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    Yeah money isn't infinite just settling for rem stuff right now. I have had detolfs for 10ish years and they have only failed once due to me building one wrong a looong time ago. Luckily only one figure took any real damage. For strengthening them I saw a few different things people have done and I was going to make it so the glass covers more surface with something stronger than those crappy side bars and double up the glass from another shelf I will have to take out. I also just want it in the center so if a sad event were to occur I think falling a little over 1 foot would be far from the end of the world and should come out relatively unharmed. I still want to see the exact weight for the bust because I have different numbers and still unsure. Detolfs can safely hold 13lbs so doubling up glass and reinforcing what it's placed on I think it can easily do 20lbs not sure how much more weight I would be comfortable putting on it. More of a fun project to work on when I actually get the bust.

    The ebay garage kit I was confused about because it looks pretty decent and seeing the usual chinese crap figures and recasts it just seems like it might be a recast of an actual garage kit. I don't see much chinese original stuff that wasn't a cast off or at least of rem. A place called otaku box some grab box place released an original rem figure that looks pretty crappy which is more of what I'd expect from a chinese original. Also another example is page.auctions.y... I just bought this one because it was fairly cheap and seems to be from wonderfest. I do have one that looks pretty nice that isn't in the database from WF but I don't have any pictures and is currently being built by someone else. I usually find these from time to time because I stalk the rem wonderfest tag on yahoo auctions trying to find rare ones that never get sold.
    7 days ago
    Maakie (8 days ago) #75626337I came across your profile again and have to say the art of you guys in Kaibaland is the cutest yet, my heart! <3
    Awww, thank you so much! I hope you're doing well
    7 days ago
    YEAH... RIP to me and my wallet lol it's just... so many...

    lmfao I was honestly almost tempted by those because they're so hilarious in concept, but that price for how cheaply made Alpacassos are was a big no in my book. If only they looked more like the drawing tbh... real embroidered or at the very least, stitched-on details instead of taping felt pieces to them.

    Oh, thanks for the heads up, maybe I should preorder instead of waiting. I love Beetlejuice, an early favorite of mine, and so does one of my partners so I don't want to miss out on her or end up having to pay crazy amounts.
    Weird that people downvoted that review... the figure looks really good! I'm loving how bloodied-up she is, really sets her apart from some of the other horror bishoujo, imo. I like the look of Pinhead but I feel like it's missing "grittiness"...

    That's quite a difference in gold paint quality... Metallics can be difficult to nail properly, I know it well from my experiences in model building. Man that Atem just looks SO good. I wonder if in spite of his popularity he just didn't sell enough to justify more YGO in that line... a pity.

    There were some colored prototype SH Monsterarts of Sachiel, Shamshel, Ramiel, and Zeruel, and also Skeith from .//HACK. COLORED PROTOTYPES, and we never saw anything of them again after that. Unforgivable, Bandai!! I actually have a whole list of cancelled/forever in development hell figures and man it's SAD LIST #34110

    I love Prisma Illya… but I am lolicon trash so I mean, of course I would. Honestly though especially once you hit the second season it's a legitimately great magical girl show and it ties in to core TYPE-MOON/Nasuverse lore, whether the people who hate it like that or not! Important info that explains/fills in gaps on things in other Fate stories (Fate/EXTRA and Fate/Grand Order especially.) I have GK versions of the Amakuni nearly-nude Illya, Kuro, and Miyu in my backlog, plan to modify them to be actually nude. Anyone who's not a lolicon would probably be put off by the series tbh, it IS high on the fanservice.

    Being into Fate means you will NEVER run out of new figures to collect which is a good and bad thing at the same time LOL

    Yes!!! I have been neck-deep in Death Stranding hell since I played the game when it came out... I extremely recommend it, it's a wonderful showcase of Kojima's brilliance and weirdness. It exceeded my already high expectations with its story and honestly I enjoyed the gameplay. I think whether it resonates with someone depends greatly on if they share any of Kojima's issues, which it turns out I share a lot, so it felt very "personal" to me. I like a game that drives introspection like that.
    8 days ago
    JustMoE 提督
    Oh, for sure! Really enjoyed the anime, watched every season including 501st Joint Fighter Wing Take Off, which wasn't too popular I think? Sanya's my favorite, but I also really like Lynette and Charlotte :) How about you?

    Yes, definitely agree with your points. KC probably would have slimmed down anyway, but Azur Lane accelerated it, sadly. On the other hand, the game's still going on and had some amazing new girls added during the past few events, so it's all good ^^

    It is, I can highly recommend it! The quality is top-notch.

    Agreed, her voice is very cute, as is her personality :) Great addition to the game!

    Wow, that's quite the compliment for the Airfield Princess figure! It's really hard to judge prize figures by their (few) promotional pictures sometimes, huh? Thanks a lot for linking your own photos! She looks well-done :)

    That's very understandeable, seeing how great ITEM #198382 might have turned out. Such a shame they cancelled her, could have become an absolute centerpiece for KC collectors :(
    ITEM #246373 doesn't look bad either :) ITEM #198412 I've always liked, but also always felt like something's missing - just not sure what that might be ^^ But she seems to be very popular among KC fans and gets selled for acceptable prices on here regularly, so that might be a good opportunity if you decide to buy her?

    Haha, thanks for asking, but tbh I got money and just spent it on everyday stuff. I recently bought the Summer Pockets visual novel on Steam, though, so let's juust say that was a nice birthday present ^^
    8 days ago
    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    That's what I'm thinking... so the last step is looking at any financial projections for that month. So far it's the usual: Mother's birthday :p and one figure the month before (barring delays).

    Wonfes was DEAD for me. Nothing must-buy from the companies/franchises I like, and even the NSFW stuff was bland, which is a surprise. The only worthwhile announcement was Amakuni's Takamaki Anne... if they do all four P5 girls in their burlesque outfits they can probably nail me with that, or at the very least, I'll buy Futaba in a heartbeat. Otherwise, WonFes was 100% a wash and I'm not the least bit mad because I don't need any new wallet drains!
    9 days ago
    Hehe, I also thought of you liking this figure! Hopefully you can get her for a good price later (or maybe already did so in the meantime?). :)

    Actually, I think I like this one ITEM #861751 better, so I'll probably wait until it gets released. Same artist, and the 8-bit theme carries over, but I like the character herself better :).
    9 days ago
    Everyone deserves something. I'm glad I made your day! ♡

    I do know I used to read your articles, especially your Dark Magician Girl figure review. But for some reason I never commented on them. Maybe I ran out of ideas on what to say? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But nevertheless, it's nice to finally get the chance to talk to you! There is this one user with a similar name as me except it doesn't mention the zodiac.
    9 days ago
    I was originally trying to get all the merch but it's too much and only really buy stuff I like a lot now a days for random merch, I'm mostly a figure kind of person. I work 40-60 hours a week so I don't have time but I find time anyways lol. Those other characters I just keep up with their figures but that doesn't always mean I can afford or buy them all. I want a lot more than I can afford unfortunately.

    I would rather not want her on the bottom shelf I think it wouldn't look too good, I know the bust is heavy but nothing ridiculous and I have seen how other people have strengthened their glass cases for heavy pieces because I think the thing you need to worry about is not the glass breaking but the bars that the glass sits on they are attached to the other bars going up the case in a poor manner. I'm not so great at explaining it but I don't think weight would be an issue I'm already looking into how to strengthen it so she won't have any accidents.

    I saw this one the other day ebay.to/2w314Nc not sure why it isn't on the site or if there is something sketchy about it. I also have another garage kit I picked up on yahoo auctions awhile ago that isn't on this site. I don't have any pictures of it though because it's off with someone who is currently building it. I don't do any garage kit work myself, I don't mind the details fixing it up and sanding etc but I have zero artistic value when it comes to painting and can't do that. I have around 4ish kits that are currently being built by this guy I know does good work. I also have around 4 more laying around my house that won't get done any time soon. I have one finished one that I made myself and painted but really don't like how it turned out too much so it's on my display but no close up pictures of it.
    10 days ago
    I saw that! She's got no right to look so cute for an evil spider-creature murderclown XD I plan to pick up the Beetlejuice horror bishoujo after release if possible, she's pretty sexy tbh.
    Right, it's so annoying when companies just sort of drop a line out of nowhere... [glares at Bandai and SH Monsterarts]

    God my new Fate wished ALONE is such a big list (this is both new stuff and something which got an update that puts it on my "maybe to-get" list):
    ITEM #945896
    ITEM #945977 (this one was a huge surprise, any male from Prisma Illya is a shock tbh)
    ITEM #946123 (a must-get for sure. my wife)
    ITEM #872610
    ITEM #806012
    ITEM #945975 (more interesting pose than the other scale)
    ITEM #945878 (finally a new one!!)
    ITEM #945890 (but only if it includes the horse)
    ITEM #739692 (I hadn't planned on him but... foxy grandpa turned out NICE painted... so maybe.)
    ITEM #675981 (I also hadn't planned on her but her dress is beautiful.)
    ITEM #846022 (Upgraded to must-get status)

    Then there's the Eva stuff... updates to the RADIO EVA scales but those were already guaranteed must-gets for the whole series since I preordered Asuka already (the greyscale/original color version.)
    New/updated Eva...
    ITEM #872837 (asurei is rare, must-get to go with the old koto one)
    ITEM #943602
    ITEM #919607

    And even more new stuff...
    ITEM #946000
    ITEM #945924 (can't believe my good fortune, two new GitS figures. Must-haves for sure to expand my collection of the Major.)
    ITEM #945854 (Glad he'll be made to go with Sam.)

    Basically I'm DEAD because there are so many new things I'll probably get, even though the ones I'll actually buy from this list isn't guaranteed to be more than half, it's still a big list!!
    11 days ago
    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    Nah, in the aftermarket she will DEFINITELY be at *least* $300... so that's the other thing I'm thinking about. It would easily be better to buy now, sell later if I want, than to wait until the aftermarket... so I'm asking myself if I want to be bothered. WonFes didn't impress me at all so there's a higher chance I'll bite though. Did WF faze you at all?
    11 days ago
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