• Hello! I am interested in your Nekopara set but i cant seem to send you a message!
    6 months ago
    hello i would be still Interested at your nekopara trading set with shikshi ^^ but your inbox is full i can not write to you
    7 months ago
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    1 year ago
    Your inbox is full, just letting you know and hit me up when you send it.
    2 years ago
    Hoppou3 years ago#15156082dddddddddddddddddd';alsdfka's;ldfka';lmnse';lsmnfg';lsne';glfsf';lsjd'f; ls d'ft;ljseft';lsenmgsd gsd
    3 years ago
    Hoppou3 years ago#14967551Nonono, a nice one is just having a nice one. Like it can only be one. Just one. Have you ever seen the movie, The Matrix? It's like having just one reality. The one where robots control the world :D. See, it's one!!

    haha ok...xD
    everything with one.. xD im confused now but i think i have understand it.lolxD
    3 years ago
    Hoppou3 years ago#14967389A nice one :D

    a nice one .....day ? xD
    3 years ago
    Hoppou3 years ago#14945445No, just one D:

    what one ?
    3 years ago
    Hoppou3 years ago#14925776Thanks for the FR! Hope you have a nice one :)

    with pleasure *_* please.
    A nice day you mean ? xD
    3 years ago
    bit same taste.... xD same figures in the wishlist.
    3 years ago
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