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  • Hello! Saw your collection, and I must say, I thought it would never end! Really nice figures.
    4 days ago
    Me gusta mucho tu colección!

    I saw all your pictures and your collection is pretty dope!
    I'm Jeleaous. I love your Zero two and Luna Lovegood Nendos!!

    you should try one day taking a photo of the whole set! Just to admire the view.
    10 days ago
    Thanks for the friend request!
    23 days ago
    Love you lots girl, hope you are doing good!
    26 days ago
    LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
    Ahhh, I know I'm late but I do hope you had a great birthday even during this quarantine! ♥️
    4 months ago
    happy late birthday!!
    4 months ago
    Happy late birthday!! :D

    4 months ago
    happy belated bday my love <3
    4 months ago
    Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a good one!
    4 months ago
    i like the name change <3
    7 months ago