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    Maakie (3 years ago) #2476181Hey!
    Oh, like that~! So far I had 2 laptops. With one of them the battery died really quickly (so no portable/travel for me) and with the other the battery was good, but the laptop itself was so slow...so I could barely do anything on it...
    From the muslims that live in the Netherlands...I never see males with a cap on. And with females there are also a lot without anything covered and they only cover themselves up when they go to the mosque. You can imagine that a lot of the older generations really dislike the way the younger generations cope with those rules.
    I didn't realize that in Indonesia there are so much woman with a jihab! I thought it was limited to a headscarf (like this c2.staticflickr... ). But only in recent years those rules became more strict if I understand you correctly?
    Luckily nobody from family or close friends use drugs, so I'm pretty safe there! The only times I was really confronted with it was when I was in college, quite some people there used drugs. I also see it a bit as "cool" behaviour from young people. Just like a lot of people (try to) smoke when they're in high school.
    You tried to EAT them?! Wow! xD You didn't understand/see that you needed to use a lighter? On the other hand it's good I guess, because I think eating/chewing tabacco can do les harm than inhaling the smoke! :P
    I remember my parents getting mad when we hid the cigarettes, but we never told them were we hid them. That makes me think that next time when I visit my parents, I would like to look at a few places where we used to hide them. To see if they are still there, hahahaha!
    No updates with the store again...still contacting them a lot and I hope they will reply soon...or put those figures up for pre-order so i can order them and after that never deal with them again. -.-'
    Ah, that's so sad! And breakages of items are always sudden expenses! I'm very lucky recently not much of my stuff broke down, but I have lots of older electronics, so I'm a bit afraid...everything I use/own is 5+ years old (tv, laptop, camera, phone etc.).
    I think Calne would be great as an action figure! With her robotic and skeleton limbs, any joints can be hidden perfectly! I would defenitely buy an Figma or any other type of action figure from her! I hope that now that the sales for the Union Creative scaleds are going well, that more figures of her will be made!
    Speaking about Calne/Calcium/Deino, which videos are your favorite?
    With me, when it comes to animation/video, it's this one (I unfortunately think the song is a bit too messy to really apprectiate it):

    And when it comes to best songs. This one is the best I think when it comes to story/lyrics (but it's a very sad one):

    But this one is very upbeat and makes me happy!


    Just to play GBA emulator doesn't make to laptop slow actually... Maybe some of your program might overworked your RAM memory or maybe the HDD almost full? About battery, I just recently changed my battery here so it can last for 3 hours without charger.

    Well, like I said earlier men's covering like cap are not strict so, it's not really necessary for males to wear cap. Yeah, I can see that why because in Muslim, women to cover everything it's a must & women actually must wear them everytime they go outside. Islam has a very strict rules on women's appearances.

    Yeah, but not all of women here follows a strict rules like that, it's depending on their view on Islam. Most women here also wear headscarf like in the picture actually. Well, in Islam covering face isn't really necessary for women, however what makes them have to cover the face because I heard in Arab, Arabian men are mostly wild whenever they saw women without jihab. That's what I heard but, maybe there's more reasons why...

    Me too here by far no relatives or close friends using drugs. Yeah, cool but, not for long because they actually ruining they bodies for their old days.

    Hahaha, back at that time I was just an innocent toddler (I remembered I ate it on 4 years old not, 5) without any knowledge so, I only think they some kinda food, hahaha. Lol, they taste like bitter shit if you asked me. :P

    Man... Be strong there, guess it wasn't your lucky day.

    Hell yeah... My special month turned into a gloomy days now... T_T Hahaha, the only electronic thing that is new for me is only my LG G2, the rest are over more than 5 years old. I even still keep 2 of my old phone Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & W810i & it's funny... They fell more than 10 times but, they still intact while my LG G2 fell for 1 time & it's already broken so badly.

    Yeah, looks like it but, I hope Figma is the one who'll create them, I had enough on PAK figures. Btw, have you seen this ITEM #255481? It's pretty surprising for me SE created PAK Miku Hatsune.

    Hmmm... They all looks cool but, forgive my lack of understanding, seriously... I really2 don't understand what's the purpose of that videos, if you ask me on which is my favorite one I think I choose the 2nd one that looks wicked compare the rests. As for the music I think I like the 3rd one..

    Maakie (3 years ago) #2479977I'm super busy so I'm very late with all my messages, sorry!
    Anyway, a happy birthday to you! :D

    Thank you so much! I'm so happy here! No worries there! I understand, I've always late myself too.

    Stay sweet there! :D
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    Maakie (3 years ago) #2473657Ahhh, thanks!
    Yours is too! :D You have quite a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM items I'm still looking for myself! ;)

    I'd say, it was the stroke of luck XD I totally missed all Yu-Gi-Oh! DM items when they were released 'cause I finished both anime&manga not so long ago.
    3 years ago
    Maakie (3 years ago) #2473654No problem! I have also been very busy personally! Just started with a new job~
    Too bad about the sweating! But if it's only sweat and not paint coming off, it can all be fixed! ;)
    Yeah the make-up brush is great! I also just used it today on some pieces of cosplay armor I didn't work for weeks on, haha! It's very gentle and you can brush everything with it! :) It takes long if you would do it on big surfaces though. xD

    Congrats for your new job! *A*
    I can't wait to have a job and buy stuffs with my own money. xD

    *stares at figure boxes* I don't think they're too big for make up brush so I'll give it a try! xD
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    Maakie (3 years ago) #2479914View spoilerHide spoilerAhhh, so that's why! Indeed most reactions are OMG YOU MAKE GAMES WOW SO COOL, and the 1% left has tried to work in games his/herself or knows people that (tried to) work in it. ;) The industry is not that fun as the end product is, actually it's just like any other "normal" programmer job. But the part my boyfriend likes the most is that he is working on interactive things and on things he in the end likes playing/using too. In the past he also programmed for websites and it was so much of the same work over and over and over again. So I can understand programming for games being a lot more interesting! :P
    Coming back to the holidays, there is maybe still a chance I won't be free...I'm currently waiting for the response of a second job I just had an interview for this morning and that job doesn't allow any time off during holidays they already told in the interview... *gulp*
    Too bad your selling also isn't going well. :( I guess it's because of the financial crisis, economy being bad bla bla bla? Or we just have stuff nobody wants, lol. xD A lot of the items I sell were items that I got as doubles when I tried completing sets and figures that came with other figures when I bought them. (For example on Yahoo! Japan you will find a lot of people selling small piles of trading figures. I rememeber buying a listing with 40 My Otome trading figures, to find out when I got them that only half of them were from My Otome and within that half there also were a lot of doubles! D: And yeah, then I was stuck with a lot of figures to sell or trade, I kept only 10 from that lot if I remember correcly, but I was hoping to keep inbetween 30 and 40 of them when I bought it...)
    Here are some figures of which I know that I sold them to someone that referred to them as being toys for their kids: ITEM #1478 , ITEM #22504, ITEM #5735 , ITEM #100354 , ITEM #4822 and ITEM #33240 . The last one always brings a smile on my face, because the figure is from a hentai series and the parent didn't even bother to google the series where he/she was buying an item from. :>
    Haha, I think it's also because I'm selling mainly on this Craiglist-like site! Where most of the people browsing certain categories don't even know what they are seeing and just think "oh, what a cute toy for my son/daughter!" xD My figures are all uploaded in the category: Collectibles --> Figurines, toys and dolls. Which is a huge category that includes all 3. Almost everyone selling anime merchandise throws their items in that category too, because it comes most close to what it is. xD
    Yeah most trading figures are the weight of 2-4 letters. :) Pretty affordable to do!
    Haha, dumb teenagers in combination with something they can get obsessed about. xD From when I was younger (yes, I used to hang out with the "anime people" in high school, who now, looking back at it, were actually just weaboos), I remember it mostly being 14-18 year old girls, just finding out about yaoi/OMG-MY-FAVORITE-CHARACTERS-HAVING-SEX and going crazy over that. I think it was also a bit of forced behaviour to sound cool, because they were too young to actually be allowed to look at that stuff. I remember my friends from then talking about how they were planning to sneak into the local yaoi-con. *shivers* These are memories I didn't think about for years, thanks Moro! :P
    My cringe-memories go further now reading your next sentence! D: About every one of my high school friends was very active on fanfiction.net, both in writing and in reading. I personally never got into fanfiction myself, I read some stuff people send to me a long time ago and just...meh. I rather keep it to doujinshi if I want alternate stories or pairings of characters happening. I remember one time my friends back then really wanting me to write fanfction since I was one of the "better" writers of the group. I have no idea if I could find that Fanfiction again, but it was like 2-3 pages of Malik x Bakura (from Yu-Gi-Oh!) fanction. I remember them going crazy about it while I thought "The fuck? People like this? I wrote this in 30 mins."
    Oh yeah so much of the same character can make it really hard! I used to have quite some trading figures from Evangelion, but then I decided I would only keep the plugsuit ones. After a while I thought "hrmm, I actually have a lot with plugsuits" and started selling those too. Now I only have 2-3 Evangelion trading figures left and I'm thinking of maybe selling them also and then in the future buy some nicer ones that are scaled/prizes. You know, from the moment I finally took the plunge to start selling/trading, I have been thinking a lot easier about getting rid of figures. xD
    Ah yes...lots of good series I know have a huge fanbase outside of Japan while the series in Japan was seen as "meh". Best example is my favorite series, Baccano! No idea if you have seen it? I personally really love the setting of America inbetween WW1 and WW2 (bootleg liquor, awesome clothing, awesome cars, the style of the houses, commercials, I love it)! But a lot of anime with that setting seem to not be very popular there...
    I don't even mind much about Calne's base being boring, but I really hate how unsafe it is, she easily topples over... D: And that's a nice idea! If you ever get to it or comission it, I would love to see! ^^
    Oh wow, are you me? xD Sounds exactly like what happened to me!
    I got the name "Maakie" because when I was younger I visited a zoo where there were maki's (Dutch word for lemur) and I completely fell in love with the cute animal. Being young I didn't know how to write the name, so I wrote it as they pronounce it (Maakie). When I got older and started using the internet I also used Maakie everywhere. Finally when I was 14-15 or so, I found out I had been writing Maakie wrong everywhere, but it was already too late...on a lot of forums and in multiple MMO's people knew me as Maakie, so there was no turning back. :P
    I had this huge phase when I just thought up the name and in high school where I just said to everyone they should call me Maakie and never even introduced myself with my nickname. Then, when I went to college I decided I wanted to be more professional and used my own name again. Now when I'm at conventions/in cosplay I still use Maakie and most people know of my real name, but still prefer to call me by my nickname (which I reallyyyy don't mind as you can imagine). The people I now know are like 50/50 with what to call me. Older friends (and even some family members) call me Maakie, while all the more recent people I met (such as co-workers and not very close friends) call me my real name. Pretty weird how the people most close to me use my "fake" name to call me.
    And also the last part...this happened so much to me. D: I will PM you my name so you can understand why. The last 3 letters of my name is a very common name to use with muslims...and yeah, muslims how to call it in English, uhmm, they have a bad reputation is the right way to say it I think (English is not my first language sorry >.<). Also, my last name is only two letters off the Dutch word for "piss" and one letter off for the Dutch word for "horny", so you can probably imagine the stuff I went through in high school if you combine my weird first name and easy-to-meddle-with last name... I'm still thinking about name change, because I also have so much bad memories from it all...but on the other hand it's so much hassle to change everything officially and I guess Maakie/Maki also sounds a bit too childish...
    I guess it didn't make me bitter, but it did make me a lot more hrmm, indifferent? Like I grew this big outer shell in high school and it's still there, it doesn't even hurt me if someone makes a shitty remark. But that shell also makes it so that when I get compliments, they also not reach me that easily... View spoilerHide spoilerWow, I'm quite poetic today!
    Ooooooooh, nice nice! :D Do you visit a lot of anime conventions so you can show those outfits off? ^^
    Ah, that's cool! My boyfriend already watches a lot of movies and American TV-series, so he prefers me to select only "top" anime to be sure he looks at something nice. :P But sometimes I also just say to him "Hey, I don't know this series yet, but it's supposed to be cool, so we're going to watch it together." xD View spoilerHide spoilerBtw, I noticed you sometimes talking about a girlfriend and at other times about a boyfriend? Or is it complicated/none of my business? I won't be offended if it is, though! No problem. :)

    It does seem like it might be more rewarding for some people to know that the end product of their work is a video game rather than something else. But far too many people who say "I want to make video games!" really mean, "I like I play video games, and I think that making games is just as fun as playing them."

    Could be both. I'm not selling things that are in the highest demand, and some of them are quite expensive, so that works against me. Your situation sounds really annoying though, it seems like trading figures can be a huge pain to sell even if they're really cheap, provided they aren't from a super big hit franchise like Vocaloid or Fate/.
    Oh my god you sold a Night Shift Nurses trading figure to a mom for her kid, I'm giggling, that's brilliant. At least for most of these they are just trading figures, not quite as sad if they get abused by a kid haha.
    And yeah that'd do it. I do all my selling through eBay and occasionally on here (though frankly people on here seem to be hostile towards resellers and act as if the attempt to make a profit is bad. I try wherever possible to drill the concept "profit is not a dirty word" into people, but it doesn't really help.)

    Oh god yes that exactly. As someone who's been sexualized and aware of sexual stuff from a really young age, that doesn't mean that teenage girls who have become recently aware of it aren't irritating beyond belief.
    LOL sorry, I didn't mean to give you flashbacks XD

    I don't read much fic but I've written some, I write it occasionally. Usually because I can't find the scenario I want in doujin or in a cursory fic search. I'm very picky. This is usually the part where I'd plug the fic I've written but since you don't like to read it, I won't |D
    I actually did also write some (I'm sure terrible) fic for my friends when I was a little noob in high school. At the time I was quite proud of how it turned out! Thankfully, it was written by hand in a notebook, which means it never ended up on the internet. Most of my early stupidity either never ended up online in the first place or I managed to purge it somehow (or it went down by other means.)

    I try to sell reasonably often, sort of rotate out my less favorites, though the amount of KEEP FOREVER ones has increased some. Seems the figure world waited for me to get a job before dumping a large quantity of MUST GETS on me, lol.

    I haven't seen it, been meaning to check it out but you know how it goes with one's anime backlog! It's interesting how some stuff is popular in Japan but falls flat elsewhere, whereas some stuff made for a Japanese audience turns out to do better with international viewers. And some stuff gets to be a super mega hit and EVERYONE is all over it, like moeblob shows (generally).

    Aw that's a cute story! I think your name is unique. I'm glad of mine too, I never meet other Moros. I'm pretty much the only one afaik. (Better than my friend who decided to call herself Rin... talk about generic!)
    My closest people call me Moro as well, other than my parents. My mom takes my dislike of my name somewhat personally, sadly. It isn't her fault that I don't feel it suits me, after all, she had no idea what I'd be like when she named me.
    Man that sounds rough D: I don't have anything like that with my given name, it's just a bit unusual and I guess sounds funny to some people? I don't know, children are cruel I guess.
    I don't think Maki/Maakie is childish, really, seems a perfectly fine name to me. I don't see how it's much different from a name like Kristy. I say if you want to make the official change then definitely do it! I don't know what kind of hassle it is in your country though. Here in the USA you just have to go down to the Social Security office and pay like $100 to get your name changed, but then you have to also go through and have it properly changed on other official stuff so it's a bit of a pain. But not really legally an issue.

    Ha, I sort of envy you. I never exactly developed an impervious shell. Rather, perhaps, it's a thin shell with outward-facing spines. My boyfriend says (not unkindly) I'm a dead ringer for Asuka, though more stable mentally. So I suppose that gives a bit of an idea.

    I really only go to one con a year, Anime Expo in LA. I can't afford to take off work and travel a bunch and I like BIG conventions. This year I didn't cosplay, but since I actually have a planned one now I guess I will next year!

    View spoilerHide spoiler
    Oh, I have both a girlfriend and a boyfriend, that's all. Everyone knows about it and has agreed upon it. It's also "open," so with the consent of all involved, anyone can go have some casual fun on the side with people outside the relationship. I like to do that but mostly my boyfriend and I do that together. My girlfriend isn't interested in casual sex so she doesn't do it, but she could if she wanted to.
    Girlfriend actually lives in LA currently so it's long-distance with her, but I live with my boyfriend and have done so for 6 years or so. I only got together with my girlfriend a year and a half ago, as we got together at AX2013, funnily enough. That story's a long one but I can tell it to you if you want!
    3 years ago
    Hi^ You still going to do other Mecha Musume Cosplays sometime? ^^
    3 years ago
    Maakie (3 years ago) #2476126Thank you, thank you! ^^
    Not sure if I told you before, but I also plan a big blog post about my "Elizabeth Project" where I tell about how my love for a character and figure made me start such a huge cosplay project! No idea if you're a follower of my blog, but keep an eye out for it! ;D

    ok thanks :)
    3 years ago
    Maakie (3 years ago) #2473867Spoilered it since these responses are getting forever long LOL View spoilerHide spoilerWell 99% of the people that hear that he works for a game company go crazy, haha! With the games studio he works for, they make small mobile/tablet games which only shows the name of the company. So no specific employee gets credit. But what you said is true when it comes to bigger (AAA/console) games!
    Yeah, the Netherlands is pretty small, so locally there are not that much people interested. Most of the things I have sold locally was on a sort of Dutch version of Craigslist and I sold a lot of people referring to them as toys or dolls... I really really prefer to sell my items to people where I know it will become a part of a collection, but because selling is so hard this is sometimes the only way... (For example just yesterday I sold a figure I was trying to sell for almost 2 years to someone. The buyer told me it was a "doll" she was going to gift to her 10-year old daughter. I hope the girl gets happy because of it of course, but for an pretty old/rare figure to become a toy of a kid will probably mean it's box will get thrown out and it will get a lot of damages over the years...and eventually will lose it's value as a collectible. But yeah if I didn't went through with that deal, who knows for how much more years I would have been stuck with it...)
    When it's about trading figures though, selling internationally is okay-ish. Shipping in envelopes worldwide is quite affordable. So the more rare trading figures I have, have been selling great so far internationally. But the common figures I have not... ^^'' Oh well, it's at least something! :P
    With you using the word weaaboo (long time since I hard that, haha!), I just realized that when it comes to the girls/women going crazy over yaoi/otome-games/pretty guys etc. that type of behaviour tends to stick more to them? Most people grow over their weaboo phase pretty quick (thank god I only did that for 2 years or so and at a time where there wasn't much acces to internet, so there is no proof of it all).
    Yeah I remember your review of ITEM #199818 ! She is great! When it comes to my prize figures I recently fell in love with ITEM #129518 and I love all my Hideyoshi prizes, even with their flaws. With prize figures you also see a lot of alternate outfits and minor characters! (I only try to stay away from characters/outfits that also have scaled figures, I try to hold off buying prize figures from them!)
    So far what I heard about the Mekaku City Actors is that the anime is not that good? People on local forums seem to complain about it (but maybe their expectations were too high). So if a lot of people share that opinion, maybe not much else will be made...BUT! When something sells good from a series it can spark more merchandise! With the YGO scaled figures it all started out with Kotobukiya "testing" around with trading figures. They sold like hot cakes and only after that scaleds started to be made. (I also pre-ordered those trading figures with the speed of light because I was afraid of the series not getting any other merchandise at all.)
    It seems like Calne has the most problems with the most human-like parts such as her hair and for me also the ribbons. And the monstrosity that her base is (she topples over really easily + it's HUGE). But all the mechanical-parts and skeleton-arm are great when it comes to detailing! :)
    Well multiple times popularity searches and votes lead to results about females here being the most active when it comes to blogs/comments/interaction with eachother and most guys here are busy with their own profile/lists and the database in general. So even though this site has a lot more male members, the most active ones are mainly females! ;)
    Oh? So you got a name change and your real name is Moro now? :O I have actually been thinking a lot of times about changing my name to Maakie (or Maki) as my real name is hard to pronounce and write. It's just so annoying when meeting new people or having to introduce yourself. People always give me weird looks or try to forget about me as quick as possible because of my name. With my new job it has also been horrible so far with yesterday a party to introduce myself to all my new colleagues...most of the scenarios turn into huge conversations (that are almost always the same) about "Oh where does the name come from?" "France." "Ohhh, so that means you're French." "No, my parents just liked it." and then followed by asking to repeat my name multiple times to make sure they pronounce it right (and in the end it still goes wrong). SIGH. Especially with my recent jobhunting I have been thinking so much about changing my name (because every job interview also opens like this)...
    Oooh, Testament is nice! Personally female Assassin img2.wikia.noco... is a cosplay I would like to do in the future! (I'm staying away from masked cosplays for until I'm older and "need" to hide my face.) I personally think cosplaying together is a lot more fun~ With my bf it has been a bit more difficult to find out what he likes and what doesn't. Currently I'm working on this couple outfit for us (simple and casual, the way he likes it): View spoilerHide spoiler

    I'm not sure when it comes to art. When it's about literally artwork the age it comes from doesn't matter to me. When it comes to anime I seem to dislike most of the older 80's and beginning 90's artstyle. I'm also not a huge fan of the moe moe moe stuff, but I seem to be easier to accept it when it's from a series which story seems interesting.
    Ah, I'm really really really bad when it comes to watching one episode a week from a series. I tend to forget or I don't have enough time... A lot of times I start on something and then watch the first 1-2 episodes. Then I forget or don't have time and in the end I "rush" with finishing watching the episodes. In the end that means I could have just watched it in one go after it finished... Anyway with the Kan Colle anime starting next season I will try again to watch something weekly. I'm just so bad with it. X_X
    I think it's really interesting for Parasyte to get an anime now! I plan on watching it after it finishes! :)
    Ooooh~ I hope you like Pumpkin Scissors! When I have my first paycheck from my new job I plan on buying multiple anime DVD boxes of series I really like. Inbetween those is also Pumpkin Scissors. It has been a long time since I watched it myself and I'm really looking forward to rewatching it! I remember being really interested and impressed with the story the first time I watched it! (Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be too disappoing now 5+ years later! >.<) And I would like to hear what you think of it too when you have the time to watch it! :)

    Oh yeah I know the general reaction is OMG YOU MAKE GAMES WOW SO COOL but I've seen more than one friend try to get into that industry without really knowing what it's like so I'm kind of jaded there. Not that it isn't a worthwhile career, just it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    -winces- That sounds painful but I guess sometimes you have to accept such a "loss" (in a way) to get the damn thing that just won't sell out of your house! I haven't had much luck selling things recently myself. I'm not in dire need of money or anything, I'm just tired of having some stuff around. What was the figure that you had to send to the terrible fate of being owned by a child?
    (I laugh a little because there are people who think of us, the collectors, as childish and view all this expensive stuff as toys!)
    Makes sense that it wouldn't be so bad with trading figures. Not much worse than mailing a letter internationally I guess.

    I guess it is not in popular usage anymore?? I don't have much occasion to use it anymore since I don't associate with people who would merit the description. But it's true that most of the irritating anime fan behavior I've encountered is from female fans. I'd guess that the reason for this is because it's more common for younger teenage girls, already an irritating demographic, to get into it before they have the maturity to be reasonable about their fandom. Boy that sure was a sentence... basically teenagers are dumb LOL. The #1 thing that irks me is the "omg (character) is MINE!!!1! YOU CANT HAEV HIM!!!" sort of mindset. The thing that leads to self-insert mary sues -shudder-

    I can't resist some even when there are nice scales of the character. After all there are LOTS of Reis. But there being so many options at different price points also means sometimes I go for the prize figure because I like the pose better or something. Not to mention that Rei is from a GK so I think it's a higher-quality sculpt than your average prize figure.

    I think I'm the only one that liked it. It had issues and was not perfect by any means but I didn't think it was BAD, just flawed. Maybe you're right, maybe some people's expectations were too high. It delivered most of what I expected and wanted.
    And it actually doesn't matter much at all what foreign audiences thought of the series because it's domestic reception that drives merchandising anyway. So maybe Japanese audiences liked it better, idk.

    UGH THE BASE that's my one big issue with her. I hope the new figures have a more stable base. I don't think it'll be less boring though. I want to customize the base of my Calne Ca, probably with mesh and some metal debris but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Yeah basically. I have never liked my given name, then when I was about...15 or so, I started using "Moro" online (and it is from Princess Mononoke as that movie was a big early formative experience for me). I liked it, and my IRL friends liked it and started calling me by that name too, and then it stuck. Pretty soon I was just introducing myself as Moro, and now the only people who call me by my given name are family members. My given name is also kind of a pain and people say it wrong all the time and spell it wrong too even though I don't really think it's that hard, so I totally feel you.
    Maybe my dislike of my name also partly stems from being mocked about it a lot as a kid. I was bullied a lot, pretty much constantly. Now I am small and bitter like a human espresso.

    He makes a hot Testament ;D That looks like a fun couple cosplay! I HAD thought I'd sworn off cosplaying, but now I am planning to cosplay Lain, he said he'll cosplay the God of the Wired to go with me! So that should make a striking impression.

    It's easy for me to just get into a habit so once I start keeping up with 1 anime a week, it's easier to keep up with others. I just pick a day of the week to watch the new episodes regardless of what day each series airs.

    I will definitely tell you my thoughts about it as I'm watching it! I don't like to watch anime all by myself most of the time so my boyfriend will watch it with me.
    3 years ago
    Oh my! Yeah, they do have some things you need to pay attention in order to take good care of it.
    I hope I don't screw up >_< I work part of the day so my mom have to take care of the bonsai in my place until I'm home - and now we need to be even more careful because my cats want to eat it. One of my cats ate few leaves and she wasn't feeling well, she did throw up LOL So now I want to keep the bonsai as far as possible from my cats so both of them will be happy.

    The good point is that the guy who did sell me the bonsai told me if it's dying or something I should take it to him so he will take care of it, he also offer some services (prune the bonsai, change the pots and those things, he also have a "hotel service" for bonsai if you travel and doesn't have anyone to take care of it) lol

    I know! I was WTF when I saw the prices because... what? Come on, it's Hello Kitty!
    And this is cute ITEM #56238
    3 years ago
    Maakie (3 years ago) #2475137Nice collection! Mecha Musume love! <3
    Thanks! Your collection is very nice too, and VERY BIG!
    3 years ago
    Maakie (3 years ago) #2462532Hello!!!
    Ah, I always like how portable they are. xD I don't have much time to play games at home, but I travel a lot and like to play games and read books during that time. :)
    No problem! Europe has so much small countries that for almost everyone outside of Europe it looks like a big clutter. xD I hope they will have more distributors soon indeed!
    Hrmmm I don't know...the first thing I think about is competition, because there are so much other sellers...but if instead they became the supplier of those stores they could earn a fortune and also be sure all stores have their items for low prices! I think it's rather that the Germans want to continue reselling and making their own prices? (Just all thought, I don't know. :P)
    Yeah I think almost every relgion has strict rules, but I think it depends on where they live how strict they are with those rules. If I remember correctly from bible-classes in high school, Christian also have a rule of having to cover the top of your hat. In the past most Christians would always wear hats or scarves because of that, but nowadays you don't see that much anymore. I guess my country and the beliefs in our country have become a lot more lax compared to other countries having the same beliefs.
    Yeah, the Netherlands is one of the few (or maybe even only?) country where softdrugs are allowed. But it's not like they are 100% legal. They have a Dutch word for it that translated would mean "tolerated". It's still illegal to sell drugs or have big amounts on you. But it's tolerated to use and buy them in certain areas and outside those areas you can only have a small amount on you (enough for a few personal uses, but not enough to sell). So it's still not like you are 100% legal in what you do, but it's "tolerated" until a certain point. Still, it's better to just keep out of the drug-scene if you ask me, then nothing can ever go wrong.
    Smoking, blegh. I really hate the smell myself. My parents are smokers so from a young age I have started to hate that smell. I remember when I was young I would go with my sister on a hunt to find the cigarettes in our home and hide them in places where our parents couldn't find them, haha!
    Still no change...I contacted the store multiple times, but they have been ignoring me again. The last reply I got from them was already 1,5 week ago. They still promised to put the remaining 3 figures up, but nothing has happened yet... -.-'
    Hrmm, so they would be interested in you mainly making omake? Still sounds like a good deal to me! xD
    I almost finished Malik's review, so I will put that one up soon! After that I will work hard on Calne's review! :)
    Did you by the way ever see the trailer/announcement of the Calne figure? A pretty cool video I think! :)


    Yeah, I can also bring my laptop & play them everywhere I travel.

    Perhaps but, that makes sense to me. They probably wanted reselling instead having a branch of Bandai Supplier.

    Hmm... I think I heard about that rule but, very slightly. In Islam, man also wear taqiyah (cap) & also wrapper but, they're not strict as women, because women must cover all of their bodies except face & hands with hijab. However, some people also got more strict thoughts to cover even hands & face but eyes. Yeah, you're right, because many countries got different cultures. In Indonesia, long time ago... They accept women in bikini on TV but, now they're extremely prohibited to be shown. But, it's funny to note that most Indonesian's horror movies nowadays always shown perverted scenes. :P

    I see... So, they're generally still aware the dangerous of overproducing amount of drugs then. Yeah... You're right to keep away but, if it involves my parents like my father/mother/brother/sister I wouldn't be able to tolerate that.

    Hahahaha... Now, that's my kind of girls, I remembered I once tried to eat cigarettes because of the curiousity on "WHY" in the world father likes them. The result, I hate them very much & I teared all of my father's cigarettes & throw them all to the garbage can. When my father's home nobody knows who threw his cigars & I pretend I don't know anything because at that time, I was like 5 or 6 years old. So, they didn't suspect me at all.

    Tsk, that's unfortunate... Anyway, I recently got a bad experience on my screen android LG G2 cracked so badly from falling accident, & thanks for that I had to pay almost 2 hundred bucks just for the replacements... I'm completely broke now on my special month & yet there's 2 preorders arrived this week, so I have to pay for the leftover from the down payment... T_T

    Yeah, because they think it's the most entertaining part of the review. I'm not going to miss this opportunity of course.

    I saw & commented your review there. :)

    ... WICKED, Just F***ing wicked... Wonder if PAK or Figma ever plans on creating this Calne one day...
    3 years ago