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    Hello, please take a look! BLOG #14563 >‿‿◕
    3 years ago
    Haha, I have subscribed to a few. I have seen your comments on the Shinji/Kaworu one, the Aoba Nendo, and the upcoming DMMD figure xD
    3 years ago
    Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
    youji (3 years ago) #2135867It's okay! When it comes to stuff like this, I caaan be quite impatient, but usually I'm not, because it also takes me some time to answer (well, most of the time. Because I'm just pretty forgetful. It's like... I open a PM, read it, close it and then forget to answer for a week or so. orz)
    Also, don't worry about writing long answers, I'm very talkative and almost always write very long and detailed answers (not really one of my good points, it can be super annoying for people)
    Ah, oh well. I'm just not a fan of clear files tbh, I just own one, and that one came with a magazine haha. I focus on figs, plushies, straps, dishes and manga/dj/artbooks. Really, there's just too much stuff, and my love for n+c is just too big. Since I don't own much yet, of course there's lots of things I don't have and wantwantwantwant! Too bad everything's shot up in price, it's terrible...
    Well, it does seem like I'm getting the straps! Lucky me, haha. But I got a mail that they'll probably won't get the sweet pool glass :/ I just need to wait and hope. I also combined a (cheap) pre-owned item with that order, wonder when I'll get all that stuff, it all depends on that glass.
    Since I'm still living with my parents (and am a student) I don't need to pay for (rent and) food luckily, but I also can't work besides the tutor lessons I give. So either way, I have very little money and always have to make plans of what I buy and how to finance stuff orz
    Well, I guess it would be too late for her to freak out, you bought everything already haha. Also I think there are worse hobbies. I always tell my mum 'At least I don't waste my money on drugs, alcohol and parties.' and well, she just kinda accepts that.
    I think that when you own so many things, it's a real pity to not be able to display everything. When seeing my super small collection, my heart always skips a beat and I'm really happy I can have them in sight all the time. I mean, those things are meant to be shown and looked at, what a pitiful life they live when staying in a box/are hidden all the time.
    Also, it's a part of you that they need to accept, like I said, this is not a shameful hobby and the money is already spent, no use in crying over spilt milk. :')
    (Crossing my fingers for you though!)
    AHAHAH usually I read a PM or message, close it and then think about replying to it for weeks. I even draft out my reply in my head when I'm supposed to be listening at a meeting. But honestly I need to reply via PC cause if it's by phone I can't do 'strike throughs' and 'spoilers' and font stuff hahaha

    Dishesssss? HAHA your dish collection and my mug collection should meet and we can have a weird tea party...with mugs. And instead of tea it will be coffee. I can't allow myself to buy djs because that's something I can never return from, because it doesn't end with one dj I will wanna buy all the djs that circle has produced and then I will want all the djs at each convention and then I will have to live on the street (ultimately, my life will lead to that end I think)

    Preowned stuff should be fine, unlike backorders, they're considered in-stock already so you shouldn't have long to wait. I once had some backorders that caused my month's order to be delayed to 3 months later, until my April-May-June'13 order was this huge mega order. I think I saved on shipping. But it was still scary to pay such a huge sum in one go.

    I think it's so great your mom understands that. I could've been the bad seed of the family and spend my money gambling or whateve. I get pretty stressed out from my job and consider my collection to be a relaxing hobby that calms me. Visiting MFC is kind of like the highlight of my daily internet browsing. Kinda like Neopets back when I was twelve.

    AND YES I can't wait to display my full collection. My company has sent me to another company for a secondment position for 2 years, and it's located about an hour away from my house. So I'm renting a place with two colleagues for weekdays. I'm slowly moving my entire collection to my new room, which is much much bigger than my old one so I think I can fit several detolfs. It may take a few months but when my setup is complete I'll post pics and stuff.

    AAANNNDDDD I have an extra Youji plushie. The person who I bought it for changed her mind, but her loss is your possible gain! We can PM for further details, but basically I got mine from Beanie for AUD56 plus shipping of AUD7.20 = AUD63.20. Would you be interested? And I'm sorry but my country does not allow incoming payments into our paypal accounts (I don't know why why why whyyyy) but we can probly work out an alternative equivalent trade thingy let me know if it doesn't sound too troublesome for you
    3 years ago
    I noticed you commenting on every figure I have subscribed to, so I figured I'd send a FR xD I haven't talked to a lot of people on the community really but it's cool to see the same user liking the same figures I do, haha.
    3 years ago
    Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
    View spoilerHide spoileryouji (3 years ago) #2121686I feel like that too, because I'm so prone to buying and buying and buying the goods and figures I want. The only thing stopping me is money haha
    Yeah, seems like it. Nitro+chiral for example haha, and the fact you focus on male figures (what I do to...mostly)
    Hm, they are on back-order on Amiami and I ordered both sets, but who knows if I'll ever get them, since I heard some people saying they never got their back-ordered goods.
    (Also, the price for each set is relatively cheap, like 1,930 Yen or so, and together they're cheaper than most strap sets)
    EDIT: I just looked at the order and it says the straps are in-stock, sadly my sweet pool glass in that order (also back-order) isn't in-stock yet, so I guess I have to wait for a bit more.
    EDIT no. 2: Okay I just clicked on the item page of the straps and it says sold out? D: Well, I think I'm still going to get them since I placed the order before it was sold out ... well, I can only hope >.>
    I would probably be sad if I had to hide so many nendos, because they are my favourites when it comes to figures. Almost all of them are super duper adorable, yesterday my Gakupo nendo arrived and I can't stop looking at him!
    Well, one day you'll probably be able to display all your stuff, and then you need to take lots of photos for the people on here n_n

    Ok so I finally have a decent wifi connection and a desktop to write my reply in! I don't know why but commenting on figures and blogs is easy but when it comes to replying to members via PM or profile page, I immediately need all the RIGHT conditions to give my answer which sometimes takes weeks. Plus you sent me such a long reply and don't you know that gives me permission to send you an equally long reply? (I love to chat but I hold back in front of strangers lest I scare them) (please don't be scared)

    I love Nitro Chiral goods but I can't let myself be a collector of all their merch, so I try to stick to straps, figures and plushies (and the occasional mug) otherwise my room would be so cluttered with things I don't use! Clear files and posters just can't be displayed due to my limited wall space so I just tell myself to draw the line there (so I collect artbooks instead).

    I've ordered a few backordered stuff from AmiAmi and they've managed to fulfill most of my orders except for just one. But too bad the straps were gone! I checked them out on the day of your reply but told myself not to deplete my food budget for the month. Guess it's a good thing...But I hope you managed to get yours!

    Honestly when it comes to displaying figs, I try to make do with just two detolfs. Can't hide those figs from my mom but I try to let her believe that those are the only ones I have and that I've stopped my collecting phase. Hahah I suppose after I've renovated the house she'll see that I have way more than that, but here's hoping her reaction won't be too extreme.
    3 years ago
    Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
    youji (3 years ago) #2120586Your collection is so big and soo awesome! Thank you! I fear that one day I'll be forced to just sleep on the stairs because my bed will be covered in figs and goods. It seems we share some common interest? And those tnc d4 straps look so cute (how could I have overlooked that..? *insta-wishlisted)
    Edit: and the trick to hiding 150 nendos is having very deep bookshelves (from ikea lol)
    3 years ago
    youji (3 years ago) #2095384Yay c:
    Woher kommst du eigentlich? (Also, Bundesland)

    Ich bin aus hessen :) und selbst?
    3 years ago
    youji (3 years ago) #2097684Okay, I'll keep that in mind :D
    I read Gay's anatomy earlier and it's so cliché, I had a great time laughing :D I really like to make fun of the dumb yaoi manga haha :D Gonna read the other ones too.
    Yeah, she treats them like princesses hehe :D But she can also get angry at them (not as much as she got at me, but well). Well I guess my dad was sad that we didn't get along, but he was also about to break up with her at some point, so it's not like he didn't notice what kind of person she is.
    Eww, egg on pizza? Now that doesn't sound yummy to me :D Have you ever tried pasta pizza? I really love that pizza, especially with that pesto-like sauce, it's super tasty c:
    Oh, how many sisters do you have? And how old are they? :D I have a half sister who's 5.
    Ouch, what happened to your hands? D:

    Besides, if nothing else you got some random titles to read online. =D

    But apparently what-ever made him love her was stronger. =)

    I don't like the taste of pasta, sorry, even if I had sen it offered somewhere I wouldn't know what it tastes like.
    With egg the better way is to add it raw as one of the first ingredients to the dough. If it is already boiled and added to the pizza it isn't as good.

    Two, one older by 1.5 years and one younger by 1.5 years.
    Having young siblings is so much more fun then having old/grown up siblings. D:
    Psoriasis, it sucks though. 4-6 months out of 12 I'm in either pain from using my hands, pain from walking to my hearts content or have so little skin I'm bleeding from both.
    3 years ago
    youji (3 years ago) #2097080Thank you, but it really isn't >.< it's still soooo small.
    You're welcome. XD oh no it's not matter for size collection. c:
    3 years ago
    youji (3 years ago) #2097555Okay, I'll keep that list in mind over the weekend and try to read everything on it that I don't know/don't own (since I do own something from the list) and then decide what to buy :D But I do not know which ones are small and which ones are big :o
    I'm the master of not showing emotions on my face haha (well, except for embarassment, as I said ... but it's the worst emotion since I turn as red as a tomato D:)
    Oh boy, I laughed so much when I read the title Gay's Anatomy xD Help
    She treats her sons like princes most of the time haha, but well, the last time we met it was okay, she pulled herself together most of the time, so I promised my Dad to visit again this year.
    Blue cheese pizza ... I didn't know something like that existed haha :D You also seem like a very nice person and I like talking to you, even though in the beginning you said you're awkward with conversations :3 Nice to be friends with you!
    I wish you lots of fun! I think we're probably doing that tomorrow :D My little sister really likes that.

    The June ones where bigger, about as big as Lucky Star manga or Ninja Scroll manga.
    try to breathe! Q A Q
    Exhale in and inhale out.... don't mess those two up or you are screwed! D:

    I totally didn't read "princesses", nope, no way, definitely not...... ok maybe xD but it is kind of nice for her to act a bit more her age, too bad you had to be the mature one at first but at-least you didn't make your dad sad by not trying. :/

    Blue cheese pizza tastes great. Now trying to find a place that does both egg and blue cheese on the pizza, that can be a bit tricky. =D

    To be fair, I wasn't exactly there to "help" per se if you get my drift. xD (I asked my sisters to paint fishes on the eggs, the skin on my hands is very much not there, part of the reason typing is taking so long)
    3 years ago
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