• I bought ITEM #269746 from J-Figure a couple of weeks ago, and I am once again, not disappointed with their service and quality checks. The figure is beautiful, has all of the accessories, and looks as good as new! The Figure also arrived in a timely manner after payment was completed and cleared. As before, the package was packed quite well, and there are no signs of damage on the box, or the figure and accessories.

    Thank you again J-Figure! Your business is much appreciated! I look forward to shopping at your store again!
    2 years ago
    Thank you very much for the trainer red nendo. He was extremely well packaged. Glad to have him in my collection now. Highly recommend J-Figure will be shopping here again in the future and recommending to friends!
    2 years ago
    I bought a Holo figure that was missing the box and had minor paint flaws. J-Figure was very up front about the condition of the figures and even had pictures showing the mirror flaws (including how they were hidden once the figure was assembled). The figure was quite reasonably priced for its condition.
    Email communication was excellent while we discussed shipping options and prices. I used SAL shipping, which only took about a week and a half. The figure was disassembled and each part individually wrapped in foam and then packed in bubble warp. The figure is in great condition and looks very good for its age.

    Such a great first impression and pleasure doing business with that I ordered two more figures.

    Thank you J-Figure I hope to do business with you again!
    2 years ago
    Extremely happy with this site!

    I purchased a pre-owned Hestia for a (thankfully) reasonable price through them. After my payment was confirmed, they shipped the very next day and I have already received it only a week later. I had no issues with shipping, and the figure and box arrived packed beautifully and professionally in exact A/A condition advertised in. The figure itself is flawless and looks brand new, the only wear on the box looks like it's from the tape at the top being undone the first time.

    If you're having trouble finding a figure, definitely give them a try! Extremely pleased, thank you j-figure!
    2 years ago
    Haven't had a chance to open them yet, but ordered 3 figures from them with EMS and they were very well packed, each appear to be authentic and were delivered within a few days in Australia. If you submit a question on their website the owner will respond promptly, I did so to combine orders and receive a refund on the additional shipping charged due to the separate orders which they processed upon shipping the items.

    Would order from again for items that have just gone out of stock, like Shirobako Ema by Alter, or rare figures like the GSC exclusive Araragi Tsuhiki alt color ver. (both of which I ordered from jfigure). They have many older, hard to find figures that are worth considering. The markup on most items is fair imo, compared to other suppliers of rare second hand figures.

    Personally I'd feel much more comfortable ordering from here than somewhere like Mandrake due to ease of communication and product visibility.
    2 years ago
    Great First Impression (A+)

    I have recently bought The Moka Akashiya Awakened version condition A/B for 12000 yen / that's about 97 Euro that is an amazing deal because this figure is really rare & expensive right now, box was damaged but the figure was basically brand new :) & the guy that I talked to on the email for the order & information about the figure he was really honest & helpful. I give my first buy & first glance for this website an A+ I defiantly visit the website again when I see a figure that I want :) I used EMS shipping that took 10 days instead of 2-5 days but that is not their fault, but be ware if you lower the invoice & use EMS it's a bit risky !
    2 years ago
    I bought ITEM #195023 pre-owned from this shop around January 3rd. It took awhile to ship because of holidays and New Years, but arrived very quickly once shipped. I used EMS.

    I asked J-Figure to be extra careful when shipping, and they did not disappoint. The packages were packed very professionally and articulately. The figure is in wonderful condition and looks practically brand-new.

    If anyone is having trouble finding a particular figurine in the market, I highly recommend this shop. They are even willing to take requests from customers.

    Thank you J-Figure! I appreciate your business!
    2 years ago
    Are you still selling your INORI?
    3 years ago
    I bought the Kongiku one ITEM #397481 around 4 months ago which happened to be brand new in its sealed box.Price was well.
    Nice and easy order.
    Relatively fast.
    3 years ago
    I bought a nendoroid more pajama set from them. Despite the high aftermarket prices for this set, the price I got was still good. They shipped my items very quickly and they arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!
    3 years ago