• Fei-LiPokemon !
    Attrappons les tous :p

    Haha, ouais les figurines de mon enfance! XDD
    Merci de la friend', je t'accepte ^^
    10 years ago
    Fei-LiSympa tes reviews !
    vraiment interessant :)

    Merci !!! :)) D'autres à venir, les figurines sont en transit :P
    10 years ago
    Salut salut ! :)
    10 years ago
    Sannouk Kit Cat
    Hello, welcome and have a great time here on MFC Tsukiboard ^_^
    10 years ago
    Fei-LiAhaha thank for accept my FR.
    Yes I like Saint Seiya but I have more figs thant that. But they are in my mother house in box so...Difficult to remember all.
    By the way, nice to meet you !

    You're welcome.

    You have more? Wow. Well... try to remember; I want to see what else you have.

    BTW, it's nice to meet you too. Hope to hear from you from time to time. Or whenever you have time.
    10 years ago
    Tenma The Idolm@ster
    Fei-LiWow !
    725 Figs !
    Your collection is very very big !
    You have enought place for put all of them in your house? :p
    Nice to meet you ^^

    I really love figures

    I dont have them alll on display , i dont have enough shelves yet need to get some fast.

    Nice to meet you too, hope you will like it here!
    10 years ago
    Drego Neko fanboy
    FR acceptée ! :D
    10 years ago
    Bienvenue sur Tsukiboard !
    Amuses-toi bien ici. ^^

    Merci pour la FR et le lien. =)
    10 years ago
    Thank you for FR :)
    10 years ago
    Hey! Thanks for the FR; I really appreciate it. Hope to see your collection grow. I see you're a Saint Seiya fan.
    10 years ago
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