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  • Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1543197Ja ok zal wel nu niet grappig meer zoek zelf maar en als ik toevallig wat tegen kom link ik het wel
    Trouwens heb je sexual police gezien? Die is echt super heb haar vandaag ontvangen die heeft ook aardige boobs ;)
    En gamer girl van native ook

    Jaa die zijn epic, foto's hebben we nodig Chloe!
    7 years ago
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1543209Hier deze 2 hebben ook grote borsten
    Oh ennuh daiki zoek daar maar op die heeft aardig wat rondborstige dames hahah

    Jajajajaa yaaay /o/ Linky linky <3
    7 years ago
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542585Ja ik ben geen sloofje die niets beers te doen heeft..
    Laatste tijd vragen veel mensen erom..
    Mja je kunt ook op mfc zoeken, op de tag big boobs ogf big breasts
    En er is ook een club voor.. Kun je ook bij hun gelinkte figs kijken

    7 years ago
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542932Lorna for 7k

    Thanks for the heads up.. Her stading postion one with the dress floting in hte wind was on AmiMAi this morning as well. A condition But I passed. I am trying to be a little more carful with my $$$ if Liviathan shows up for 7 K I do want to know about that one.. LOL I know Iknow 15000 is her going price now.. Demit

    I also have my getting these for sure list .. the ones in that list would be my Grail's so ta speek.
    Thank you for thinking of me. Oh and I missed a new louise this morning again.. One I did not own... Demit.. (ITEM #24753) first time I see here on AMI AMI ever.. But she was not on my must have so its a little less worrisom that I did not get her. I am sure that my remaining Louise list will most likely never be completed.
    7 years ago
    MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542905Thank you so much!!
    Btw if you spot any dishes on manda from shibuya store plz message me
    My shana glasses got cancelled..
    But i would like to own something "usefull" for when i have my new house

    Here is the picture picture/721216&... I am not opening her yet so this was the best I could do :P I hope it helps

    also I will keep an eye out, and I actually never even seen Shana glasses before! gotta look them up now!
    7 years ago
    MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542882If you feel like it, plase upload some pics :3 well im not buying her just yet.. Cause i am having a hobby stop atm unless it is from my random fig that have priority
    But i just wondered how her red dress looks like if i like the type of red

    Will do! I will take some pictures also the red color is actually a bit darker than in the officials (that is what it seems like to me at least) anyways expect some pictures in the next few hours :)
    7 years ago
    MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542871I got the black one, so is she worth it or the black one is better?
    I have her in my favs i love kurumu and the whole outfit.. I just love maids and succubi

    Hard to say then, if you like maids and succubi then go for her, she is an interesting variation that stands out from normal figures which is really a nice touch, also she is very good looking as you already know.
    7 years ago
    MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542536ITEM #130847
    Seems you got her! How is she? Nice red color or were you dissapointed?

    The color is pretty nice, nothing spectacular but for her price not too bad. I really like her a lot, but if you already have the other outfit and you are really not that big of a fan of Kurumu then she might not be worth it :P
    7 years ago
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542575Nee.. Ik kijk alleen via figinstock.. Anders koop ik teveel

    7 years ago
    Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#1542384Ja daaag XD blijf bezig
    Kijk even op de main page anders aan de zijkant staan paar datums klik erop en dan browsen
    En als je iets specifieks zoekt de japanse tekens kopieren en voila :P

    Nou maar je deed het toch al :(?
    7 years ago
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