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    KCKoopa (2 years ago) #3011419Hey AGC :)
    Im getting used to the weather here in the valley Lack of humidity is one of the big differences so it makes warmer here alot more bearable. I've looked into In-N-Out as well as Costco beforehand only to not even get a reply back. My search continues but lately I've been getting a few nibbles on the job hunt. Wish me the best! :D
    Oh I can share plenty of crazy stories of me working graveyard shifts back at the casino. You'll hear them soon enough xD
    I'm looking forward to a potential meetup at AX. Perhaps we should create a MFC group meetup that plans on attending AX. How does that sound? Has such ever been done as of yet?
    As my father always says: "When there is a will there is a way."
    You'll "figure" out some means of balancing your collection that consists of the right amount of qualities to make it both more space saving and continued appeal in your mind/heart.
    You can do this! I know you can.

    Hey KC! :)

    Yeah, the dry heat is way better than the nasty, sticky kind, lol. Although, it did hit the triple digits down here yesterday and it was pretty not fun.

    I'm sorry to hear the job hunt has been progressing slowly. Have you looked into any temp agencies since my last comment? AppleOne, Staffmark, Manpower, Express... I'm not sure what's up where you are. Hopefully you'll get something soon! I'm pulling for you.

    I'm looking forward to hearing those stories! I'm not sure if there's a specific group/forum for AX2015, but I know I've seen other ones on here. I'll have to poke around when I get a chance (might not be for a while though, lol). I also don't have a badge yet so that might make things a bit tricky. ^^;

    Haha, my dad says that too! Right now, though, my will is kind of weak. Every time I think about it, I wind up finding something else to do. I really need to do it soon, though. I'm expecting visitors at some point during the summer and I kind of need to find a place for them to sleep. xD;
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    KCKoopa (2 years ago) #3011335Yessss the site is going really sluggish as of lately.
    Im so much as getting timed out on occasions. Me no like :<

    Ok thanks so it's not just me I have been trying to post things and get timed out all the time it's frustrating. I am glad to have at least reached someone I knew who was a frequent poster so I could ask if you had issues as well.


    = )

    Tia desu
    2 years ago
    KC are you having issues with the site? slow to load says it cant load etc. Any kind of abnormality?

    = )

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    KCKoopa (2 years ago) #2965867Its fairly nice up here. Just a little toasty since it resides in the San Fran valley.
    At this point in time, Im willing to get anything I can get. Any job. It doesn't matter for me anymore. I just need something to take up the majority of my time during the weekdays. Of course I still have my interests in Atmospheric Sciences but entry level positions there require some form of internship which most of them do not pay.
    I feel you. Sleepy time is good time :)
    Who can say no to a pillow at random times of the day. I used to be there not too long ago back when I had my graveyard shift position at a casino. Not fun times xD
    I wouldn't mind a meetup at AX this year at all. I would like that :)
    Yep! The toughest part of having a collection is miniaturizing it and to decide what stays and goes.
    It;s heartbreaking for me to even think of such with my collection. I tend to find it difficult to categorize figures even to my top 50%. Each figure has its own unique quality that gives each their own sentimentality and reason to hold on to them. But if time and space issues call for it, I would find a way to keep almost everything I have though. Each has their own story.
    I have no doubts in you my friend that you'll find a way :)

    I'm not too familiar with the SF valley, but I know SF Bay tends to be chilly and foggy. Maybe you can get a little closer to that area? It's pretty expensive over there, though.

    Ah, I see. That's pretty rough. Maybe you can do an internship while also working part-time at a paying gig? In-N-Out, for example, is apparently a great place to work, with above-minimum pay and benefits. You could also try looking into temp agencies; most of our new people are temp-to-hire and I'm sure we're not the only ones.

    You worked in a casino? That sounds like it might've been pretty interesting, actually. You must have lots of stories involving drunken insomniatic gamblers, lol.

    Cool! We'll have to set something up as AX approaches. It's always fun to meet MFCers and walk the dealers hall and whatnot. :)

    The problem with my collection is exactly what you point out -- most of my figures don't have stories. Some I kind of acquired en masse through purchases of lots; some were impulse buys. The ones that do have a story I'd keep. But the ones that I picked up just because they were cool or pretty or cheap -- there's really no connection to those, and I prolly shouldn't waste the space on holding on to them, no?

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! We'll see how it goes. ^^
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    KCKoopa (2 years ago) #2942166Thank you for the birthday wishes friend :)
    It has been a minute hasn't it?
    I'm doing quite well and settling in quite nicely at my place in Northridge.
    Currently job hunting for a secondary for some additional income and financial stability.
    Also need to prepare for Anime Expo since summer is right around the corner.
    Will you be attending the expo this year as well?
    How are things with you?

    Ah, never been to Northridge. I hear it's pretty nice up there!

    I hear ya, extra income can't hurt. What kind of gigs are you looking at? Are you still doing meteorology as well? Wish I had the energy, I'm always so sleepy, lol.

    Yep, AX is coming up in a couple of months. I think I'll be going this year. Maybe we can meet up at the GSC booth. ;D

    Been a bit busy as of late. Lots of stuff going on at work, trying to get my film finished for the summer cons, want to whittle down my collection. I'd like to get it back to meaningful pieces, like when I first started. It's hard to enjoy it all when it's kind of become this unfocused mess, haha.
    2 years ago
    Happy birthday! It's been a while. Hope you're well and settling in here in Cali!
    2 years ago
    DeadlyAnime Web Designer
    View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
    2 years ago
    Happy New-year from myself and Miku desu !!!


    = )

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    KCKoopa (3 years ago) #2102434Well hey there agc!
    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes.
    My day turned out great because I was surrounded by family as well as had the support from you guys here at MFC.
    It has been a minute I know I apologize. I have not exactly been active so far this year but do promise to improve on that as the year progresses. Alot has happened since we last spoke. A new job at a casino has me working graveyard shift (11pm-7am) so that has put a whole new spin on my lifestyle...not necessarily for the better. I sleep most of my day away unfortunately :(
    All in all, Im slowing warming into the new position and soon hope to land some better hours so I can do more things that I love during the day and not waste it away sleeping y'know?
    Anywho, how are things on your end? Any plans on attending Anime Expo this year?
    I already bought my 4-day and am currently pricing for flight and rental car for my two weeks there. I am excited to say the least! My cosplay last year of Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/zero went surprisingly well. I was never used to being an attention-getter having many eyeball me and want a picture. It was satisfying though knowing all the effort in making the character come alive paid off.

    Hey KC!

    First, sorry for not getting back to you sooner; been busy and don't really get on here much except to quickly update my collection every once in a while.

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday! It's always good to be around family and in the thoughts of friends.

    You're working at a casino now? Sorry to hear that the hours aren't the best; hopefully you'll be able to get a better job or move up into a better position soon. The longer you stay at it, the more senior you'll get, and eventually you'll be able to pawn off the graveyard shift to the newbs that join up after you!

    I'm actually going to be skipping AX this year mainly due to personal reasons but also because I need to finish up the short film I'm working on. It's taking way longer to edit than I'd anticipated, and I still need to fix sound, do ADR, create graphics, add music, etc. etc. etc.

    Glad to hear you're ready to go, though! Two weeks sounds like a nice vacation. You'll be with your girlfriend, I take it? Will you be cosplaying again this year? I'm not all that familiar with Fate/zero, but I'd love to check out your cosplay photos! And be sure to take lots of pictures this year and post them somewhere so I can check them out, haha.
    3 years ago

    Sorry for late answer... I was not really active here in last time >-<v
    Of course... I preorder her since loooong... I LOVE HER!!! She looks more Asuka like as much other Asuka figures I think *________*

    KCKoopa (3 years ago) #2102058Thank you very much for the birthday wishes! :3
    I ended up having a wonderful day in part thanks to this wonderful community! <3
    Have you preordered Alter's Asuka Jersey version (ITEM #186848) as well?
    She looks very promising in my opinion!
    I am looking forward to adding her to the family.
    Fellow fans of Asuka unite!
    Also worth pointing out but, to this day, I'm still awe at your collection :)
    3 years ago