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    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2363791Ohh, Wagner is closer. Still not it, but closer.
    Besides fragmented Spanish from pop culture and equally fragmented Japanese from watching animu, nothing. I'm constantly impressed by those people who know four or more languages. Even if they started as kids, it just boggles my mind. So many to keep track of.
    I never hear too terribly much about Gunslinger Girl, but I was interested because it looked like a historical drama of sorts. I love historical dramas. Maybe we'll see a revitalization of GG fans, someday, which will prompt more merch to be made. Idk. You can dream. :P What do you like so much about it?

    See you need to have more faith in me. Wulf.

    Oh for some reason I thought you would have a solid grasp on at least one foreign language besides your dreadful Chinese experience. I have an solid grasp on Greek and Japanese as well as very basic knowledge of Italian.I fixed your typo.

    So you have some passing grasp on it. That's a start, if any. No it's not really historical unless you mean foreign. It's modern and it takes in Italy. It's more political than historical to tell you the truth. Though the politics are pretty subdued. It's pretty dreary compared to most anime with lots of mature themes. There's a lot of reasons why I like it so I'll go in order.

    The Right Filler
    Usually when an anime is released there's pointless filler used to needlessly pad it out. In here rather than the typical filler, they use it to expand on minor points and scenes from the manga. This makes it so it doesn't feel random of forced, but simultaneously if you don't see the anime, you won't be left I the dark or missing out on something substantial.

    The Characters
    Unlike most animes that awkwardly try to shoe horn in children/teens into plots with dark themes, it's portrayed realistically here. They're not genii, but they're also not constantly brooding. Rather you have an assortment of characters who not only stand out on their own but have working chemistry together.

    The Themes
    Rather than taking mature themes and trying to sugarcoat it or avoid it, they're not afraid to show you the worst of society. It's not idealized arms dealers or slick haired mafioso but rather snuff film artists and arms dealers. This gives it more of a villain of the week feel that makes complete sense.

    There's other things but I'll restrain myself for now.
    4 years ago
    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2363255Hey! Wanted to let you known that ITEM #118657 arrived safely to my door last Friday. Thanks much!
    Awesome! Thanks for letting me know :)
    4 years ago
    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2362862Bedford and Hilshire sound more like English names, to be honest. Could still be of some sort of German-ish origin, since technically English is a Germanic language. Or maybe they were just heavily anglicized. Btw, are you coming up with these names yourself, or referencing some sort of list? Just curious. Still no.
    I try to use more emoticons sometimes, but I feel like I just come off as some awkward tween. Excessive emotes annoy me, anyways. I prefer the beauty of the English language alone.
    I have no clue who Victor Hilshire is.
    *one quick google later*
    You know, I still haven't gotten around to watching Gunslinger Girl.

    Nope I know Bedford and Hilshire are legititamate German names, I assure you. I'm mostly thinking up famous German people or Germans that I've met. Wagner. As you want to do a lot of traveling, what other languages do you know besides English and Chinese?

    No I don't mean as a regular thing, just when you want to emphasize something. I won't judge you no matter how many emoticons you use, this is a casual conversation so it's all right. I don't use tons of emoticons, just when I want to emphasize a point.

    Well you know what I'll tell you if you haven't. It's my favorite anime and will probably stay that way. The anime and manga are both fine, but the manga has a more definite ending. I wish the series had more merch at least, but that's reserved for popular shows I guess.
    4 years ago
    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2362770About the last name you offered, Hurt. It was incorrect. So is Frank. So, no.
    Maybe I lack the grace of text sarcasm. Idk. A lot of things I say are usually meant in a light and/or joking manner. Trust me, I am a true blue pacifist coward and hate any kind of confrontation, including offending people. Makes me terribly uncomfortable and is usually followed by a nice bout of self-loathing. (partial-sarcasm, I suppose) I also avoid seriousness because I am a goofball.

    Okay so I take it the self-loathing part is sarcasm. No I'm normally good with detecting your sarcasm but the last part sounded oddly blunt for some reason, so I took it as interrogating you. IDK maybe use more emoticons. Although I'm a little curious what the joking part referenced unless you meant the whole interrogating thing. But enough of that.

    Back to the usual programming.

    Just checking to see if I'll be right. Well really when, since I'm going to be right eventually XD. So Bedford this time.

    Hilshire isn't a bad name any chance, since it's shared with Victor Hilshire, who is cool. I take it you mean the asscociation with ice cream. It does lack sort of the uniqueness of other names like Wulf and Stolz that have more pizazz. Though I like most German names anyway. Blue as in blue collar?
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    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2362757No.
    Well you just know all my secrets, don't you. Sarcasm is always hard to detect via text. From now on, I'mma just put a lil' (sarcasm) mark after sentences that I intend to be sarcastic. Fixed. Pshh no, I was joking. D: I like questions, it shows that you're interested in the person you're talking to. That's, like, good listener/converser 101.

    Just curious but what was the no referencing. Frank?

    Well if you want to share any deep dark secrets, feel free I'll listen. But if you don't want to, that's okay too. I feel some people have an easier time portraying sarcasm over the internet than others but I feel your idea works fine as a just being clear thing. Unless that's the thing you were joking about of course. Yeah I'm interested in our conversation and I hope you are to.
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    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2362720Fine, I'll just shoot you down every time you get it wrong. You'll never guess it. Hillshire Farms. No.
    If I attached a name like Aoki Ludwig to myself, I would never live it down. That name is crossing an impressive span of cultural borders, though.
    I actually have a giant wall sticker map of the world. I have marked the (extremely few) places I have been with an X, and have marked prospective trips that I may be able to make sometime in the future with an O. Right now, I am targeting Germany, as my school offers a study abroad-type program where I can spend a few weeks in Germany. It would also fulfil one of the requirements for my major, which is nice. But it costs a pretty penny, as it's a new program and no scholarship funds have been allotted to it yet. We'll see if I can go before I graduate. I'm not too hopeful at this point.
    Yes I was teasing you, obvs. And I do like compliments. I do not deny being a compliment whore. I thought you were an engineer, not a psychologist. All this psychoanalyzing.

    Challenge accepted! I shall guess it. I had another Hilshire in mind, but he's not a farmer. Hurt!

    Ludwig is a cool name you know. I wouldn't mind having that. Besides a Japanese-German doesn't sound like that would be too hard to find, and it's two countries that I like. I oddly expected the map thing.

    Well I caught wind of the compliment thing before. Oh yeah, but I was the one teasing you this whole time, the cats out of the bag. Although I am having trouble detecting what's sarcasm and what's not.Do I really give that impression. I hope it doesn't feel like I'm interrogating you if that's what you mean.
    4 years ago
    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2362694Okay, I must ask. Why are you typing random names with each reply. You're not still guessing my last name, are you? Because you have been waaaaay off. Though Ludwig would be a badass surname.
    I'd love to hit all 50 states, actually. But, you know. If I had unlimited funds, I'd probably go somewhere a bit different first. A 50-state road trip isn't too out of the question right now, really.
    Oh, I'd also like to tour Central and South America. It's beautiful down there. And Asia. Particularly China and Japan. But everywhere is good, too.
    Hmm, sarcasm? Is it or isn't it? :P It'd be cool to meet up with a bunch of people and road trip through the states like I mentioned before. Wonder if there's a service or website for something like that. If not, there totally should be.

    You forgot already!? Well that's exactly what I'm doing. Some day I'll guess it. Hilshire?

    Totally you should tour the 50 states on an extended joyride and make a documentary out of it. Aoki Ludwig's joyride has a nice ring to it. For Asia I was thinking of Japan, Singapore, China, and Malaysia. Are you going to keep a list of these places somewhere when you go there? Like a mini checklist of sorts.

    Oh you're teasing me. Well you do have a way with words, but I know deep down inside I just know that you're just too overjoyed that you don't want to tell me. You were probably hoping for another compliment from me. Isn't that service technically what you're subtly implying/persuading me to do here. In that case, I just made your day. And since you're asking so nicely, how could I say no to your request.
    4 years ago
    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2362467It was just meant to be. Does MFC show when it's your birthday on your profile? 'Cause I didn't see it on mine. Eh.
    Harrisburg is quite a bit smaller than Philly (and not nearly as rough). It's beautiful with all the capital buildings and architecture. Most of my family is outside of the city proper, in smaller towns. Some of my extended family does live in very tiny villages like you mentioned. I think my one uncle's closest neighbor is 5 miles away. You don't get that kind of seclusion in MD (unless you live out west on the border of West Virginia. That's all lonely Appalachia.)
    If I had the money? HA. I'd go everywhere. First stop would probably be Italy, Sicily in particular, then I'd hit either Spain or Greece and just make my way around Europe. Friend of mine toured western Europe with her boyfriend this past summer. I am still incredibly jealous. Why thank you, kind sir. I like to think I'm at least semi-interesting. Maybe I am. Going on an impromptu adventure with some random dude I met over the internet sounds like quite the experience.

    It was destiny! No you just get email notifications when the date or you somehow remember it yourself. Ludwig.

    I see so I should have some vague familiarity with the place. Italy, Germany, and Britain are my main wants to try out. On my slightly lower priorities would be Russia, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Well Greek class can finally pay off if I go there. We share lists so that's neat. So I take it you're not too interested in going to new states too much.

    Pssh, you just don't want to admit how you're secretly entertaining the notion of asking me to go with you to random places. Although, I must say that I'm certainly not against the idea, well your idea. Besides it's a convenient excuse to meet new people, ya know. Is that last statement sarcasm?And you can meet
    4 years ago
    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2360626Yeah it was alright. Just another day~

    (I thought, from the thumbnail, that it was Totoro at first. But no, 'tis a kitty with a cup on its head. lol)

    Nope, it's from the Pusheen site and it have a cat maker! And the cat from my avatar is a sweet lover, it even have a marshmallow on it's head (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
    4 years ago
    Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2358416We share a birthday. xD
    Happy birthday~
    (P.S. your icon is adorable)

    Yay, Happy Birthday for both of us \o/ I hope that your day was good as mine <3 (And thanks for the compliment XD)
    4 years ago
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