• Merry krishmass!!!!!
     ∩ .∩
     .い_cノ / ̄>O
    .c/・ ・っ (ニニニ)△△
    .("●" ) .(・ω・ )[∥]  
    O┳Oノ)=[ ̄てノ ̄ ̄]  
    ◎┻し◎ ◎――◎=3
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5587930Oh cool! I didn't know that you made stuff like that!
    Yay, thanks! Yeah you do kinda look like her! I also thought you kinda looked like Saber.

    Oh yeah I do :P I'll send a picture on skype of some of the junk I've made ( when i can be bothered to get up though )
    Yeah I look like every generic female character ever! Omg lol you just made me the happiest person ever xD
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5586403Are you making them yourselves, or are you buying them?
    I was trying to get a picture of someone who I kinda look like, but isn't a real picture of me, so that if someone ever ended up seeing what I really looked like they wouldn't be like "Oh my gosh, why". Cause ya know how you imagine the person looking like what their picture is? So I decided to use a picture of Terra because I remembered that my older brother told me that I kinda look like her. So this way if someone who doesn't know what I look like ever saw a real picture of me it wouldn't be as weird cause since I kinda look like Terra (according to my older brother, and my sister), It'd kinda be like a drawn version of me. And then even if they don't ever see a real picture of me, they won't be picturing me as someone I look nothing like. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense.
    (My sister said she thought I should use this picture, so that's why I changed it today.)

    Probably yes because we're both poor and I make costumes, bags and plushes ( amd other junk ) when I'm bored so a yes to that question. Lol yes I can kinda see you in that pic
    www.zerochan.ne... my friends say i look like this since i have the same hair style 'n' glasses ( I wouldve sent it as a pic but my phone sucks so I gave up trying :P )
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5586270Haha! Do you have the clothes yet?

    Lol nope xD
    Btw you keep changing your picture so often xD
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5563461So then you have a horse head and your friend has a unicorn? Which one of the two are you cosplaying?

    Lol yes, listening to you say that makes my friend and I sound insane. Well I'm being Sinon, cause I love her lol amd shes being silica cause she loves her. We're doing the alo vers btw with the cat ears
    meow meow~
    View spoilerHide spoilerI corrected most spelling mistakes but if there are any left just ignore em, Im typing this on my phone and the keybpard is incredibly hard to type on
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5563015You're welcome! So, let's see...have you played any Fire Emblem games? Bahaha x"3! Well I haven't sadly but I do have a 3DS. Should I maybe get the game? :3 - I see you also like Vocaloid/Hatsune Miku! x"3!
    4 years ago
    Thanks for the friend request x"3!
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5562566Yep! I saw that you could buy a unicorn head too!

    Yeah I was gonna get a unicorn but my other friend got that one instead
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5562554Oh my gosh you're right! That's really kinda creepy, haha!

    Pretty hilarious though lol
    4 years ago
    Benny-4 years ago#5562546Where did you even find one?

    Amazon lol £9 xD
    4 years ago
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