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  • Hey hey ^-^ Thanks for your FR! I see you're a Banana Fish fan as well ♡♡ Your profile is really cute! I adore all the gifs, especially Ash & Eiji ☆ミ
    5 days ago
    Hi! Your profile is adorable and i hope we can be friends too! <3
    5 days ago
    Ah, I see you like p a i n.

    8 days ago
    You're welcome, and I hope so too! \(*^▽^*)/
    8 days ago
    hello! thank you for accepting me :DDD and i love yours as well!
    9 days ago
    Hi, does 50€ + postage sound okay to you?
    14 days ago
    Chamun Keyblade Master
    Hi! Sorry the late to answer. The shipping to your country are suspended for now. Sorry. :/ I u want I can tell when open again.
    14 days ago
    hewwo! Omg! I’m so sorry! I skimmed over your comment and only noticed I didn’t reply back to you! I dunno if you are still interested, but I have the keychains still! I’m really sorry for the late reply!
    16 days ago
    Hey! Sure UK is ok, i would just have to check out how much shipping would be from Germany. Cause I think they also raised their prices starting today (01.01.2021). Feel free to DM me with which ones you are interested in! Then I can tell you how much it would be, cause postage is also linked to the package size ;3;
    17 days ago

    sorry for my late reply,they are already sold!
    17 days ago
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