I think a dynamic pose of both the brother and sister would be nice. Shiro by herself is not Blank xD

    I see!
    I have to buy a new computer. I mean, a new gamer computer. And that is more expensive in Brazil -_-
    Also now we get taxed in EVERYTHING so yeah, I have to behave myself since it's like I pay two times for the same item.

    No Game no Life is really good!! Manga is going to release in october (I wish it was the novel though), I POed mine already.
    I want so bad a Jibril figure, I can see how beautiful she would look omg.

    I don't think they'll release Sora tbh ):
    4 years ago
    IlzeNomi (4 years ago) #2346727I am glad you like it! I can't remember how I stumbled upon it but it was love at 1st sight. I noticed the lack of figures. Heine and Badou was the first figures I looked for when I joined MFC. I'd love to own the 4 MC's, the twins, the priest, definitely Giovani, Nill, the boy with the animal ears that likes Nill and Grandma ... you know what, I want them all now hahaha . Miwa-sensei's artwork is just so beautiful. I even went and bought the Miku from 7th Dragon 2020 whom I'll be picking up later today (~ ≧▽≦)~ and ordered the variant version of Samurai

    Got into it by accident: someone donated the first 2 volumes to the library at the college my husband just graduated from, and since the school didn't have a use for them, they put them in a pike of books that the students could take for free. (They have an animation department, but it's small. ) My husband grabbed them and gave them to me. What luck! I started reading them and with the storyline and character designs, I was hooked. Amazing!

    There really needs to be some serious figure love for this series. Heine and Badou, of course, and Giovanni. Just got a Dollfie Dream, and trying to figure out what to do with her. One of the characters I was considering was Nill as she'd be damn near perfect for that format. Come to find out, the Dollfie I ended up with is the original one, and now I'm apprehensive about doing much to her. Will have to get the parts for a newer one instead. Back to square one. ^_^'

    I have a lot of Mikus, but for some reason, wasn't crazy about the 7th Dragon version. (This was before getting into Dogs though.) Not sure why it didn't appeal to me, now that I think about it...
    4 years ago
    Omg, you have a lot of POs! Seems you do like Madara/Takashi a lot.
    4 years ago
    Thanks for accepting!
    Nice collection. \(^ω^\)
    4 years ago
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