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  • Happy Birthday ;D
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    Happy birthday I hope your birthday week goes well and you have fun!
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    Happy late bdayy!!
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    Happy birthday to you!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday. Wish you well. :)
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    Happy Birthday ^^!
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    happy birthday! get something nice this day?
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    DanteMagica2 years ago#25714015happy birthday !!
    thank you !!!! <3
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    DanteMagica3 years ago#24507159hi, i'm really inspired by your photos, how did you accomplish that high saturated look? particularly your newer ones. Also, I also live in Chi-town! currently living in another state but mom still lives up there

    Thanks. And yeah, Chicago's great... I love walking around the downtown like I'm a tourist; such a beautiful city.

    Unless you're talking about the blacklight (UV) photos I've done, I'm very particular about color accuracy; to that end I've generated a custom camera profile of my lighting rig using an XRite ColorChecker. With that, in conjunction with a "raw" processing workflow, I get real colors instead of arbitrary camera colors. The results are colorful because I use colored lighting (via color gels in front of SoLux halogen lamps, though the easier/cheaper way to do this would be RGB LEDs e.g. Philips Hue), so my photos are actually fairly accurate representations of each subject.

    In other words, they were just as colorful in real life. Then I photographed and processed them with an emphasis on accuracy. There are actually times that I selectively desaturate some colors because the results are too colorful.
    3 years ago
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