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    Maakie (4 years ago) #2105206Thank you very very much! :D I also have some new progress to share, work on her gun: www.cosplay.com... and work on her tank legs: www.cosplay.com...
    I hope to get some good pictures from her untransformed version this weekend when I will debut it at a convention! ^w^
    Yeah, they did show Power Rangers here. I didn't even know it was a Japanese series until I was older since they really "butchered" the episodes. They kept the Original Japanese fighting scènes, but they changed all the other scenes, they re-filmed them with American actors. What was shown here in the Netherlands was the American version of Power Rangers with subtitles. Seeing what they did to the Sentai-series, I can only imagine how bad the US version of Kamen Rider would be... :I
    I think in the US they still show Power Rangers and even make their own series now (so they don't buy the Japanese anymore and alter them). Correct me if I'm wrong, though! ;)
    Woah! Yours is an even more increase in price! Good luck with selling! Here in the Netherlands I have noticed seperate volumes and small sets like volume 1-3 and volume 1-4 sell pretty well, big sets tend to sell pretty slowly because even with a low price, you need to find the right fan that is willing to take them all (and most fans already own a (part of) the series).
    I once sold somebody on MFC a pretty small figure that costed 10 euros and he himself wanted to get the most expensive shipping type! He wanted to be 100% sure the figure would arrive safe, so instead of 8 euros shipping, he wanted the 22 euros shipping option. I wouldn't do that myself, but if someone is willing to pay an amount like that because he wants the figure to arrive safely, I don't mind. :) If the buyer is willing to pay more for shipping, that means he will get a better and safer shipping method and that is also good for me! ^w^
    Oh? I thought you always made your made in 2 languages? :O I think if you're still planning on selling them locally it's better if it's in Indonesian. And if you also plan to advertise for them and sell them online you should print them in English. ;)
    Personally I like figma more. You also have to keep in mind that Nendoroids have very limited movement in their body because of them being so chubby/small. :P
    Yes! :D Since I'm entering it in a competition everything needs to be handmade! And it was pretty fun to do too. :) I even made the bag so that it fits my own wallet + cell Phone with a little bit of space left. xD
    Ah, no problem! If you're ever interested let me know, but keep in mind the high amount of hours it takes to create something! xD
    Both of your videos look great again! At the moment I can't log in on my Youtube account (I'm at work >.<) but otherwise I would upvote both of them! Remind me so I do that later! xD
    I think the one with Kiritsugu Emiya is the best! :)

    You welcome & Thumbs up! I see you've also done with the wig, right? I saw it at the next of your legs, lower legs & feets photo progress.

    When the convention begins?

    Well, that is the truth... I remembered back when I was a child I used to admire Power Rangers alot but, then... 20 years to know the truth of Sentai, kinda ruined my feeling on admiring Power Rangers. Hahaha, they already did on "Masked Rider" & "Dragon Knight" series.

    Not really... They recently adapted Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger into Power Rangers Super Megaforce...

    Hope so... I need to find the books because I left some of them on the warehouse/storeroom, then I'll begin the selling. It's very old for sure, because I haven't touch it anymore since ten years ago. Hmmm... Maybe, I'll sell set more like 1-10 or 1-5 here. depending on the buyers themselves.

    Well, actually I don't mind either... But, when they heard the shipment cost, they mostly refused. Only 1 person who was able to pay with expensive shipment cost here.

    My actual full manga was directly written in English dialogue & I forgot to create the Indonesian dialogue. Only the 4th panel manga which has dual language, like the one I used to show you. I still keep the English but, I'll have to fix them since I mostly rewrite the Indonesian dialogue with different meaning.

    Me too, they have better proportions than Nendoroids. Ah, yes... That's true, I just remembered that some Nendoroids couldn't able to stand without their display stand. Yes, in that case I'l patiently wait for Figma Solid Snake, if they plan to make one....

    Man, you're really something you know that... I don't know what to say anymore about praising or compliment you... Feel free to share your upcoming works here. :)

    Noted, thanks again for offering.

    Lol, it's okay... Atleast you saw my videos & gave your thoughts about them to me, that's more than enough. :)

    Thanks alot, guess you liked Kiritsugu better, eh? Anyway, next week I'll receive my SHF Kamen Rider BLACK RX & Acrobatter, hope I can make the review another next week after I received them.
    4 years ago
    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    10k unopened kokonoe 1/4
    4 years ago
    Hi! Heb inmiddels het rooster en dergelijke ontvangen! :3 Ben o.a. om 10 uur ingeroosterd, kan dan helaas niet aanwezig zijn omdat de bussen hier niet eerder vertrekken..^^; En ik woon niet om de hoek. D: Heb ofcourse daar een mailtje over gestuurd dus ben benieuwd. xD
    Maybe we can meet somehow?! :DD

    Het is en blijft jammer met die save batterijen. ;_; Mijn vriend heeft een keer nieuwe batterijen gekocht om toch weer verder te kunnen spelen. (met hulp van z'n vader zet hij dat batterijtje erin)
    Misschien laat ik in mijn games ook nieuwe batterijen plaatsen. Maar durf sommige nog echt niet aan te raken en dan te zien dat alles weg is. :c xD
    Roms spelen kan natuurlijk ook handig zijn, nergens last van. Maar het nou eenmaal op een oldskool gameboy spelen geeft toch meer de feeling.

    Maakie (4 years ago) #2098435Hey~!
    Ik heb inmiddels met Annelies gesproken en ze zijn bezig met de roosters, dus je zou het binnen enkele dagen moeten krijgen~! ^^
    Nouja, I tried...maartoen was de save kapot. Heb het een hele avond gespeeld en toen ik de volgende dag verder wilde...was alles weg... *sob* Dan moet ik of zelf de cartridge repareren met van die losse save dingen die je moet kopen of ik moet zonder m'n apparaat uit te zetten het aan één stuk doorspelen. :P
    Heb hetzelfde met Pokémon Yellow zelf. Dat spel was echt m'n jeugd en ik had de Pokédex zo goed als compleet en een super high level Pikachu. xD Nu ben ik bang dat als ik 'm zou opstarten dat dan alles weg is, dus ik ontwijk het helemaal om 'm op te starten. Q.Q
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2105185Elizabeth is a mecha musume character. A figure was made from her: ITEM #2136 :) In the future I would really like to cosplay more characters where they made figures of...it's a perfect reference item to take a look at all the close details!
    Well, I bought my first costume when I went to my first convention, I was 14 at that time. :) When I found out most cosplayers make their costumes themselves (and I always liked making small crafts), I wanted to try it to and made my first costume at the age of 16. But the first time a costume I made 100% myself and that looked good was when I was 18. xD
    Since cosplaying takes a lot of different skills (sewing, prop/item making, painting, make-up, wig styling etc.) I learned most of the things along the years of experience I got. ^w^ When I just started cosplaying I found out I was quite good with wigs and make-up, so I made that my speciality. But some things I am still learning a lot about, like sewing, I only seriously started sewing 2 years ago (before that I altered existing pieces of clothing).
    But I think that with every cosplay project I start there is something I haven't done before, so it's something new to learn! ^w^

    I see, friend. You've got indeed a lot of talent!! :) And sewing... my god... I really admire you for that! :P Well, it's nice you have found an activity that passions you. :)And it seems to be an art, according to what you said, that with every cosplay, you have to learn someting new, so it seems to be an art that will keep you busy for a long time. :) That's nice :)
    Well, thank you friend, for this little interview :)
    But I Wonder, what do you do with your costumes after a convention, when your cosplaying is over?
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2094258Hey, Mewi! ^w^

    What chu doing Makie maakie
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2077935Hello!
    This message is for all my MFC friends that have showned/are showing interest in my Elizabeth Mecha Musume cosplay!
    View the picture in higher resolution here: www.cosplay.com...
    Her untransformed version is almost completely done right now! I hope to get some good pictures of it at the end of this month!
    Her weapon I will debut at the end of may and her fully transformed version in june!
    Thanks for all the support and interested in my cosplay! ^w^
    ~ Maakie

    DAMN!! That's very intense! I like how this continues on! Nice progress!

    Maakie (4 years ago) #2080781Hello~!
    I see, thanks for explaining! Kamen Rider is something I don't know much about since it was never on TV here! >.<
    Ah, the same has been happening here! When I started collecting manga a new volume would cost 6-8 euros each and nowadays that's easily 10-12 euros! >.< I sell most of my own second hand manga for around 4-5 euros each, which is half or more than half of the price you buy them in the store for. So compared to what I paid myself I can still ask quite a "high" price for the manga myself, but I stell end up with a loss of a few euros with each sold manga... :P
    That sounds bad. >.< So you're national postal service is not to be trusted... Well then you have other available options like big global companies like DHL, FedEx and DPD...but those are expensive! Also here in the Netherlands using one of those companies makes shipping easily twice as expensive as if I would use my national postal service...
    About the Doraemon 3D movie...I just looked it up and it looks a bit weird to me. xD I think he looks better in 2D! The style reminds me a bit of when they made that 3D Astro Boy movie a few years ago.
    Well actually I'm quite far along now with my review of Mai. I have been working on my cosplay a lot of time and my hands got so tired (I'm busy with sanding the gun >.<) so I have been "resting" by being on the computer more. xD And that time I spend on writing on my review! ^^ I think I can maybe upload the review later this week! :)
    I wouldn't recommend buying a Nendoroid. I think they are too expensive since they are very small and most of them don't come with much accesories...well, except for my Francesca which I reviewed a while ago. xD
    The bag is also finished now! www.cosplay.com... And I posted a picture on your profile yesterday of how far along the jacket is! ^^ It's close to completion! :D
    Although I really like taking comissions, I'm Always a bit hesitant with them. >.< The main reason for that is that I would need to charge quite some money for them. Even if I would work for far below minimum wage, let's say I ask 4-6 euros an hour then only in hours of work I will have to charge a high amount of money to the person I'm making an costume or item for. >.< And high prices like that make people not interested anymore... So that's why I have mainly done wig comissions in the past. On average I spend only 5-10 hours on a (simple) wig, so the prices can stay acceptable for the person requesting it.
    Good luck with your future videos/animations! ^w^

    I know... Most of my Europe friends also didn't familliar with Kamen Rider so, I guess the hype of Kamen Rider only exist in Asia mostly... America (Saban who adapted Sentai to became Power Rangers franchise) once tried to adapt one of the series of Kamen Rider based on BLACK RX which is extremely popular back in 90s however... They failed, many outraged critics on the run especially most of the people who used to watch the original series even the late creator of Kamen Rider Shotaro Ishinomori was rumored to be outraged due to the highly changes on the scenes & thinking too childish & corny. Well, to think of that I think I agree with people out there because, they kinda ruined the originality of the rider. However, if you asked me... Actually, they just did the same thing as they did on Power Rangers series. But, sentai world seems to be low on the popularity in Asia compare to the US so... Power Rangers dominate the franchise.

    Ic... In here their prices are pretty far higher now, because I bought manga around 10 years ago only cost 5000-6000 Rupiah but, now... They still sell the same manga that I used to buy but, with new revision & they can cost almost than 20000 Rupiah... So if I sell around 7000 to 9000 Rupiah perhaps people might still accept it, especially buying a sets of volume. I'm planning to sell sets of volume, not a single book here. I got Meitantei Conan's book from Vol. 1 to... I think 50, all in good conditions.

    That's the biggest problem from using another courrier, I think it's not worth just to send 14cm figures overseas for around more than 30 USD... It's almost expensive as the figures themselves. Well, it was a big obstacles to sell outside Indonesia, I really wish I can ship overseas with lower shipments.

    Doraemon himself is fine I think but, Nobita & the others looked pretty different indeed & yes... If you ask me, I agree that they looked better in 2D because it's more original & faithful to the style. Actually, the graphic style of Doraemon & Astroboy's manga are pretty resembles, because the late creator Osamu Tezuka is a sensei of the late Doraemon creator Fujiko F. Fujio & his fellow Fujiko A. Fujio.

    As for me, I'm retranslating my manga into Indonesian here... Apparently, most people here complained that they don't understand English. My bad for making direct English dialogue script 1st, I should have retranslating before drawing the manga. Also, now I'm temporarely avoiding figure stores or Toys fair event for saving money on my POs. You know, visiting those places usually made me becoming consumptive...

    I see... You're right about that... Actually, there's something that made me jealous on Nendoroid collectors... Nendoroid mostly comes with more complex faceplates than Figma, & the good thing we can even share the faceplates to other Nendoroids. While Figma don't but, Figma mostly has more unique accessories.

    Wow, you even created the bag?! I see you're busy as hell with your cosplay but, that's pretty worth because the progress & the result looked pretty sick!! You've done a stunning work as usual!! I hope for your success.

    Lol, don't mind for that, I'm not sure when can I ask you on that. I'm not even done on my manga & games actually... Just focussed what I must do but, thanks for your informations.

    Future Videos? Here you go:


    These 2 figures (excluding Figma Kiritsugu) are my fixed figures from suffering the factory issues... Mercury's hair was repainted added a hightlights & I fixed 2 of her faceplates. SIC BLACK's got a weird scratchy thing on his head, I fixed this using a sandpaper to remove them. After that, I repainted his head & added more lighter color in some part except mouth.
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2100580Hrrmmm, it's hard I have so many!
    I like (young)(semi)evil guys the most and I absolutely love all kinds of uniforms!
    But I have noticed I look too female in most of my male cosplays and I look too male in most of my female cosplays, so I have decided a while back that I wanted to cosplay Elizabeth, a more tomboyish girl, to see if that fits me better! :)

    Elizabeth? From what anime/serie/collection is she?
    And at what age did you begin cosplaying? I'm curious.
    You seem to have a lot of experience... And basically where did you learn to make costumes and accessories like that? :)
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2092506View spoilerHide spoilerHello~!
    Sometimes it's like there are 2 type of people: the people hanging around at home and enjoying stuff by themselves and the party-animals/drinking people that enjoy being around as much other people as possible. A person can also change between the two different types multiple times. It feel like someone can't be both or a cross inbetween, but maybe that's just me. ;)
    Ah! D: I was recently also sick when it was better weather a few weeks ago... Everybody around me was acting happy and being outside while I just wanted to lie in bed the whole day... TT^TT I wish you best of health and hope the cold goes away soon!
    Hrmmm, I think I should rewatch Lucky Star soon again since I can't remember much about it being Slice of Life. xD The things I remember the most are the "Legendary Girl A"-parts and the first episode where they are talking about the chocolate bread. :P
    So you're actually already quite far along with the series since it only has 13 episodes! ;) Moetan has quite some random parts indeed, with the part that I remember best (I put it in spoiler since I don't know for sure in which episode it happens) View spoilerHide spoilerthe huge explosion Sumi creates on the street! That was so out of nowhere I had to laugh so hard! :'D And Alice is cute indeed! Actually all of the main characters are so cute! >w< But a bit too loli for most people, yeah. xD
    How was Kyoukai no Kanata by the way? I have noticed a lot of cosplayers from it here locally but I actually didn't hear or read much about the series.
    And Attack on Titan is a series I want to avoid a bit myself. :P I'm always afraid of series that get hyped too much. :P With most of those series I wait a few years until the fanbase has calmed down a bit and then watch them. xD I did watch Free! recently breaking one of those rules xD But that series is not locally so hyped. :P Actually, the story of Free! was better than expected, but it's not really recommendable anime in my opinion (unless you really like watching guys flex their muscles and be in swimming shorts). :P
    Well there are lots of girls here wearing way more revealing outfits, so that wouldn't be a problem. :P I'm more afraid of people thinking I look to underage to wear something like that...but it's an appeal of the character to look young (although she isn't) so she should fit how I personally look! D:
    I actually talked about it with my boyfriend some more and he changed his opinion to "I actually would like it, but I want to be your bodyguard at all times if you wear something like that." :P So I guess he would be sort of proud if I'm good looking in an outfit like that, but he wouldn't like me walking around alone with all sorts of "predators" around me. :P
    Maybe you should watch all your anime on small screen? Because maybe otherwise people will notice you watch some "less decent" things on small and only "normal" things big? xD I guess you're watching Moetan small too although the ecchi-level is quite limited? xD
    I personally did that because my parents were really the type to look at what I was doing on the computer the whole time. It's not that I was watching shameful things, but if I would just watch something they would comment on it the whole time. Especially my mom always had things to say like "why are their eyes so big?", "why do they wear outfits like that?", "why are they fighting all the time" etc. Really tiresome. :I
    Ah yes, I know what you mean. Recently a con asked me if I would like to take some of my GK's with me to a con so they could display them, but since GK's are put together and don't have a box anymore...I'm afraid of moving them halfway across the country!
    Glad to hear you're so happy with Olivia! And sometimes it's better to ignore the total price for a figure you have paid and just move on...and like what you own now! xD
    I'm currently still waiting on a big figure, my Calne Ca (Nurse version). It's almost 4 weeks ago that she was shipped and I still haven't received her. I know SAL unregistered can take up to 5 weeks, but I'm getting slightly worried (normally I get unreg SAL packages within 3 weeks)...I'm afraid of getting a super-beat-up package that was hold by costums for very long. :(
    Haha, well if it's a woman you're hanging out with it can be different! xD Here in the Netherlands a lot of women on dates expect the man to pay for everything! But if it's casually hanging out with friends then it's expected everyone pays their own share! ;) Personally I also think it's more normal that everyone pays their own share and I think letting a man pay everything for a woman is quite rude. My boyfriend and I take turns of who pays.
    A lot of people say to me it looks less revealing, but I think that's because of the character design! I mean, Elizabeth has insanely long legs, normal people don't have that. xD Also the back just covers my butt so I really have to watch out if I need to bend over or pick something up from the floor. xD Overall you barely see any naked indeed, it's actually like wearing a short dress and I also have those high socks! ^^ I'm glad you like it by the way! I hope to get some good pictures of my untransformed version soon while I'm working as hard as I can on my transformed version! (This weekend I will work lots and lots on her gun!)
    Oh! And you can probably expect a new review from me somewhere this week, hehe! Don't ask me how I can manage do that much stuff all at once, it's because of lack of sleep probably. :P But I'm using my free time to the fullest and enjoying it! ^w^

    I know I did change between those 2 type of person you mention! There are times when I need to be left alone and to let me do my things. You know, watching movies, reading books, playing games… and there are times when I need people around me, loud music and a couple of beers! I wasn’t quite the party animal back in the day, but I enjoyed parties as long as my friends were there. But well… being a parent changed a lot of that. It is hard to find time for yourself and also time to go out by yourself or with my wife. This is the hard of parenthood at a young age… it is hard to let things go when you were used to care only for yourself. But I wouldn’t change a thing :D.

    I hope you’re feeling better already. I still have a bit of a sore throat, but hopefully I’ll be fine in a couple of days. And now that I’m getting better, the rainy season has started. Talking about good timing T___T.

    Lucky Star is always worth to be rewatched XD. Oh yeah, those Legendary Girl A clips were pure gold, truly funny! But the rest of the show was very slow-paced and peaceful. Even Akira-chan explained that to Anime Tenchou in a Lucky Channel segment.

    Well, I finally was able to complete Moetan. I think the funnier parts where in the final part of the series, but I never got quite used to the art XS. And maybe the level of echiness was not that high, but there’s definitely quite some fanservice. However, I have to be honest and say that I liked Mio. It was good to see that she was the main character in the OVA along with Magical Alice. Don’t know, even if her design was similar to Ink and Sumi, I felt she was a better character. Maybe is because I have a thing for Tsundere. But is this lolicon? I feel a bit awkward just by writing this XD!! One thing I can say for sure… I can’t stand Sumi. Karks was OK… but Sumi… she didn’t help a thing in getting me interested in the series.

    I actually loved Kyoukai no Kanata. It is strange, because it can be considered an action anime, but I felt it was more of a rom-com. Kanbara is actually a very likeable lead male character and the overall story is interesting. And the art and animation is AMAZING! You should give it a try someday.

    If you allow me to make another suggestion, you may also want to try and watch Walkure Romanze. It is about girls that train for jousting. I actually was drawn by the girls and the art style, but the story is actually good. Nothing that we haven’t seen before, but it helps that all the characters are likeable. And Celia and Noel, oh My God… I official have a thing for girls in armor XP. If you google about it, be aware that it is based on an eroge and you may find some pretty ecchi stuff… but that was barely considered in the anime (but fanservice is present).

    I tried to avoid Shingeki no Kyojin as well, but gotta tell you, it is better than what I had in mind. Do you watch The Walking Dead? I do, and I can’t help to compare Shingeki no Kyojin with it in the sense that it thrills you. Sure, it tends to get a bit boring around episode 10, but it then gets the tension up again. There are lots of blood, but somehow, it was way less gory that I feared it would be. Of course, there will be a 2nd season, but who knows when that will happen, but I’m sure it won’t take too long. As for Free!... yeah, I don’t think I’ll watch it… ever XP.

    Yeah, I know outfits in Europe in general can be pretty much revealing, especially during summer. But if you think you could look underage, I actually would be worried about lolicon people XD. And you definitely should take your BF as a bodyguard. Safety is not optional!

    Wow! Well, if I took my figures to a con, it would be a 15 minute ride from home XD. However, getting all of my figures out of their boxes, setting them up and then putting then back in their boxes… I’m not sure I wanna do that XD. But I can’t help to like the idea to show my collection to people that would actually appreciate it. The idea is extremely tempting.

    Well, 4 weeks doesn’t sound that bad. Give 2 more weeks and see what happens. But I’m sure you’ll get Calne Ca safe and sound.

    Ok, so dutch women are pretty much the same that EVERY women in the world XD. But I can see the difference on a friend level. Here, it is pretty common to invite one or 2 of your friends since they pretty much are broke the whole time. I hate being invited, because I feel compelled to return the favor and invite that person eventually XD. So, if I have no money, I just stay at home XP.

    Your suit barely covers… O////O... well you should be careful when moving around! So not many action poses would be possible without giving away some fanservice XD. BTW, how are the tank legs so far? Have you finish them already?

    As long as you can find the time, you keep those reviews coming. They will be always welcome! :D
    4 years ago
    I can see your Sherman Tank Gun there and your costume's looking great =D
    4 years ago
    C0ll3ct0R Original farm animal
    Maakie (4 years ago) #1998789You mean "Season 0" or "Duel Monsters"? Or "Duel Monsters" and GX/5D's/Zexal?
    My favorite is Season 0. :) Although I also really love Duel Monsters. With GX/5D's/Zexal I have not seen enough from the series themselves...I started on all 3 but I didn't think them to be interesting enough... ^^''
    Whatever the oldest one is, I think it had some wanker in it called Kaiber or something I dunno
    4 years ago
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