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    Gabmag10 (2 years ago) #6090615Ahhh thank you :D !! I'll definitely give it a try, I keep seeing art from it and it looks great :D Did you see the announced for the Kenma and Tsukki nendo?? They're going to be great :D !
    ahhh yes takarai rihito's art is gorgeous >< and YES i'm so excited for kenma and tsukki i just hope their release dates are not too far away...do you plan on getting them?
    2 years ago
    Gabmag10 (2 years ago) #6137344Ohhhh man yes to Genos merch!!! Imagine a 1/8 or 1/7 scale of Genos, his arms would look gorgeous......Also would love one of Sonic, but he'll probably get a nendoroid i reckon :D
    Yowapedal is one of my faaaaaavourite series', i love it so much TAT can't wait for season three.
    i started playing ensemble stars a few months back, and i hear its getting an anime, so figures from that would be perfect :D
    More dmmd nendos would be great, i want one of rennnn. I'm definitely going to order the new Aoba scale that's coming out, it's going to be 18+ though so it'll be a first for me, i'll have to hide him whenever people visit xD i played the game when i was in like grade 9 i think??? then got my friends to play too, they all loved it. you should try some of the n+c games!!! they're so goooood
    YES TOUKEN RANBU STUFF OF COURSE! there will definitely be loads there! hopefully more haikyuu stuff too!! I haven't watched ass class, is it any good?? i know the second season is coming out now, i really should watch itttt, i've never played fire emblem either, is it good???

    AAAAAAAAA GENOS SCALE... it'd be like that aigis scale i'll never be able to own cries orz a sonic nendo would have some good face plates haha i wonder if they'll make a saitama scale... will he have his serious or comical face LOL
    i'm usually scared of games turning into animes because... THEY USUALLY TURN OUT BAD...
    yeah that's probably a good idea LOL i watched the playthrough in grade 10 but i don't think i can play any of them... because i'm too weak against r18 stuff ;; I'D PROBABLY BE ABLE TO PLAY RECODE THOUGH... that's about it RIP
    yYES YAYYY i haven't actually finished watching ass class but i really enjoyed the manga! my friends said the anime is pretty good so maybe try it out one day!! YES FIRE EMBLEM IS SO GREAT though i've only played awakening lololol BUT IT WAS A GOOD GAME I RECOMMEND IT next year fire emblem: fates comes out so i'm excited for that!!
    2 years ago
    Gabmag10 (2 years ago) #6114444Ooooh yeah wonfes is next month, I'm really hoping for OPM scales, maybe more yowapedal figures seeing as there's going to be a new season, I'd love some male idol figures, I don't even mind who D: I just want some more haha. Definitely want to see coloured Kaneki! Always hoping for more Nitro+C merch but I'm not holding out for that. Just any nice male figures I guess, what about you :D ??
    i am hoping to see genos merch yayyyy ooh i hope there's some yowapedal stuff for you!! i never started the series but my friend likes it a lot so i hear of it from her
    there will probably be some new utapri things if you want male idols since the third season ran a few seasons back HURRAY or maybe stuff from that ensemble stars game???
    n+c would most likely be dmmd stuff maybe another nendo?? there's that aoba scale coming out too isn't there..? fun fact i've actually watched a playthrough of dmmd with a friend but becuase i'm too shy/embarrassed to look at nsfw stuff so i made her watch through it for me LOL
    I AM PROBABLY... HOPING FOR... TOUKEN RANBU STUFF... BECAUSE I AM SWORD TRASH... BURNING IN SWORD HELL... /SWEATS well other than that just stuff i'm interested in like haikyuu, opm, ass class etcetc. HMMM more fire emblem??
    2 years ago
    It's not my favourite overall, but Lamento's world and story was so interesting, I was so drawn in and couldn't stop playing. It having cool cat people designs also got my attention :3

    That plush is adorable! Apparently they're holding the kuji again sometime soon, so I might enter this time.
    I'd love scales of any of them. I think they could probably do something cool and elaborate with Koujaku's kimono especially, considering how good the Aoba and Ren figures were. I'm excited for Native's Aoba as well. The question is, will I remember to hide it whenever relatives come over? XD

    Guess they just didn't think there was enough demand for Yowapeda then. That's a shame, hopefully Tassie will get some more screenings this year.
    I was cutting it really close, I finished the last episode the night before actually.
    I heard that the Sydney and Melbourne screenings had people in full-on cosplay, wigs and makeup and all. I wonder how many funny looks they got walking through the shopping centres like that, especially if anyone went as Makishima given his crazy hair :P
    2 years ago
    Gabmag10 (2 years ago) #6114081he is sooooo cuteeeeeee, now I really can't wait for wonfes :D !!!! a yamaguchi and tsukki pair would be so..so cute too, i really just want figures of all of the characters tbh haha. I hope tsukki gets a really smug face TAT
    hahaha i understand, this is really exciting after all :DD

    me too me too!!! wonfes is next month right? so it's soon HURRAY ME TOO..... but we can only get so much rip tsukki with a smug face would be perfect omg his signature face
    speaking of wonfes what do you want to see being announced? i wanna see kakuja kaneki coloured.. also one punch man.. there's probably gonna be heaps of boats, swords and idols so i kind of feel bad for people who aren't interested in them ;;
    2 years ago
    Gabmag10 (2 years ago) #6113597ITEM #391977
    ITEM #391982
    Hopefully there will be more pictures soon but aaaaa I really want them! I hope they make a Bokuto and Lev too...Even a Kuroo would be really nice

    AAAAAA KENMA IS SO CUTE..... cute pudding head omggg YES PLEASE kuroo yes my favourite trash please make him and his extreme bed hair!! a yamaguchi would be nice too ;; hopefully we see them at wonfes!!
    also my typing style completely changed what happened JK
    2 years ago
    Gabmag10 (2 years ago) #6046659Love your DRAMAtical murder collection! I hope one day I can own as much as you do ^_^
    aaa Thank you for the lovely comment! Your collection is nice too! I'm sure you'll get more than me one day haha. Hope we can chat more soon and its a pleasure to meet you c: P.S. your icon is adorable oAo Maki and Toudou are so cute!!
    2 years ago
    Gabmag10 (2 years ago) #6090516Ahhh I know a bit of Japanese since I've been learning it for a bit, but it'll be awesome to pick some more up when I get there! I hope you can go too :D
    Hahahaha awhhhh you'll get him soon I'm sure!!! You have to complete your collection :D !
    Yeah I took a break nearly exactly when he was put in I'm pretty sure, he's really cute too TAT I want him
    I just can't believe that she can open it up and play it by herself...this girl haha. She's always sitting around watching anime and looking at my figurines since we live together, she thinks I'm going to give them to her when she gets older haha. She's cute though ^_^

    Hurray for learning! Yes please... come home soon... old man... cries
    Wahh it's okay hopefully they will put him in a future map or make him smithable later or something!!
    Well at least she is having fun! I think??? Oh it's nice that you share similar hobbies. HAaha nice try kiddo but I think you'll have to buy your own collection when you're older!!
    OOOOHHHHH TSUKKI AND KENMA NENDOS I never got to see them.. TAT link pls
    2 years ago
    DMMd is my favourite VN by CHiRAL, which one's your fave? I didn't enter the kuji, but Aoba's Gothic design is so cool, I'd love it if someone made a figure of it. Heck, more DMMd figures in general would be great, hopefully WonFes will deliver *^*)/

    Oh, that's a bummer. Do you guys get many anime movies down there at all?
    It's pretty funny actually, I hadn't seen Yowapeda yet when they said the movie was going to be shown here. A friend invited me along, so I had two weeks to watch all 60+ eps XD I just barely finished it in time.
    There were a couple of people in the cinema wearing Hakone jerseys, it was pretty cool.
    2 years ago
    Thanks, the collection is slowly growing with every month. Yours is awesome too, looks like we're into a lot of the same things :3
    Always nice to see fellow Aussies on here too. Did you see the Yowapeda movie when they screened it?
    2 years ago
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