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    Maakie (4 years ago) #2092506View spoilerHide spoilerHello~!
    Sometimes it's like there are 2 type of people: the people hanging around at home and enjoying stuff by themselves and the party-animals/drinking people that enjoy being around as much other people as possible. A person can also change between the two different types multiple times. It feel like someone can't be both or a cross inbetween, but maybe that's just me. ;)
    Ah! D: I was recently also sick when it was better weather a few weeks ago... Everybody around me was acting happy and being outside while I just wanted to lie in bed the whole day... TT^TT I wish you best of health and hope the cold goes away soon!
    Hrmmm, I think I should rewatch Lucky Star soon again since I can't remember much about it being Slice of Life. xD The things I remember the most are the "Legendary Girl A"-parts and the first episode where they are talking about the chocolate bread. :P
    So you're actually already quite far along with the series since it only has 13 episodes! ;) Moetan has quite some random parts indeed, with the part that I remember best (I put it in spoiler since I don't know for sure in which episode it happens) View spoilerHide spoilerthe huge explosion Sumi creates on the street! That was so out of nowhere I had to laugh so hard! :'D And Alice is cute indeed! Actually all of the main characters are so cute! >w< But a bit too loli for most people, yeah. xD
    How was Kyoukai no Kanata by the way? I have noticed a lot of cosplayers from it here locally but I actually didn't hear or read much about the series.
    And Attack on Titan is a series I want to avoid a bit myself. :P I'm always afraid of series that get hyped too much. :P With most of those series I wait a few years until the fanbase has calmed down a bit and then watch them. xD I did watch Free! recently breaking one of those rules xD But that series is not locally so hyped. :P Actually, the story of Free! was better than expected, but it's not really recommendable anime in my opinion (unless you really like watching guys flex their muscles and be in swimming shorts). :P
    Well there are lots of girls here wearing way more revealing outfits, so that wouldn't be a problem. :P I'm more afraid of people thinking I look to underage to wear something like that...but it's an appeal of the character to look young (although she isn't) so she should fit how I personally look! D:
    I actually talked about it with my boyfriend some more and he changed his opinion to "I actually would like it, but I want to be your bodyguard at all times if you wear something like that." :P So I guess he would be sort of proud if I'm good looking in an outfit like that, but he wouldn't like me walking around alone with all sorts of "predators" around me. :P
    Maybe you should watch all your anime on small screen? Because maybe otherwise people will notice you watch some "less decent" things on small and only "normal" things big? xD I guess you're watching Moetan small too although the ecchi-level is quite limited? xD
    I personally did that because my parents were really the type to look at what I was doing on the computer the whole time. It's not that I was watching shameful things, but if I would just watch something they would comment on it the whole time. Especially my mom always had things to say like "why are their eyes so big?", "why do they wear outfits like that?", "why are they fighting all the time" etc. Really tiresome. :I
    Ah yes, I know what you mean. Recently a con asked me if I would like to take some of my GK's with me to a con so they could display them, but since GK's are put together and don't have a box anymore...I'm afraid of moving them halfway across the country!
    Glad to hear you're so happy with Olivia! And sometimes it's better to ignore the total price for a figure you have paid and just move on...and like what you own now! xD
    I'm currently still waiting on a big figure, my Calne Ca (Nurse version). It's almost 4 weeks ago that she was shipped and I still haven't received her. I know SAL unregistered can take up to 5 weeks, but I'm getting slightly worried (normally I get unreg SAL packages within 3 weeks)...I'm afraid of getting a super-beat-up package that was hold by costums for very long. :(
    Haha, well if it's a woman you're hanging out with it can be different! xD Here in the Netherlands a lot of women on dates expect the man to pay for everything! But if it's casually hanging out with friends then it's expected everyone pays their own share! ;) Personally I also think it's more normal that everyone pays their own share and I think letting a man pay everything for a woman is quite rude. My boyfriend and I take turns of who pays.
    A lot of people say to me it looks less revealing, but I think that's because of the character design! I mean, Elizabeth has insanely long legs, normal people don't have that. xD Also the back just covers my butt so I really have to watch out if I need to bend over or pick something up from the floor. xD Overall you barely see any naked indeed, it's actually like wearing a short dress and I also have those high socks! ^^ I'm glad you like it by the way! I hope to get some good pictures of my untransformed version soon while I'm working as hard as I can on my transformed version! (This weekend I will work lots and lots on her gun!)
    Oh! And you can probably expect a new review from me somewhere this week, hehe! Don't ask me how I can manage do that much stuff all at once, it's because of lack of sleep probably. :P But I'm using my free time to the fullest and enjoying it! ^w^

    I know I did change between those 2 type of person you mention! There are times when I need to be left alone and to let me do my things. You know, watching movies, reading books, playing games… and there are times when I need people around me, loud music and a couple of beers! I wasn’t quite the party animal back in the day, but I enjoyed parties as long as my friends were there. But well… being a parent changed a lot of that. It is hard to find time for yourself and also time to go out by yourself or with my wife. This is the hard of parenthood at a young age… it is hard to let things go when you were used to care only for yourself. But I wouldn’t change a thing :D.

    I hope you’re feeling better already. I still have a bit of a sore throat, but hopefully I’ll be fine in a couple of days. And now that I’m getting better, the rainy season has started. Talking about good timing T___T.

    Lucky Star is always worth to be rewatched XD. Oh yeah, those Legendary Girl A clips were pure gold, truly funny! But the rest of the show was very slow-paced and peaceful. Even Akira-chan explained that to Anime Tenchou in a Lucky Channel segment.

    Well, I finally was able to complete Moetan. I think the funnier parts where in the final part of the series, but I never got quite used to the art XS. And maybe the level of echiness was not that high, but there’s definitely quite some fanservice. However, I have to be honest and say that I liked Mio. It was good to see that she was the main character in the OVA along with Magical Alice. Don’t know, even if her design was similar to Ink and Sumi, I felt she was a better character. Maybe is because I have a thing for Tsundere. But is this lolicon? I feel a bit awkward just by writing this XD!! One thing I can say for sure… I can’t stand Sumi. Karks was OK… but Sumi… she didn’t help a thing in getting me interested in the series.

    I actually loved Kyoukai no Kanata. It is strange, because it can be considered an action anime, but I felt it was more of a rom-com. Kanbara is actually a very likeable lead male character and the overall story is interesting. And the art and animation is AMAZING! You should give it a try someday.

    If you allow me to make another suggestion, you may also want to try and watch Walkure Romanze. It is about girls that train for jousting. I actually was drawn by the girls and the art style, but the story is actually good. Nothing that we haven’t seen before, but it helps that all the characters are likeable. And Celia and Noel, oh My God… I official have a thing for girls in armor XP. If you google about it, be aware that it is based on an eroge and you may find some pretty ecchi stuff… but that was barely considered in the anime (but fanservice is present).

    I tried to avoid Shingeki no Kyojin as well, but gotta tell you, it is better than what I had in mind. Do you watch The Walking Dead? I do, and I can’t help to compare Shingeki no Kyojin with it in the sense that it thrills you. Sure, it tends to get a bit boring around episode 10, but it then gets the tension up again. There are lots of blood, but somehow, it was way less gory that I feared it would be. Of course, there will be a 2nd season, but who knows when that will happen, but I’m sure it won’t take too long. As for Free!... yeah, I don’t think I’ll watch it… ever XP.

    Yeah, I know outfits in Europe in general can be pretty much revealing, especially during summer. But if you think you could look underage, I actually would be worried about lolicon people XD. And you definitely should take your BF as a bodyguard. Safety is not optional!

    Wow! Well, if I took my figures to a con, it would be a 15 minute ride from home XD. However, getting all of my figures out of their boxes, setting them up and then putting then back in their boxes… I’m not sure I wanna do that XD. But I can’t help to like the idea to show my collection to people that would actually appreciate it. The idea is extremely tempting.

    Well, 4 weeks doesn’t sound that bad. Give 2 more weeks and see what happens. But I’m sure you’ll get Calne Ca safe and sound.

    Ok, so dutch women are pretty much the same that EVERY women in the world XD. But I can see the difference on a friend level. Here, it is pretty common to invite one or 2 of your friends since they pretty much are broke the whole time. I hate being invited, because I feel compelled to return the favor and invite that person eventually XD. So, if I have no money, I just stay at home XP.

    Your suit barely covers… O////O... well you should be careful when moving around! So not many action poses would be possible without giving away some fanservice XD. BTW, how are the tank legs so far? Have you finish them already?

    As long as you can find the time, you keep those reviews coming. They will be always welcome! :D
    4 years ago
    I can see your Sherman Tank Gun there and your costume's looking great =D
    4 years ago
    C0ll3ct0R Original farm animal
    Maakie (4 years ago) #1998789You mean "Season 0" or "Duel Monsters"? Or "Duel Monsters" and GX/5D's/Zexal?
    My favorite is Season 0. :) Although I also really love Duel Monsters. With GX/5D's/Zexal I have not seen enough from the series themselves...I started on all 3 but I didn't think them to be interesting enough... ^^''
    Whatever the oldest one is, I think it had some wanker in it called Kaiber or something I dunno
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2095928Hello~
    Oh no no, still not. Dx It's a way too big project! The deadline is now 2 months away and this is how far along it is now:
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1978201/elizabethjacket12.jpg
    View the picture in higher resolution here: www.cosplay.com...
    The gun and legs I'm still working on, but I'm making a lot of mistakes and need to re-do parts, so I have not been making much progress recently. D:
    Most items indeed drop in price after release. Recently I have been noticing it even more. The only things I pre-order nowadays are Yu-Gi-Oh! figures (since those don't show up that much on the aftermarket) and figures where I'm pretty sure their price will rise afterwards (that's why I ordered Beelzebub recently...all the Seven Sins keep their price or get even higher price after release).
    Oh yeah, nowadays they are way harder to get! >.< Around a year after their release the price of them even dropped, but now they are getting more expensive again...
    I'm actually quite sad for normal Malik to not come with a first-release bonus...they could have put something nice in there right? :( I mean, all the other YGO figures came with nice keychains, why didn't he?!
    I also have Malik currently displayed shirtless next to his Yami version...heheh...and not going to change that! xD

    I'm not familiar with the character so I can't give an opinion but it does look comfortable. Besides, you are butting your love of the character into the labor and hard work. So you must really like the character. =D

    Damn all the awesome thing that get very pricy after release or are very hard to find after. D:

    One thing they could have don is give Melvin a millennium rod with it's sharp end option and Marik with the regular option as keychains. That would have been very true to character for both.

    I hope they look good the way you placed them, I couldn't get past how silly their hips where near each other so sadly, they both went back in the box for now. :/
    4 years ago
    Heb nog niks te horen gekregen en over 1,5 week is de con al. xD Ik zou het heel fijn vinden als je met iemand contact daarover kan opnemen!^_^ Degene die mij terugmailde is Annelies Duran en mijn naam is Stephanie G.

    Woah nog nooit R/S gespeeld? Het is echt nog steeds mijn childhood en ik vind het de leukste generatie.^^ Jammer dat ze inderdaad uitvallen als de batterij op is. :'( Ik durf de mijne haast niet meer op te starten. xD

    Maakie (4 years ago) #2089106Meestal wordt zo'n 1-2 weken voor de con het rooster gemaakt en krijg je alle Gopher-info door! Wel is de con al erg dichtbij, dus als je over een paar dagen nog niets hebt, laat het even weten en dan spreek ik iemand er op aan hier!
    Ik zal je eerlijk zeggen dat ik Ruby/Sapphire nooit gespeeld heb. Ongeveer 4 jaar geleden had ik Sapphire gekocht, maar de cartridge savede niet meer (iets wat vaak gebeurd met oudere GB/GBA games), dus ik kon niet eens ver komen...verder heb ik ook niet echt de motivatie gehad om er nog één te kopen. >.< Eigenlijk moet ik dan nog eens op z'n minst Ruby zoeken en kopen...misschien heb ik geluk aankomende Koningsdag, dan vind ik altijd veel tweedehands games voor enkele eurootjes. :>
    4 years ago
    Katto SHSL Magical Girl
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2093799Ohhh~ I thought you also wanted to put someone on a list like that!!
    Well nothing more I can do now...I already reported her 2 times in the last half year. Now recently a friend of mine also got some snarky comments from her and reported her, so I can only hope she at least gets a warning soon...unfortunately for us she has tons of positive feedback on her sales so "only" 2 people complaining doesn't mean much... :(
    Sorry to post a lot of bad news on your wall by the way. xD
    Haha, I actually haven't paid much attention to sales for quite some time on here. But still, thank you :)

    That's a shame! Well, if you'd like, you're welcome to PM me about the details of the situation and I'll keep an eye out for this user personally :)
    Since I've been promoted to MOD, I'd be more than happy to do what I can as staff (without abusing my privileges of course :p)
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2077926Hello!
    This message is for all my MFC friends that have showned/are showing interest in my Elizabeth Mecha Musume cosplay!
    View the picture in higher resolution here: www.cosplay.com...
    Her untransformed version is almost completely done right now! I hope to get some good pictures of it at the end of this month!
    Her weapon I will debut at the end of may and her fully transformed version in june!
    Thanks for all the support and interested in my cosplay! ^w^
    ~ Maakie

    aahh, Hi Maakie.

    long time not see you.
    well...I was back from holiday, that way I dont open MFC anyway.

    btw, I like your Mai Shiranui review.

    if you want sell her, pm me.

    ok ?
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2052139Hello! :D
    Don't need to worry there. I have also been so busy! TT^TT Mainly with cosplay stuff. I know cosplay is a hobby, but I have harsh deadlines (going to enter my costume in a competition).
    Oh man, don't remind me of a job. D: Going to lose my current one at the beginning of july, so I have to find something new ASAP (and will probably work a random job until I find something good).
    Miku's racing figures are for me not pre-orders, but if I see them for (second hand) for sale for a good price, I would defenitely buy her (just like I did with this Miku: ITEM #61333 )
    Hrmm I can imagine trying to find loose ones from the set being very expensive... Isn't it maybe easier to buy a full set and then try to sell of yourself the ones you don't want?
    Yeah, he has a really really really long neck without cape (multiple of my figures that are supposed to wear a cape have that PICTURE #670285 ), but it all looks natural when the cape stays on.
    Yeah, Komugi's shoes are so adorable! <3
    I will review Malik and Yami Malik seperately, mainly for the reason that my reviews already contain so much pictures and a double-figure review would at least double them, but probably make even more. xD


    How has your cosplay been going? You've probably already finished and entered it. xD

    Luckily quite a few things drop in price within half a year of being released. So unless the figure starts rising in price it is definitely better to wait.

    A full set of the first set isn't that easy either. :/

    Unfortunately, Marik also seams to have a very long neck. I'm a tad sad that Mariks box doesn't have as interesting of a design as his darker half. But I absolutely love how Marik's shirtless torso can fit perfectly on either figure and that he can be both shirtless AND to look really cool in a cape like that.
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2091262Realiseerde me dat ik je nooit een friend request had gestuurd (komt vast door alle nickname-confusion). xD
    En ik bedacht me net nog het gesprek dat we hadden op Tomo over dat Gato magazine waar je me in had zien staan! :P Ik zou het echt nog superfijn vinden als je me een foto van die pagina zou kunnen sturen (of een foto van m'n foto lol), bedankt alvast! ^w^

    Oh, heey!
    Ik had het magazine al even door gekeken, vond wel de Wes foto maar geen intervieuw. Ik kan de foto wel even inscannen als je dat leuk vind?
    Nog een leuke con gehad? C:
    4 years ago
    Maakie (4 years ago) #2077472A very good choice! :D
    And their quality is probably amazing since it's Orchid Seed! ^w^

    Mew <3 Maakie!
    4 years ago
Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!