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    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #18156024Same here, I will start the manga soon!
    Yeah, it's really hard to say goodbye to these long running animes. But what's even harder is having good anime to replace them. It's probably near impossible to have another series best Naruto.
    I still will always support Fairy Tail though, it is definitely my 10th favorite anime of all time :D
    Yeah I'd actually recommend against watching dbz as well. Honestly I don't think it's really that perfect of an anime. It's only so popular because so many of us grew up with it. It was the first manga/anime to succeed in western territories and it has just stuck up there. However I will say Dragon Ball Super is incredible. Modern animations and story styling is on par with the best animes ever. It is much better than the original series but dbz will always be the best classic anime and one of the most popular of all time!
    Now Gintama is an anime I definitely recommend. When Crunchyroll launched their app on the PS3, 5 years ago, I tried the free trial and saw Gintama was always the most popular. I thought it would be boring based on the description but in reality it was the complete opposite. You never know how good something is until you try it. I have to say I am so happy that I did.

    Yeah Naruto has been my favorite for so long, and I don't see anything replacing it either. I like Fairy Tail for the characters, but Naruto has good characters, and great story, and the music for Shippudn is beautiful! The music does a great job of making me feel emotional at times. Happy, sad, at peace, pummped, etc. That's one thing that I don't see in other anime. Music can be a powerful thing.
    10th favorite sounds pretty good to me. I'm not sure what my 10th favorite is. After my top 6 I have no idea what the order of the other animes are.
    That makes sense about Dragonball. I'll take your advice. Yeah lately Naruto has been at the very top for a few months now. The top anime seems to change fairy often, although Naruto and One Piece have been at the top for a long time now. I think One Piece was at the very top before Naruto. I forgot that Crunchyroll only just got One Piece last year! It's ridiculous how long it took for them to get it. Yeah I've found animes that I suprisingly liked too. I learned that you can't always judge if you like an anime based on the description.
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    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #18149354Lol if people's avatars were based on themselves, I'd be a murderous psychopath running around torturing people XD
    Yes I am very familiar with her, I watched both Bleach and Naruto in English.
    I was a die hard Bleach fan. It's a shame it ended the way it did, with Kubo being forced and rushed. I have not read the manga, I am still hoping for the anime's return.
    Those are the shinden novels that have been adapted into anime format. They just can't end Naruto!
    Haha I love to hate on Fairy Tail. The characters are very well designed. Appearance wise and personalities. However the story is very repeating. Also the fights always get resolved with the power of friendship. To me it's the worst anime ever but I still enjoy it lol
    Oh I see what you mean about One Piece. It is a typical shonen so if a Straw Hat member gets in trouble, they always get out. When Luffy, Zoro and Sanji fight their enemies, monster trio always comes out victorious. Still though when you think of all the speculated mysteries and the grand scale of the entire thing it's impossible to predict. There are many twists as well and too many possibilities. The manga right now is very good. One piece is only around 60% finished. There are over 40 current characters that Luffy stands no chance at defeating but by the end of it, he has to be the strongest of them all. That's crazy and I look forward to seeing his progression to becoming the Pirate king!
    My first anime was Dragon Ball Z. It made my childhood. My favorite anime is Gintama. It's so good. It has the absolute perfect blend of comedy, drama, story and action. Many people say it's one the best animes of all time and it is very underrated. No one ever talks of it with the big name animes but I am fine with that. I never expected to love any anime over DBZ but Gintama has done it. Unfortunately Gintama is ending soon but it will be a crazy ride!
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    Haha! True! I'm glad that people's avatar doesn't reflect their personality!
    Yeah the way the anime ended is sad. I've waited for so long for it to return, but at this point I don't see it continuing. I may just read the manga.
    Ah! Ok. I've been very confused about the Naruto anime lately. Yeah It's hard for me to think of Naruto ending! I've been watching it for so long! I remember watching the very beginning on tv when VHS was still around.
    I can understand why people would not like Fairy Tail, and the characters are the reason I love the anime. I agree the story is not great, and yeah it is repetitive.
    Yeah I had a feeling One Piece wasn't even close to being done. Ha ha! There's still so much that has to happen!
    I've never actually watched Dragonball Z, and at this point I don't plan to. It's too long even more for my liking, and that's saying something! It feels like the Dragonball series will never end! How long has it been around for now?!
    I haven't watched Gintama, but I have it on my Crunchyroll que. That sounds very promising! Now I'm looking forward to watching Gintama even more!
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    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #18134105Hello! I always imagine the way people look by their avatar. Hinata has a wonderful smile! Very similar to Orihime.
    I am also a huge fan of Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. 10 years ago, those three animes were the most popular and always fighting for the top spot.
    But I think it's safe to say that One Piece is the anime king.

    That's a cool thought! Well my parents had commented many times how I have a great smile, so I guess It's fitting. Hinata and Orihime have great smiles! They are both voiced by the same English voice actor too, Stephanie Sheh, one of my favorite voice actors!
    Yeah It's hard to believe that Bleach is pretty much done with the anime that died out years ago, and Naruto Shippuden just ended? I thought that Naruto was done because in the desciption for Naruto The Last it says that It's the conclusion to the series, but then more episodes kept coming out which apparently follow what happens after the last Naruto movie, and they're not part of a new series since they're under Shippuden on Crunchyroll. It's so hard to figure out the best way to mention the last Naruto movie since the title is The Last. Ha ha!
    Personally my favorite anime is either Naruto or Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is growing on me. I love the characters! Naruto has a much better story, but I like the characters in Fairy Tail more. Naruto still has quite a number of characters that I really like. I feel like Fairy Tail does a better job at getting you attatched to characters.
    One Piece is a great anime, although it has some problems that bug me. The biggest being that it is way too predictable! I can't count the number of times that I predicted something to happen. I've only been suprised a couple times, one being very recent in the anime. It's still a great anime though, and one of my favorites!
    Do you have a favorite anime? I'm curious which one if your favorite. Also which was your first anime?
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    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #17918449Yooooo happy birthday duuuude!!!!!
    It's kind of crazy that I have known you for 4 years now and you are still young as hell! These past few years for me have been rough with stupid adult stuff coming out of nowhere. I know I might sound like an old geezer, but enjoy your youth! Being an adult sucks lol
    Hey thanks man!! It's been awhile!! Thank you for the words of wisdom lol
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    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #15072211Yo wtf I didn't see this post, my bad bro :(
    Ok I am 20 days late, seriously, my bad. YES the Hinata figure is absolutely gorgeous! She is too cute man. I loved her back in the day. My friends would make fun of me for choosing her in Storm 2 back on PS3. I used her, Minato and Pain as my trio for PVP and 1P VS 2P. Hinata was great in that game and her combos were awesome. I loved being in awakening mode and finishing off the combo with her 64 palm spinning rotation thing.
    She looks so perfect here as well. 66.media.tumblr...
    Do you plan on ordering her?

    Its good man, yeah I hope I can get her, hopefully she doesnt get tok expensive lol
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    Leaveno1behind Collector and Reviewer
    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #14868304Yooo I don't know why it took me this long to find you on MFC, but I have been watching your videos for years! I'm also very happy to see that you are actively putting up reviews again :)

    Thanks!! Yeah I've been on here awhile lol really glad you enjoy them :D
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    Yo the Hinata MH figure is 10/10 a MUST HAVE
    1 year ago
    After decades, no, centuries of waiting, she finally arrived. She looks great except there's a pretty noticeable seam across the bottom of her yukata, but its not anything I'd really freak out over, its on everyone's figures I've seen. I rarely am able to get figures so I'll probably only get another one at comic con or something.
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    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #13420635Ouch, hopefully by September you will receive her!
    And after literally 2 months and 8 days, Ginko ships. Never ordering from CR again, but I'm glad I ordered it from there cause I would've had to experience the wrath of CR eventually so might as well have it now.
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    Sunildatt (1 year ago) #12939514Yeah I have ordered a ton of stuff from them when their store just launched. I learned the hard way for how long it takes. I also got Kamui too. He is absolutely perfect.
    Still waiting lol, it says August 31st rip
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