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    Hi Maakie.

    How are you ?

    I was get many new items.
    just read on this :
    BLOG #15466
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2151159View spoilerHide spoilerHello~!
    Absolutely no problem at all! ;) I already expected you to be busy! ;)
    I know! I have also been a lot less active here (very busy with my cosplay!) but I still come to this site regulary to keep my own ordered- and owned-list up to date and to do some quick checks on certain database entries. xD It's hard to completely stop! xD
    Ah! D: Well I hope you don't become on alcoholic! Relaxing, especially together with your partner, is a good thing to do every once in a while. :)
    Well, although it's may it's still raining at least half of each week. >.< So spring hasn't really started yet. :P That does sound horrible at your place! I hope this summer nothing will happen and you go through it safe!
    I can't find a gif, but I have this for you! xD View spoilerHide spoiler

    Yeah, I'm a bit afraid of showing the series to other people. I would love to watch Moetan together with my boyfriend, since I'm pretty sure about cosplaying Pastel Ink in the future. But I'm a bit afraid he will see it as real and not as a parody series. >.< (He has not seen enough anime to understand parodies I'm afraid, but I think I want to try...any advice?)
    Well, all three of them are on my soon-watch list and Pani Poni Dash is already on my harddisk! ^^ So I don't know when, but I will watch them some day!
    I have heard of Infinite Stratos! I think a lot of the figures from that series look good, though! I was never intrigued on starting to watch it, since it looks a bit too much space/futuristic for me if you know what I mean? That's a theme I don't really like myself. >.< But you think it's interesting enough to make me forget that part? :)
    If you want to see something like Strike Witches, you should watch Vividred Operation by the way! :P In case you didn't see it yet! Personally the whole series of Vividred reminded me of Strike Witches a lot, although the story didn't really "get" me, the girls and outfits were very cute!
    No, really not. I don't drop much anime, but I dropped Argento Soma. xD I btw started a while back also on Boogiepop Phantom (because of it's classic/cult-status), but it's also not really my thing (I do plan on finishing it, though). Each episode is a seperate story, so that's a good thing for me since I don't have much time to watch anime! xD
    B-b-b-b-but ITEM #209594 shows even more skin?! So you can't get that one, right?
    Well, when it comes to US series I was thinking of giving Prison Break another chance. xD I stopped halfway season 2, but I think I want to see the end of it. But there's just so much anime/series and so little time! X_X Btw, not sure if I told you, but for me, my personal live is going to change a lot. I will loose my current job (which is a heavy-hour job) and am currently looking for a new one. Depending on what I will get I will probably have a lot more, or a lot less free time. I'm hoping for more free time, but I would also like to work a lot so i earn more money and can go to a better home quicker! >.<
    Hahahah, well you can watch it just so you can say "I watched it and now understand the fangirls". :P I have also (partially) watched multiple things, because I wanted to know where everyone was talking about. View spoilerHide spoiler The worst thing is that I watched a part of View spoilerHide spoilerDON'T GOOGLE ITView spoilerHide spoilerBoku no Pico Since it's such a big joke on the internet, I wanted to know what was so horrible about the series...oh, boy. I'm still not sure if I regret the decision or not. I'm sort of glad that I know what it is, but on the other hand I wished I didn't see it.
    Hrmm, so you mean that they expect you to go out with them a lot?
    Personally I'm very bad with keeping up relationships/friends, except for my boyfriend (since we're together all the time). I get almost all of my social interaction online and on conventions. It sounds a bit sad now reading back, but I go to at least one convention a month and sometimes even 2, so I always meet new people, but I also see old friends. :) I'm just so busy with my job and hobbies that I don't have much time to see and meet people outside of cons. >.<
    Here is by the way how far along the legs currently are: www.cosplay.com... Today I plan on spending most of my day putting everything in coating paint (not sure if I used the right English name for it). It's the paint that prepares the material to be painted, so the colors will look more even. Did you by the way see the picture of my untransformed Elizabeth that I posted on your wall? :)
    Well, not $7. xD I don't remember the exact price but I think she was around 1200-1400 yen. So I got her a bit cheaper than your average prize figure, which is not bad! :) I didn't expect her to wear shimapan!!! I expected her to wear something that matched her outfit more...like a white panty or a pink one... xD
    Awww! D: Too bad that you have to quit (for a while)! But think of it like this: you still own all the nice figures you already have and they will keep you company for years and years to come!
    I have also been thinking about collecting a lot recently, I'm also in for a change. I think I want to have 2 or 3 focus points (mecha musume/military, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Card Captor Sakura) in my collection and only a bit of other figures. Currently about 1/3 of my collection is my 3 focus points and the rest are random figures that I still enjoy a lot, but are not really a collection. I would like to go to at least 2/3 of my collection being focus points. I'm not going to put items up for sale soon, but since I'm thinking of moving to a new place in a year time, I think I will change the way I collect. Oh well, I have quite a lot of months to keep on thinking about it! :) If you have any tips or ideas, let me know! Maybe they can help me to come up with good ideas! xD

    Thank you for being so understanding XP. Once again, I was offline for quite a while. I just was able to log in a few times to check and update my subscriptions and for some commenting here and there.

    Actually, the fact that I haven’t been around that much lately is directly related to the issue I was telling you about on my last comment: money xD. My boss offered me a side project at the office and that pretty much leaves me with no time for slacking… but I need the extra money, so I guess it is a sacrifice you have to do for a greater good T___T.

    I had the chance to read your latest blogs and see that you’re also going through some changes! Good for you! The sad part is that we both won’t be around in this place that much, but don’t forget to let us now once in a while that you’re still alive!

    Before saying anything else, I must say that your Elizabeth was AMAZING! Every time I see that GIF in my profile, I just can think of the amazing job you did. I unfortunately could not see the live stream, but I don’t need that to know how great you were! What’s funny is that it feels like not long ago, you were telling me about how you were PLANNING to do a cosplay of Elizabeth. You’ve come a long way since then!

    Weather is currently horrible in here. For the last couple of weeks it has been raining every night. Thankfully, not a single disaster has happened during this time.

    Well, story-wise, Infinite Stratos is kinda hollow. The strength lies in its characters… but most of them are pretty much cliché, but I can’t deny I fell for Charlotte (or Charles… big spoiler right here, can’t tell you anything else xP). Also, the Stratos (the suits they use) look very nice, but I guess you don’t have much time to look for flashie anime and IS actually lacks of substance.

    I’m actually very interested in Vividred Operation since a while ago. I definitely will check it. Even the main character looks a lot like Yoshika! On a figure level, I have been eyeing this one ITEM #198537 in particular. Himawari looks really cute and I was even tempted to preorder her, but I really don’t wanna spend more on figures that what I currently have planned. Beside, this figure line is new, so who knows how she will look at the end. I have Medicom’s Maka ITEM #188424 on pre-order, so that will be the test to see how nice can their figures be.

    I have Boogiepop Phantom on my hard disk and I downloaded it because of the same reason you did XP. I was looking for horror anime and read a review of it thinking it was good. How many episodes have you watched so far? Were they OK?

    Oh no, I recommended ITEM #209594 for you. Jesus, I definitely couldn’t get that figure for myself XD.

    So I read you will be moving soon! Where are you moving? I guess you’ll be looking for a new job until you get there or have you found one already? I guess you’ll be going through a logistical hell since you have to pack all of your figures x__X, plus everything else. I hope everything can get to your new place safe and sound.

    But if I end up understanding Free!girls, then it means I actually ended up loving Free! myself. I don’t know, that idea doesn’t make me feel comfortable XP.

    Bu-bu-but… I wanna know what View spoilerHide spoilerBoku no Pico is about! I have kept my promise and I haven’t googled it yet, but at least you have to tell me what it is about XD!

    It is not sad to know that you’ll meet your friends and make new ones at conventions! Actually, that’s much more socializing than what I do! My life only gravitates towards my work and my family and sometimes I’m able to see old friends, as long as I have spent time with my family first. I don’t have many chances of making any new friend . Still, since I’m tired and/or broke most of my me-time, I just stay at home, looking for new anime/watching TV XP. Maybe when my girls grow up, I’ll have more time for me and my wife, but right now we have to be looking after them all the time just to make sure they won’t get hurt or get into something they shouldn’t XP.

    Well, it is like you said, it is not like I’m gonna quit this hobby for good, but I will definitely slow down a lot! By now, my goal is to get 4 more nendos and I’ll be able to do those comics strips I told you a while ago and I have written their scripts already xP. I’m so eager to work on that, even if it takes me YEARS!

    View spoilerHide spoilerBTW, when you move, let me know your address so I can send you a gift to thank you for the poster you sent me! I don’t know when that will happen or what will it be what I’m gonna send you… but what I know is… that is has to cost 15 euros or less XD.
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2212613Jep, op Abunai! ben ik er ook! Dan geef ik weer de Figure Collecting Lecture en de Garage Kit Lecture! Jij was volgensmij bij de Figure Collecting Lecture, toch? Dan is het misschien nog leuk om de Garage Kit Lecture te bezoeken als die hobby je ook interesseert! :)

    Ik was inderdaad bij de Figure Collecting lecture ^_^ het is altijd afwachten hoe de planning zal gaan op een conventie als de tijd er is dan doe ik de Figure Collecting lecture ook weer het trekt toch altijd interessante mensen aan ^_^
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2200782Hello~!
    I think those designs that you posted are very interesting! :O Looks pretty different from other Sentai-uniforms, especially the helmets!
    I have seen a lot of figrues from fc02.deviantart... and I think I like the yellow girl the most!
    Aw, that's so sad! I'm sorry that happened to you!!! But if you keep an eye out and show your best side, you will meet a lot of other people!!! ^w^
    If I would get a brown box with a figure, I would also save it to make sure everything stays in good condition. But I wouldn't keep it sealed in a brown box!
    Well for pictures of course, action figures are great! For me, I'm more of a collector that displays figures instead of someone that photographs them. So scaled for me it is! :)
    I Always had the feeling with your pictures that Nene was your favorite, or at least one of your most favorite ones! :)
    Well, the complete costume was finished on time! Almost a week before the con I finalised everything, so I didn't have any stress at the con itself. :)
    Did you end up watching the livestream? I'm curious what you thought of my act and costume!!!
    And another nice review from you!!! I really like Goku's faces! I did notice that your watermarks got a lot bigger, did you have problems with people stealing pictures from you? And OMG peachguy...no...no please...stay away! DDDDDD:
    About my own reviews, I don't think I will make a new review for a few months because...I'm moving to a new place! So that takes a lot of time when it comes to packing all my things, saying goodbye to friends etc. My new place will be on the other side of the country, so I will see my family and friends a lot less, but the home where I;m going too and the new city where I will live, will be a lot better than where I currently live now!
    I will make a blog post later this week explaining all the details for all my MFC friends and the people following my blog!


    The clothings are good & simple... But, the helmets are somehow bugging me....

    Well, I bet their stocks are flooding everywhere since not much people like or even know them... Owh, the yellow one was actually an Otaku, she loves many nerd stuffs.

    Will do! No worries, giving up is not something I will do in my life.

    Hahaha... I wouldn't keep it sealed as well because I don't see what is it good to see figure inside brown case.

    I see... Scale figures are actually looked more beautiful & dynamic, especially when they get a nice view for photoshoots they can be more stunning.

    Hehehehe, yeah... Although every figures that I bought are considered as my favorites but, Nene is my personal favorite here. Since my ex is a glamour model I've always wanted to take alof of photos of her myself.

    Great! So glad you could make it in time.

    I did watched you when on live, frankly it was short &... I have to be honest I guess, your overall designs is very fitting & perfectly made to the scenes for the battlefield's sounds. However, I found your acting looks kinda in rush (maybe...) & when you did the rapid gun action to sync the sounds, your body language didn't synced well enough to the sound fx, compare that I saw from some other cosplayers who did that. (sorry for comparing them to you) So, in my opinion you did very awesome on your designs of cosplay clothing but, you could have done better on your acting. Still, it's a nice effort, you really done it great & keep rocking there!

    Thanks alot once again! Yeah, apparently there's alot of fraud who stole my pictures for selling claiming as their own collections. Hahaha... Your post gives me the ideas of that weirdo peachguy....

    Oic, take your time there. Well, you'll meet alot of new friends but, are you going with your relatives or bf or you're alone?

    I read it... Have a good new living place there! &... That's alot of figures you haven't unbox them... As for me, the only figures that I haven't unbox are my double owned figures such this:

    ITEM #179016
    ITEM #164539 I don't know why... These 2 are too precious for me, I've decided to keep another for a future sell on my old ones & keep the unbox one for collections.
    ITEM #61348 My big bro unknownly bought 1 for me while I already got mine one.

    The only double owned figures that I unboxed was only this ITEM #129315. & this is for making this post.

    Maakie (4 years ago) #2202079Cosplay Update
    Well, I finally finished my Elizabeth project! For the people that missed my act or want to see it again, you can watch it here:

    Pictures I stumble across or get send to me in the next few days I will upload here: www.cosplay.com...
    Does this mean I can rest? Well, simply put: No. :P Something quite unexpected has happened and I will write a blog post about that soon, so keep an eye out on my blog!
    ~ Maakie

    It was pretty on time for me to see the show, though I didn't watch the whole show since I was called by parents. But, I did watched you at the live streaming & I still remember, so no worries.

    Great! Looking forward to it!
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2207580Hello!
    Thank you very much! ^w^
    And no that wasn't my voice, haha! I recorded the audio together with someone that has a lot of contacts in voice actors, so a young girl ended up voicing Elizabeth. I thought that was more fitting, because my voice is a lot more mature, and the character is 14 years old. ;)
    Here with out contests you are free to do what you want, some people do some in-character posings, or indeed parade a bit around, but I wanted to do something more special, so I did a small story. :)
    Nope, I didn't win. :P But I already expected that up-front, because a lot of the other competitors already had costumes of characters that are way more detailed. So costume selection-wise my costume was maybe too simple.

    Aloha! Ouf, ca fait longtemps que je voulais t'écrire. Ouf, I've wanted to write you a little for a while!

    Seriously friend, even if you didnt win, I assume you should be quite proud of you, I hope? Cause, really, all the work you put in that project!!

    I mean, your costume seemed quite complex, to me, to build, well, I mean all the détails and the hair, the hat. Even if you say the other costumes had a lot of détails. Well, yours was over nice! Plus your performance!... The little play. Twas nice!! :)


    One of my friends'last name is dutch, and he has some family there, in Netherland. I've heard by his parents who went there, that there are many windmills there, true? :P

    Its quite unfortunate that shows dont get translated.. Someone who would speak English/dutch would make a nice career in translation, then. :P Is dutch and English the only current languages in Netherland? (Curiosity)
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2212679Sorry for the slow response, but happy happy birthday!

    Oh well, thank you friend.
    4 years ago
    ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2208281Haha, very cute comic on your profile! ^w^
    Thanks :3
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2209256Maar dan moet je niet vergeten dat het nog steeds een tijdelijk huis is dus eer dat allemaal uitstaat...! xD

    Ons huis is niet tijdelijk, maar het grootste deel van mijn verzameling staat in dozen op zolder XD Dat zal nog wel veranderen wanneer we eindelijk een kamer die we over hebben verbouwd hebben ^^ Ja, een kamer voor m'n verzameling :P
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2202092[..]
    Pictures I stumble across or get send to me in the next few days I will upload here: www.cosplay.com...
    Does this mean I can rest? Well, simply put: No. :P Something quite unexpected has happened and I will write a blog post about that soon, so keep an eye out on my blog!
    ~ Maakie

    Hi Maakie!
    Sorry it's a bit late but I just wanted to say that your cosplay really turned out great and I liked your show :3 I'm looking forward to seeing the next cosplay you will work on! XD
    4 years ago
    Your Sherman Cos is SO AWESOME~!!! We need MOAR PICTURES of that cosplay of yours xD ~~~!!!!!
    4 years ago
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