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    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1324760No worries. :)
    Oh man, that is such a sweet looking 3DS! If you have the money, I say definitely go for it. I mean, what if you wait too long and it eventually sells out? You might end up regretting that you didn't purchase it. I'm kicking myself for getting the Flame Red version now. Ugh…these special edition systems are so gorgeous. Even the packaging…it's so flashy. Now that's a box that was meant to be on display. =D
    My 3DS is probably not eligible to be mint anymore. lol I've already spotted a lot of dust forming in the crevices. What a pain. I also got some fingerprints on the top screen the other day, haha. I keep reminding myself to buy a screen protector for it, but I keep forgetting to buy one.
    Yeah, VERY expensive. It's like…why shell out that kind of cash for a lousy memory card when I can put it towards a new game or blu-ray? The prices are outrageous. And no, I've never played Bioshock but I've heard of it. It's a FPS, right? Shooters aren't really my thing. The last one I enjoyed was GoldenEye 007 but that was a long time ago. And I've heard about those PS4 rumors. It still feels like the PS3 still has a lot of life left in it, though. Still, I'm excited. I can't wait to see what it can do. :)
    Haha, can't argue with you there. I usually end up having my figures shipped by SAL (I admit it - I'm cheap), so receiving a figure after an extra long wait time is particularly rewarding for me. lol And yup, love all those new shiny figures at WonFes. It's so exciting to to see if your favorite characters are getting the figure treatment. XD
    Trainers and Team Rocket members would be nice!
    Oh, the completionist in you is just waiting for the day to add Duke to your collection. I just know it! Haha, Alter-y…I like that. It actually makes a lot of sense. XD
    Next time I play Black I'll have to find them. The only time I really put any effort into EV training was for my team in SoulSilver. It was cool since my team was pretty strong, but it also took the fun out of the game for me. ~_~ Haha, Chespin's definitely a keeper. I'm curious to see all the evolution stages of the starters. I'll probably be going with Fennekin since I have a soft spot for the fire-types. :) I just don't know which version of the game I want quite yet. Both Legendaries are downright awesome, and I like both of them. It's going to be a tough choice.

    Lol I still haven't ordered that 3DS, but I think I will today. The game by itself with the pre-order bonus (an artbook) sold out on GameStop :o So now I need to PO the bundle so I can get that book lol. I'm just worried about if they release a Pokemon 3DS later on, like when X & Y come out. I'm definitely gonna want one of those.
    What are you talking about, your 3DS sounds like it's in fine shape! Lol dust and fingerprints...you can just wipe that stuff off. I need to buy a screen protector too. I hate putting those things on, I always end up with ten million bubbles everywhere e_e When I got my BlackBerry I asked the store to put the protector on for me, and they were going to charge $15 o_o Hell no!
    You should play Bioshock!!!!! I can't recommend it enough, it's my favorite game of all time. I guess you could call it a FPS, but it's nothing like COD or Battlefield or anything. I guess I'm not doing a great job of convincing you, but if you ever get the chance, try it! Tbh, I don't really like shooters either, I prefer RPGs. I do play a little CoD and a lot of L4D though.
    I get my stuff shipped out SAL as well. Sometimes I go for RSAL (so fancy xD) but not normally. I haven't run into any problems yet, and I hope it stays that way!
    Almost everyone I asked picked Fennekin! The hell, why is he so popular? I wanna see the evolutions too. If Fennekin evolves into something like Ninetails, then I might have to pick it as my starter. I'm hoping Froakie looks less toad more awesome as it evolves.
    Do you have a WiiU by any chance? I watched the Nintendo Direct vid that they held the other day for it. Seems like there's some solid games coming out.
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    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1298494Happy New Year! =DThanks! Happy new year to you too! ^__^ (sorry I'm late...>__<)
    And congrats! I see you got your Milla! I was so worried about her hair, but from what I see in the pictures she looks beautiful. I really can't wait to receive mine. *__*
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    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1308993Black's such a sleek color, though. My sister had a black DS Lite I ended up…*ahem* "borrowing" since she didn't use it that much. lol I'm surprised to hear you don't have a case for your 3DS after a year. Sounds like it must still be in mint condition. :D
    Thanks! Eh, I'm not really the type to make resolutions because I know I won't be able to pull through on them. How about yourself?
    Good thing you went for a 3DS, then. XD Although, I do like the Vita's cross-buy system with the PS3. I think that's a neat feature. Backwards compatibility is iffy. I think I read somewhere it's backwards compatible but only with downloadable versions of UMD titles? -__- I'm still trying to sort out the situation with the Vita memory cards too. It's very confusing.
    The whole figure deal is a killer on the wallet. There are days I regret getting involved in such an expensive hobby, but then I'll get a figure in the mail and after unboxing it I end up telling myself it makes it all worthwhile. It's definitely a love/hate relationship for me. Oh haha, wow! 26 wished figures. That's aiming pretty high. Even if you only plan on pre-ordering a couple of them, you have my respect for setting such lofty goals.
    Yeah, got my pre-order in for Charizard at AmiAmi after I saw there was an order stop placed on him at HLJ. I was very surprised to see that.
    Judith and Karol. Can't argue with ya there. *high five* Nah, Alter would never disappoint their fans. I wonder if we'll be getting a figure of Duke down the line as well. Jade from Abyss would be nice to have. He's so awesome. lol Though if Alter starts making the entire Abyss cast after Vesperia, I'm afraid I'll be running out of space to put all these figures.
    Oh man, I don't even remember going up against these Subway Masters. Or if I did I probably failed miserably. It sounds like they're giving you a really hard time there. Have you tried going against them with a fully EV trained team? And heck yeah I'm excited for X & Y! It looks beyond amazing. Do you know what starter you'll be going with? :)

    I thought I replied to this, but I guess not -_-; Sorry!
    I'm debating whether or not I should get the Fire Emblem 3DS that's coming out soon. View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://multiplayerblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/multi/2013/01/fire_emblem_bundle.jpg Nice right? I also have a thing for the box View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://multiplayerblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/multi/2013/01/fire_emblem_bundle2.jpg I'm so torn! Idk if I should get it /panics. Ahaha, well that's what siblings are for right? I wish my 3DS was still minty. I noticed that the top from corners are a little messed up :/ I guess it could be a lot worse though.
    Haha, yeah I'm the same way with resolutions, so I don't make them anymore either. We're such great people xD
    Aren't the memory cards expensive for what they are? Idk, I'm just not feeling the Vita at all. BUT if Irrational actually makes a Bioshock game for it like they said they were, I would buy a Vita in an instant. I love Bioshock like no other. Have you ever played it? Back to Sony, I read that the PS4 might be revealed soon :o I can't wait for next-gen consoles.
    Lol it's definitely draining on the wallet orz. But I love getting figs in the mail too! Unboxing them and figuring out how to display them is the best part. Well, actually I think the best part is the figure reveal during WF, or other similar showcases. That's the best part :3
    I'm glad the Pokemon figs are selling well. I hope this means we can get a trainer or two down the line ;-; please.
    I think Duke would make a really nice Alter fig. I'm not sure I'd buy it who am I kidding, I need to complete the Vesperia set but I know it'd look amazing. He's very...Alter-y lol.
    The Subway Masters aren't people you ever actually have to fight, so I can understand if you missed them. They're in Nimbasa City, if you're curious. Sadly I do not EV train. I don't even pick Pokemon based on their stats/natures etc. It's just 'Hey that looks cool, let's catch it.' XD As you can see, I'm not really a hardcore Pokemon player lol. YES! BEYOND AMAZING! Can't wait can't wait can't wait! Hmmm....I can't decide this time around. I always go with the water starter, but how could you not love Chespin's face View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://pokebeach.com/news/0113/chespin3.jpg I do like BroFroakie though. I think it'll be easier to decide once I know what their evolutions look like. I like the legendary Yveltal, so I'm gonna pick up which ever version has it. What about you? Who will you choose?
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    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1315153Ha! Consider me fooled then. XD That's great you got such a good deal on all those Plamo kits. I've seen the Pokemon kits around and wanted to order one or two, but I don't know what the quality is like since it's a model kit. They look fun, though! :)
    I'll be sure to let you know! I'm looking forward to them.
    5 years ago
    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1312184Hey there, soon-to-be owner of 3 Charizard figures! Just wanted to tell you your collection is really nice. Love all the Sentai figures you've acquired. (Btw - I have major respect for your ordering prowess. Nearly 200 figures? Amazing. :D)

    Well, looks may fool you though, haha. I just ordered a handful of Pokemon Plamo sets (and other model kits) on a coupon, and since a lot of them have up to four figures in them each, they really, REALLY add up, even though I only paid about $4-$5 for a set.
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    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1306278I got the Flame Red version during Black Friday. It came pre-loaded with Super Mario 3D Land which was a nice bonus. How about you? What color 3DS do you have? Oh,and Merry (belated) Christmas to you. Hope you had a good one! :D And yeah, right now the only Vita games that have me interested are Gravity Rush and Persona 4 Golden. I have to get a Vita console….soon. Unfortunately, money's tight from it going to feed my figure habit. lol DDD is awesome. I kind of forgot about my other 3DS games and have been playing it non-stop. You really should grab a copy, even if you haven't completed your KH collection. You're missing out on a great video game. =D
    Heh, I hear you. I would love for some lead males from a few shoujo titles to be made, but I know there's probably zero chance of that happening.
    Yeah, I really like the colors on Cheerful Miku. It's those vibrant colors and dynamic pose that really catch my eye. Do you have her out on display or do you keep her in the box? Haha, some Kaito news would be GREAT. Hmm…not sure if there's anything I want to see at WF. Maybe some more Tales figure from Alter. Judith from Vesperia and Asch from Abyss would be nice. :)
    I know, I know. XD;; I think I got stuck at the Elite 4. My team was too weak so I just gave up because I was getting so frustrated. Maybe I'll give it another try one of these days with a better team.
    Oh! ALTAiR is making a figure of that character, right? That's neat. :D Sounds like a nice, silly show too. Any anime that has good music and songs grabs my attention immediately.

    Red? Lucky! Mine is just plain old black. I kept telling myself color didn't matter, since I was planning on getting a case for it anyway, but it's been over a year now and I still don't have one lol. At least I didn't buy blue. That is one ugly shade.
    Merry Christmas and happy New Years to you too :) Did you abandon your resolutions yet lol?
    There's one or two games I'm interested in for the Vita, but the fact that I can't remember what either of them are is really saying something lol. The Vita isn't backwards compatible, is it? I think that's another big hindrance.
    I know what you mean. There's so many other things I want to buy, but figures just keep sucking up all my money. I'm slowing down a bit though. Even though I have 26 'wished' figs, I'm only planning on pre-ordering 4 or 5. As for the others, well I'll just wait and see if they go on sale. Hey, you ordered Charizard! I lol every time I see their Japanese names.
    Ahaha, yeah, good luck with that figure wish. That might be a little too impossible lol.
    Cheerful Miku is in her box atm, since I'm in school. Actually 90% of my figs are in boxes right now because of that.
    Judith! Yes! Alter has to make her and Karol. I mean, they wouldn't just leave us hanging, right? They're almost done with the main cast. I want Jade from Abyss :) Asch would probably be easier for them to make though, since they already did Luke.
    You know who I hate in BW? The fckin Subway Masters. I don't hate them as characters (just the opposite really - I absolutely love them. I even have their figs PO'd) but I despise them as trainers. I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME BEAT THEM. I've gotten to the final battle with them so many times but I lose every. single. time. I always lose within the first few turns too, which just makes it even worse. I've spent 200+ hours in BW catching all sorts of Pokemon and training them, but I still can't beat them. Fck those guys. ARE YOU EXCITED FOR X & Y!?!? I was watching the stream, and dear God, when he announced that I almost died. /vp/ exploded. Glorious, just glorious. Can't wait until Oct.
    Silly is actually the perfect word to describe it. Hmm, why didn't I think of that. Yeah, Altair is actually making a lot of the cast! Woohoo!
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    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1305356Haha, that's fine with me. I just got a 3DS for Christmas so I'm looking for some fun games. Right now Dream Drop Distance is currently keeping me busy. And yeah, the figmas were kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, since there's not too many good figures of male video game characters.
    You're welcome. :) Congrats on building yourself such a fine collection. Well, buying Cheerful Miku was definitely money well spent, I think. I wish she was still available for a decent price. A scale PVC of Kaito would be great. Maybe you'll get your wish and he'll be released sometime in 2013. Especially if he's that popular. :D
    Many thanks. I still have to finish BW1. lol Your avatar's great too. Love the blinking effect - it's quite hypnotizing. What anime is it from, if you don't mind me asking?

    Nice! Which color? There's a ton of great games for the 3DS unlike the Vita >:l. Ah, how is DDD? I played the demo, but I wanna complete my KH game collection before I get it. So it's probably gonna be a while lol.
    There aren't enough figures of males in general :/
    I wish she was still available for a decent price too, more people need to own her! She's seriously nice. Yes, I'm hoping we'll get some Kaito news during WF! It's so close (sorta)! Is there anything you want to see at WF?
    Whaaaat, you didn't finish BW1??!?!?!? Do it do it! How far did you get?
    Ha, thanks. My avatar is Ittoki Otoya from Uta no Prince-sama. It's not really something aimed at guys (at all lol) but I can't help but like the show. I started watching it for the lols (it was on the English NicoNico while that site still existed, and the comments were seriously funny as hell) but then around episode 6 or so I started actually caring about what was going on. And now I love the show and all it's music. So yeah, there's an unnecessary explanation you didn't ask for lol.
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    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1304090Many thanks for the Kid Icarus: Uprising recommendation. I'll definitely be grabbing a copy as soon as I can. :D Your collection is great too. I'm envious of your Vocaloid figures. Love the Cheerful Miku you've got.
    I just wanna spread the love for an awesome game :) The characters & gameplay are great, I'm sure you'll like it. I'm surprised you ordered Pit and Dark Pit without playing it :o
    :D Thanks, really! My collection used to be pretty small, so I'm glad you like it now ^____^ Haha, don't be envious of that Cheerful Miku. I paid waaay too much for her -_-; Good thing she's so perfect, otherwise I'd be pissed. I hope Kaito gets a figma or scale soon :/ He was number one in the polls after all.
    Heh, nice avatar. BW2 was probably the only game I preferred the girl though.
    5 years ago
    LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1303650Welcome, Remie! You're so lucky you have the D-Arts WarGreymon. Very nice. :D

    Thank you! He's one of my favorites. :]
    5 years ago
    And a happy new year to you as well! LightningCharm (5 years ago) #1298487Happy New Year to you, Yujiro! :D
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