• Benny-4 years ago#5823333Well I didn't get a job yet, my father and I are gonna start looking tomorrow.
    The only Fire Emblem game for the Wii is Radiant Dawn.

    Oh good luck then!
    Oh no that's the expensive game isnt it? >.>
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5800221I understand the being poor thing, haha! (But only a few more days and then hopefully I'll finally be able to get a job!) But the Fire Emblem games really are fun, so you should definitely play them. (You don't have to start with Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn though.)

    Ah okay and congrats/ good on getting your job!
    Are there any on the wii? (the old one)
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5776324I guess they're really rare. You can't buy them at Gamestop as far as I know (it says you can get Radiant Dawn on Gamestop pre-owned online, but it's still $70) which leaves ebay, and people of ebay all sell everything for too much money. But those two are really fun! I beat Path of Radiance, and I'm working on Radiant Dawn right now. Also if you ever do decided to play them, you have to play Path of Radiance before you play Radiant Dawn. (Well you don't HAVE to, but it will make more sense if you do, because Radiant Dawn is a direct sequel of Path of Radiance.)

    Ohhh, still the price seems a little absurd. I want to play them all now xD I keep seeing pictures and it looks really good but I'm so poor xD
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5706175Yep $90. My brother was able to get Path of Radiance for $60 I think, and Radiant Dawn for like $70. It's still a lot of money, but better than $100+.

    Why does it cost so much :0?
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5706171There's more than one Legend of Zelda game! And they're really fun, so you should defiantly play them! And who's "Senpai"?
    Yeah the nendoroid is pretty cute! I'm actually debating buying him when I have more money.

    Awesome! Thanks, I don't know where to start though x"3.. Should I just skip to the 3DS remakes? x"D.
    Oh! Senpai is "J-Senpai"! :).
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5682384Some of them are really old though, and you'd probably just play a rom. But Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn you have to buy, and they're really expensive. I just looked on ebay, and Path of Radiance is over $100 and Radiant Dawn is $90ish.

    Well I might try to play the cheap ones but wow 90$?!
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5679463Yeah, not counting the one for the Wii U, (which I think is a crossover, so it might not even count as a Fire Emblem game) there's 14-15 games, and that's counting the new one coming out in February.

    welp i might play one, im way too lazy ( and poor ) to play 15 xD
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5657141Ohhh I forgot about that. I didn't even know there was a special edition of that. But I probably won't even buy the normal version when it comes out, due to money.

    there are really a lot of fire emblem games, i want to play them but im afraid ill become poor lol
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5636150I know there's a special edition for Fire Emblem Fates, which is for the 3ds, but I don't know about any Wii U Fire Emblem. As far as the special edition of Fire Emblem Fates goes, I ordered it and I'm really excited! February is so far away...

    Aww cool! I think it's a japan only cause I found out about it while I was on the japanese side of the internet (dont really know why I was there)
    I sent it on skype
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5610940Okay!
    Haha, well I'm glade then!

    Yaaaass!!! What shall we talk about now? Umm have you see the new fire emblem special edition wii u I think>
    4 years ago
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