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    lluviakate (2 years ago) #3929489Awesome batch of figures you have ordered ;)Thank you!

    You as well!
    2 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3518192Festivals?! Those are always fun! How did the one on Sunday and the one the week after go? I'm really sorry! I didn't have a lot of time to sit down and write you back until now! It has been very busy since I started school!
    Have you moved into your new place yet?! I see you haven't really hit the preorder button on cute little Shigure! And you definitely called them out!!!! Both ITEM #235705 and ITEM #236235 got delayed to completely different months ahahah
    Now that re-class got pushed back to October I am tempted to get ITEM #235379 and ITEM #198567. I really want Sen so I might just end up getting her. I'mhaving a hard time telling what figures price will drop or increase after release...
    Your apartment sounds small but I would have to really try to imagine what size it is. Oh man that sounds like me, I leave about 98% of my figures at my mom's .... I have only one detolf in the room that was mine all my other figures are all in the small closet that was my room. I did though buy a nice plastic case to put ITEM #198336 in!
    I will have to show you a picture when I go back to my mom's She is way to amazing to not display!
    School is ok, no I actually just started another semester last, it is going alright, a lot to do in little time. How is everything? I feel like I haven't talked to you in a long time!

    Hey don't worry! I'm in a more or less similar situation as well at the moment! Tonight I finally have some time to properly respond, so busy lately with my new house and having fun during the weekends. But you're absolutely right, it feels like we haven't talked for ages!
    I love festivals! Especially the smaller not too commercial ones, those have the best vibe and attract a better audience IMO. But you sound like a regular festival attendee as well BTW. ^^
    Haven't moved yet, probably will at the end of November or beginning of December when my kitchen has finally arrived. In the meantime I'll be spending money like water to buy furniture, so I probably won't hit the pre-order button on cute little Shigure. =_=
    Oh dear, I sure did! I almost feel like I'm a delay expert... XD I see you pre-ordered ITEM #235379 already! As most of the Hyakka girls from Alter see a price increase after their release, I think you made a wise decision.
    No way! Basically your entire collection is stuffed away in their boxes, although you're doing a much better job than I am as literally none of my figures is showcased. ;_; Even my ITEM #198336 is still in her big white box! BTW, does her water base really look that cheap as many people say? Starting to get curious what kind of base her sister will get.
    Hehe, I see I forgot the word 'year' in my last message... I actually wanted to ask if your final year at school has begun.
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3633503Friends!!?? :)

    Why not!?
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3580547Where did you end up ordering the sorceress from?

    I went with the GSC shop in the end. I am cheap when trying to find the best deal. Lol. I was gonna wait for crunchyroll to have some sort of 25% off all items sale like they did with Labor Day but I figured it wasn't gonna end up being any cheaper in the end. Living in CA I was gonna end up being charged sales tax of $16.56 with shipping being at $12. So even if there was a 25% off sale I'd be having to pay $178.56.

    Can confirm that GSC won't charge you right away.

    "Thanks for your order at 株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー. Money won't leave your account until 株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー processes your order."
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3534094Yes it is small but you have some nice figures! I started off with trading figures lol
    Yes I sure do, the only real collection I have going I have Kan Colle going as well. I plan to stick with getting the Samurai girls, I absolutely love their character design!
    Are you looking for the Alter ones? Yes I can't believe how much some of them went up in price!

    Well yeah, if I had to pick any of the Samurai Girls up it would deffo be the Alter ones.
    Mmm, I've Kan Colle ready for watching but I was told is wasn't as good as Ars Nova so I ended up watching that. And just ordered a figure from that show, Takao, if you know her? ITEM #166935 Waiting for Haruna.. ITEM #269708 - Really good series. A bit confusing at the beginning but then it ends up being really good. ^^ Heh.

    Wish I had space for 400+ figures, lol. I only have a small detolf to put stuff into, lol! :D
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3577178Did you start drawing yet? How are your classes going?! 30 minutes is a great start to try and draw once a day.
    Ya there is so many CGI in movies it's kinda ridiculous! Ya1 Sometimes it's even hard for me to tell when there is a green screen on some movies! what movie are you talking about with New York is the background?
    Ya it seems like actors have to have more of an imagination now with all the CGI in movies now

    Nooooooo~ I haven't started drawing yet. I haven't even opened the artbooks I got. >.< Too busy playing Metal Gear Solid 5 and reading manga and novels. I'm reading manga to see how they approach camera angles and pacing. I'm reading novels to try to expand on ideas. I play games when I get tried of manga and novels. lol With full time work and with school in session, I'm too lazy to open my artbooks. I just want to sit back and be entertained! After this semester finishes, I'll get to drawing because I won't have any classes left to take for Spring/Summer 2016. I'll start having to think about a state college that teaches more advances courses next Fall.

    I'm fine with CGI as long as I don't notice it! I've noticed alot of fantasy or fictional monsters are CGI and that gets boring. I want to see actual masks and real monster costumes made.

    I don't know which movie that has all of New York streets CGI. I think they reference it in the video description on the youtube video I linked you.

    I see you're interested in cowgirl! ITEM #209604 The hentai is really flowing through you. lol
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3568140I love the quality pf your pictures! And great collection!

    Thank you very much! I've been constantly practicing and learning how to make them better.
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3517595lol true although 11 months does seem like a long time
    cute little collection you have going as well :)

    Mhm, quite small collection, but thank you! Your collection is huuuuge. But you have Samurai Girls! I only have one.. I can't find the rest atm.. Well for a price I'm willing to pay anyway. Doubt I ever will. Sigh.
    3 years ago
    Thank you, although I have been here for quite some time. :p
    3 years ago
    Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3473420^-^ These are super cute!
    ITEM #346686

    They so are!! :3
    3 years ago
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.