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    I like having the box cause never know what could happen. I didn’t plan on selling the second time but as I thought of moving to another city, it was best to sell. But I wish I had waited and saw what happened. Cause I really regret selling.

    The boxes were perfect before shipping, I saw pictures. And the packaging box was crushed on one side. I kinda blame both (seller & PO) cause nowhere on the shipping box did it say “fragile” but I’ve had other deliveries that didn’t say it and they were fine. I guess it was that post office?


    You can add from the main account, I’m ok with that :)

    Figures are ok, thankfully. Cause on one, even the plastic was damaged.
    11 days ago
    Thank you so much!
    12 days ago
    I'm not sure how I feel about my 2 figures that arrived today. They weren't packed extremely well (2 lays of thin bubble wrap around them)

    Sena Kashiwazaki's box is torn at the bottom and crushed.
    Yozora Mikaduki's box has a small tear at the bottom of it & slight crushed as well....
    Sena's box is more damaged :\
    14 days ago
    You were actually the first person I told about what happened. But this one was more detailed, I think and for the people I only talk to on here. Not that I don’t want to talk to them outside here, I just haven’t made the step yet.
    I didn’t let anyone comment on it and removed the rating cause originally I had 30 people mark it as “uninteresting” not that I cared what they thought cause they’re probably people that I have never spoken too. I figured if anyone wanted to say something about it they can do like you did and leave me a comment on here :)

    I do love this job so far and I haven’t even been on the phones yet! I’m gonna do what I can with this job and hopefully I’ll be able to actually work at a hospital. The company I’m working for delivers bed, sorry if I told you already and repeating myself.

    On a side note, I got my first 2018 Detolf and the restart of my collection! I bought Kongou from Kantai Collection on here from a nice member :) so I’m waiting for her to arrived and she’ll be the first one in the Detolf!

    20 days ago
    Subscribed! I love reading articles like the ones you write. It's nice to read and see the discussions afterwards. Happily accepted your friend request ^^
    28 days ago
    Hello~! I just wanted to let you know that I read your blogs frequently and I really enjoy them ^^ You also have a very nice taste in figures. Also saw that you were located in Canada, as am I! Apologies for the random comment haha.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    29 days ago
    A bit late, but thank you :D
    1 month ago
    Hehe, recently I tried to make buttercream filling for a cake myself for the first time and...wow, it was way too buttery? xD Like, I had to grow accustomed to the taste before I actually appreciated it, lol! So that reminds me of how you described icing. I bake about 4-5 cakes a year but will only 1-2 times a year do one with something super 'bad for you', like this time the buttercream and the time before that fondant. I appreciate a good chocolate cake or a good apple pie more mostly. :) Anyway, your chocolate with nuts cake sounds good!

    Haha, she does not know the prizes of figures have risen so much? :D Although it's maybe better to not let her know as long as money-wise you keep to good budgets. ;)

    We are currently also in a heat wave over here, so the only sweets I've eaten recently were ice cream! Although I rather have it too hot than too cold!
    1 month ago
    What kind of cake? :D I love discussing cakes!

    Hehe, I stuff orders of figures close to my birtday to my husband so he can give them to me on my birthday! :D The easiest way to get gifts I am for sure happy with. xD
    1 month ago
    happy birthday to you too! hope you had a wonderful day! ^ D ^ !!
    1 month ago
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