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    ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
    Maakie (1 year ago) #14675101Heh, same for me. I save the progress pictures for later when I have time and type some small texts to go with them. ^^
    I used to be at around 2 kits and 2 cosplays a year, but recently I have been personally more busy and also have been picking up bigger cosplay projects. I enjoy working on those bigger outfits, but it also decreases my time for other cosplays and creative stuff. >.< I am very proud of what I have achieved so far in my current cosplay progress of Calne: www.cosplay.com... , but I think this project will still take a year from now on, considering I can work approximately 3 days a month on this outfit (a lot of my weekends are also spend on visiting cons ;) ).
    I also don't like picking new stuff up, while still working on the old thing. People have been asking me if I will enter the big cosplay competitions in june with this cosplay, but I think I won't make it and don't want to rush anything from this project. So I have gotten suggestions to do a smaller costume, so I can enter anyway, but I'm not really feeling that. That would mean that I have to put this costume on hold. :/

    Your project looks great!

    Maakie (1 year ago) #14675101Ah, I had the same with the house I have now moved to. We hired people to do most of our renovations, but it still took almost half a year before we could move. And then we also still have smaller things to do ourselves. But now that we are home-owners, I think this is a neverending process, haha.
    In my case we had to wait several months for the apartment house to be completed. But we got a brand new place and it needed quite a lot of work to look good. It's been a year and I already want to change the tiles in the bathroom :3

    Maakie (1 year ago) #14675101I also don't have figure displays right now. :( I have a room where my figure collection will be displayed, but it's a bunch of IKEA furniture in boxes and figure boxes in boxes right now. :( We are hoping/planning to get to that in the winter, so I can hopefully have a big part of my collection set up in beginning 2017.
    I want to get a display case before winter but it might as well get delayed. I really miss my figures :(

    Maakie (1 year ago) #14675101Hehe, I heard some things about this underworld, especially private recasters that have big set-ups in their garages. :P I don't think there is anyone doing that in the Netherlands. The GK hobby is so small over here. I only know and heard of a handful of people being active with GK's at all. Figure collecting in general has become more popular over here in recent years, so who knows. ;)
    Same problem. The hobby is small and the country is too big so fellow builders are hundreds of kilometers away. It's a rather nerdy hobby that need a lot of determination so few people enter. There are many people who build war models and dioramas but they have very little interest in garage kits.

    Maakie (1 year ago) #14675101Isn't it with GK-Model (and also with E2046) that they require you to ship the original cast to them without getting much back for it? I got emailed by E2046 multiple times with this "deal" and I just thought "why are you expecting me to help you make more money?" :P
    GK-M is returning original kits after recasting. E did some years ago but now they don't. E got a bit better recently but I wouldn't trust them with a treasured original.

    Maakie (1 year ago) #14675101That sounds fun! Good luck with your Donyatsu shrine! :D Maybe another idea: Paint them as different kinds of countries/nationalities and make it a "Donyatsu of the world" or something? :D
    Donyatsu is my neverending motivation. I already think I need 5 more :3

    Maakie (1 year ago) #14675101I never really thought about getting an airbrush for cosplay as I'm really in love with spray cans for the big parts and handpatining for the smaller parts. But an airbrush could be nice for the parts inbetween, hrmmm. Do you have any pictures of the parts/figures you airbrushed so far?
    I wasn't that good but I don't think it's bad either. Not bad for a first try, too! I was unable to shade but I did a really nice 5-color gradient :3


    However, I found out I need to learn airbrush from the very basics. My Iwata is a precision instrument that can work miracles if I know what I'm doing. If I don't it will just spray paint. If I wanted to spray paint I'd get spray cans :3
    What I want is to learn how to spray magic. So I'm reading and making various lines to get to know my instrument. It can do so many things!
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    theyasminshow Hardboiled Heavy
    Maakie (1 year ago) #14470931Ello! :D
    Their goods e-mails are insaaaaaaaaane. And even those 7 e-mails are loooooooong. It would be nice if those e-mails could be only about the series names/series types you selected or bought from or something like that. An insanely long mail with 95% in it series I don't care about...ain't nobody got time for that!
    Is their figure mail good? I would expect those to also be...reallyyyyy long considering how big the shop is. xD
    My current job is coming pretty close to 50 hours and that's without travel time (I travel 2 hours a day) and since I have this job I barely can do my chores around the house. X_X Luckily my husband works closer to home + lesser hours so we devided the tasks at home differently since I got this... But yeah, imagine being single and/or have a partner working the same amount of hours! >.<
    I would love to earn more money, but I don't want my life to be all about work. Unless I could make my hobby my work one day, but that is different. ;)
    Hrmm the only thing I am afraid of with those plastic covers is for the stitching in the plastic to open after a while of using. And yes! I saw that tutorial you are talking about! You can indeed clean rubber straps that way, I did it too! :) The only thing is that if parts break off from your rubber strap or paint wears off..that you can't fix! :(
    I own a lot of HD's, but most of them have died down. They seem to have a shorter life span than small USB sticks and stuff that I have put on CD's and DVD's.
    Talking about memory lane...just a few days ago while I was cleaning up some folders on my computer I came across pictures of when I went to my first convention with my high school friends. It was cute and cringeworthy at the same time. I'm so glad the internet wasn't that big back then and these pictures are private. xD
    Yes, cruises are supposed to be luxury things with unlimited and good food! But because they are so expensive over here, they make "low budget cruises" and when that happens...well...you get such low-end cruises they are not worth it. It also doesn't help that so much Dutch people are cheapskates, so those "bad" cruises get more popular. xD And woah, maybe you're right there. A return ticket to FL from here is 1-1,5K euros a person! o.o
    And you mean there are duty-free shops on board? I guess they can do some tricks with the taxes because the boat will travel through different countries?
    What could go wrong on a Disney cruise? Except if one of the kids is afraid of Mickey Mouse. xD But I know some people that are afraid of cruises and/or being on a boat in general, because if anything goes wrong on board or you miss something important from home...there is no way to get it!
    I don't know it with cops. You just have good cops and bad cops. Unfortunately over here you mainly see the bad (and with that mostly lazy) ones. Talking about government services, most people over here have more respect for firemen or soldiers than cops.
    Oh yeah, I've seen those Nendos! I like how such likewise looking characters can be so different personality-wise! It already shows on the figures without me even having seen one episodes of the series. :) *checks your ordered list* OH MAN YOU ORDERED THEM ALL?! I didn't know you were so much into Osomatsu, haha!


    I went off an on between scrolling through them before I unsubscribed for good. I think my biggest gripe was that when I did see something I wanted there was like a 50% chance it was already Reservation Closed/Sold Out. >_<
    The figure mail is good though! It works as a nice backup for when you haven't thoroughly kept up on MFC releases.

    That sucks :< but you know what, at least you ahev a partner. At my job the management team does 50+ hours a week so I think there's not much time for much else in life... including dating. Us staff are like, damn, look at them stuck being chronically single...

    I just got some pass cases that are really nice but they're basically like giant rubber straps. So I'm going to invest in a bottle of wood glue soon so I can keep them pristine and clean the one that's on my keys right now. lol

    HDs are super fragile, the ones I have, I'm not even sure if they're still alive. That's also why the iPod classic was so fragile, it was like a mini HD in a case vs. the new hardware used in the Touch/iPhone.

    I don't post my photo much so thankfully I'm not too worried about my photo leaking anywhere. Although there are apparently a number of women with my first and last name... I hope no one thinks I'm them! lol

    Low budget cruises almost sounds like an oxymoron. If you want to vacation on a low budget then you totally go on a cruise! But there's also the fact that the cruises I mentioned are on modest (decent though) cruise lines going to the islands and back. If you take a cruise line like Disney or Celebrity, or cruise to somewhere like Alaska/Europe/Asia, or opt for a suite instead of a cabin, the price goes up a LOT. But on the last bit, suite is pointless since you'll spend most of your time outside of your room!
    And yeah, that's what it seems like. Plus like, availability... there's a "White Hennessy" that's only available in Jamaica I think, and if you can FIND it here it's a monstrous markup so people usually have friends/relatives bring them bottles from Jamaica. If it's available on the ship... well, I'd buy a few bottles even though I don't drink Henny lol.

    Bottom line to me is, it happens because we let it happen... but at the same time, I can't fight the man with the law and the gun in his hand.

    I actually love Osomatsu-san lol definitely a favorite. I can see myself actually having a lot of fun with their nendos, so why not? :D Plus my new Matsu school bag is super nice~
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    Maakie (1 year ago) #13998226Ik ben laat, sorry! D:
    Een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

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    Maakie (1 year ago) #14652477Friend request accepted of course! I never really pay attention to friends lists and keeping them up to date, sorry for acepting it late! ;)
    Oh no worries! I completely forgot about the friends feature on here, so I figured I'd send one now. XD
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    Cupcakez89 The quiet one
    Maakie (1 year ago) #14665764A happy birthday to you! :D
    thank you!
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    Maakie (1 year ago) #14665017Een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

    Dank je!!!!
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    ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
    Maakie (1 year ago) #14550453Hey, that sounds a lot like me, haha! I try to put myself to one day of working on cosplay a week, because if not, I'm afraid I would easily drop my creative hobby's because of being so busy with other things. I actually go a day "offline" when I work on my cosplay. :)
    Ah, I hope your move went well and everything is okay? I moved about half a year ago, but still so much stuff is a mess and unpacked. ^^''
    I heard you earlier about private recasting and I hope you don't mind me asking: How? You know someone or have connections with a factory that can do the recast for you? :O
    Hehe, are you going to paint them all in different colors? :)
    You never even tried using your airbrush? :O I'm still afraid of getting one myself, so never even bought one, haha!

    It is important to have a hobby day, I agree. I also go offline on such days, just post WIP pics later everywhere :) I also try to never start a new kit before the current one is finished. It is important to have something done every once in a while. With my current schedule I think that 4-5 finished kits per year is my max but it's better than nothing! ))

    The move is a little nightmare. There was a lot of renovation before that, too. I guess we managed pretty fine but we still lack, like, 70% of furnishings. Just kitchen and work area, still no wardrobes and no bed and no sofa. And no figure displays. The last one makes me really sad because half my collection is in the garage and another half in the display case at my parents' where we dwelled during renovation. I really hope to get a display case soon, I need my precious with me :3

    Well, yeah, there's a whole GK underworld with private casts of rare kits and all that stuff :3
    They don't do recasts in a factory, mostly these are workshops with proper equipments to make clean casts. I know a person who's been organizing it for fellow modellers for quite some time. Also there's an online shop, GK-Model, they can arrange a private recast if there's enough people who want a copy. Not every kit gets enough interest but there are many happy collectors who got a copy of a rare something that will never ever get a second release from the sculptor or simply costs too much on the auction (like, 100000 yen too much).

    As for my Donyatsu..I think of making a big diorama with great many beasts: I can make a zombie donyatsu, a cyborg donyatsu, a Santa donyatsu, a cliche Russian donyatsu, a Fallout 2 vault dweller donyatsu. Heck, I can even paint a classic one!! These can be painted with a great variety ~

    Airbrush I tried, I did. It's very cool and also very alien. I need to learn to control it. It also need a rather different paint mix, mine are too watery for such high pressure. It's a challenge but I think I'll get the hang of it eventually. Practice makes perfect, it's a uniform rule for any art. I'd say, get one, you won't regret it - this stuff is very handy for cosplay props, too!
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    ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
    Maakie (1 year ago) #14447848Haha, you make me jealous! I haven't touched a GK in half a year or so! I have been so busy! D:
    Did you also get some GK's as gifts? :)

    I'm busy, too, a lot of work >__<
    But I made it a rule to spend some week-ends with my resin beauties every once in a while :3
    There was quite a long halt, though, due to the move and apartment renovation, all that crazy stuff.

    I got several kits: husband got me a recast Bounty Hunter Yoko, I got myself an absolutely gorgeous original Kurisu bust and there's a whole little army of Donyatsu coming from a little private recast project I hosted - and I also snagged a second original one from Suruga-ya, too.
    Just look at them, 5x more Donyatsu is all it takes to make me happy :3
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/921/xXMop9.jpg

    I think I've been overspending money on kits all summer. I even got an airbrush and I'm still afraid of it, it's just too alien :3
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    Maakie (1 year ago) #14466694Screaming
    A con I will be visiting next month just announced Akio Watanabe as a special guest!!! :OOO
    No news yet if he will give panels, if there is any chance for signing etc...
    I really really hope there will be the possibility to sign items! Then there will be the hard part...
    ITEM #12994 is my favorite Komugi figure, but she's badly damaged and I have been thinking of replacing mine...
    ITEM #5888 is my 2nd favorite and her way too big typically Griffon-base would be perfect for siging! But the whole figure is so big and fragile, most famous artists will not sign only a base or piece of plastic, they need to see that it's merch. So I can't only take the base with me...
    Anyway, I'm super excited! Can't believe this! :D

    That's good news! Hopefully you will get some memento from Watanabe.

    If you're trying to get something signed and you don't want to drag figures around (of if they won't sign bases), here's a possibility. ITEM #5704 and ITEM #5703 as well as ITEM #1297 and ITEM #1298 are all based on Watanabe's designs, and the packaging for those figures has a removable card on the back with an illustration PICTURE #1245140 . Most of those figures are cheap and relatively easy to find, and those cards might be a good candidate for a signable item.
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