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  • HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15548395hm ok. and your favopair in muse?
    my favopair in muse is honoka+eri and in aqours are dia+mari. my top 4 girls in sunshine are dia,mari,yoshiko,ruby and in ll honoka,eri,maki,umi.xD

    in muse Honoka and Kotori
    3 years ago
    HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15535857im a love live fan too...*__________* lol
    good good. :-)))
    what are your favoritepair in love live and your top 4 girls in ll and ll sunshine ?

    My favorite pair is Yoshiko and Riko. (mostly due to Guilty Kiss for me, this is my opinion but I just love the sub group) My top 4 girls are Kotori, Yoshiko, Hanamaru, and Rin.
    3 years ago
    HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15534606love live fan hm ? you are new here...welcome :-) and nice to meet you. hehe
    nice to meet you as well. I am a Love Live fan and yes I am new here.
    3 years ago
    Thank you for friend invite! OMG your Love Live collection is the best! :)
    Who is your favorite character? ;)
    3 years ago
    HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15502846happy birthday :-)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!! c:
    3 years ago
    Das ist ja echt merkwürdig D: Ich werde das bei mir auch mal beobachten.
    HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15051525ok dann muss ich wohl immer ein tag warten bis ich gratulieren kann. die seite zeigt irgwie immer falsch an wann wer geburtstag hat.
    3 years ago
    HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15081456Nice to meet you. Are you LL Fan ? whats your favoritepair ? Honoka+Eri O-o ?? i see you have honoka and eri festival figures.... they are the best girls and figures of all. *_*

    I like maki the most.
    3 years ago
    HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15193758Thanks to you for the accept ...* _ * i love -love live too !!!! xD

    Oh, I see. XD I like a lot Nitta Emi, she's is so nice. <3
    But I'm in love Nozomi and her spiritual power in the game! ahahaha
    3 years ago
    Thank you for the friend request! :)
    3 years ago
    HarukaHaruno19913 years ago#15013208dia+mari fans are very rare.so sad. kananmari dont fit.
    dia+mari is perfect and are the best girls and my first favorite pair...*-*
    ye i play it but not so often.
    dia and mari looking best...(the prize figures-so beautiful)
    love live is my favorite series.

    Hi again! Sorry for taking so long to reply!

    For fun just now I decided to rank my favourite Aqours girls from 1-9, and Dia and Mari still come in first! I'm thinking maybe you're right, they are a better fit than Kananmari. Hmmmmmmm :P

    Now that Sunshine has finished airing, what's your opinion? I'm curious about other fans, because I'm still conflicted. Did you prefer the original LL to LLS?

    Also, if we share the same fav Aqours girls, I'm wondering if our least favourites are similar...? Sorry, I'm in a mood for rankings and comparisons XD
    3 years ago
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