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    The 55mm Sonnar is such a great lens *_* The color tone is beautiful, creates a nice contrast, smooth bokeh, and captures nice details, even at the lowest apertures. However, I dont like how it renders spectral lights.

    Even with my cropped sensor, the photos look beautiful. Definitely one of the first lenses I'll get when I upgrade to a full frame. But my dream lens is the 35mm f/2 Loxia. manual only.

    But as much as I love those lenses from the week that I got to try them out from a camera and lenses rental service, they have diminishing returns for the price. My SEL35 and 50mm can provide similar qualities, assuming I stop them at higher apertures.

    Not to mention, I don't want to get a high end lens when my primary subjects are people and figures. It seems a little overkill. Nice overkill, but still, you know? I hope I didnt sounds passive aggressive and backhanded towards you.

    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely 3 day weekend.
    4 years ago
    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    Gwuh! Right, right, I did ask you. I remembered that 16mm zoom lens. I feel like an old man.

    55mm f/1.8? T-t-t-the Zeiss Sonnar? :O
    4 years ago
    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    Travelling Miku, I think I've asked you this before, but what lenses do you own again?
    4 years ago
    Your creativity is outstanding!

    I love your pictures, I can see alot of effort and care has gone into making them ^_^
    4 years ago
    I'd love to get hold of the two Japanese home playsets but that seems quite expensive these days. Looks like I need to get crafty. :D
    4 years ago
    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    LMAO! Bootleg is right! When I bought Miyo back in 2016, I was really disappointed because the finish on her skin and eyes just looked really amateurish.

    The reason why the LA Girls look like that it's because Dragoncraft is trying to replicate the Little Armory artstyle. Sadly, it's not working out... the skin is too shiny, the eyes aren't shiny enough, and the mouths need more definition. Also, the foot construction is really weird. The joint is too close to the ankle, which messes up their balance.

    If I were you? I'd buy Figma Rin Shibuya and head swap her lol Saber 2.0 on Miyo's body looks pretty cool too.

    Ah, so now I have an idea on where you live. Big Bear mountain is great to, but that one is really far.

    Also, most Figmas have good quality. Those two are exceptions due to the sculptor. I will say, those are one of the more unique ones.

    I know Fate is an annoying suggestion, but Saber 2.0 is a great Figma, even for a figure that came out 4 years ago. Fifa Genji sacrifices some looks for amazing articulation. Figma Zelda and Link are pretty awesome too! The SAO Figmas are fun to look at, and Figma Gwen is just HNNNNGG
    4 years ago
    TheTravelingSee4 years ago#39264078I'm so sorry! I just saw your comment now! Did I ever respond to you at all? /(>.<)\ If not, I'd be glad to answer any question that you might've had! :)
    No problem! Basically I'm just curious how you create the little rooms and their props (furniture, tiny books etc.) It would be a great way to display my growing collection!
    4 years ago
    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    Some parts of Loma Linda and Yucaipa have low light pollution. You can try there if they're not too far away.

    I see that you have Figma Shiina , the rifle girl. How's the quality of the sculpt and articulation?

    I want to get her, but she's expensive now! Much like her sister, Miyo
    4 years ago
    NicoDragon4 years ago#36281998Hey, love your stuff dude! have to ask what you use/where you find the tiny extra props!

    I'm so sorry! I just saw your comment now! Did I ever respond to you at all? /(>.<)\ If not, I'd be glad to answer any question that you might've had! :)
    4 years ago
    Valestein34 years ago#39261425You have a sony A7III- Boy, I'll give buy that A7II for a dollar!
    Just kidding hehe dont take my Robocop reference too seriously.
    Thanks for the answer. F-stop of 5? Not bad. Still! The the looks good, and the layered picture gives me more of an appreciation of astrophotograhpy. My grandfather from my dad's side was more of a nature and space kind of guy and he'd tell me techniques and show me equipment to take good photos of the night sky.

    Yeah. This was my third attempt at astrophotography. The other times never came out as desired, but I think I've got a hang of it now. Hopefully I can do more soon, but it's hard getting a completely dark night in California! O(≧▽≦)O
    4 years ago
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