Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3580547Where did you end up ordering the sorceress from?

    I went with the GSC shop in the end. I am cheap when trying to find the best deal. Lol. I was gonna wait for crunchyroll to have some sort of 25% off all items sale like they did with Labor Day but I figured it wasn't gonna end up being any cheaper in the end. Living in CA I was gonna end up being charged sales tax of $16.56 with shipping being at $12. So even if there was a 25% off sale I'd be having to pay $178.56.

    Can confirm that GSC won't charge you right away.

    "Thanks for your order at 株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー. Money won't leave your account until 株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー processes your order."
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3534094Yes it is small but you have some nice figures! I started off with trading figures lol
    Yes I sure do, the only real collection I have going I have Kan Colle going as well. I plan to stick with getting the Samurai girls, I absolutely love their character design!
    Are you looking for the Alter ones? Yes I can't believe how much some of them went up in price!

    Well yeah, if I had to pick any of the Samurai Girls up it would deffo be the Alter ones.
    Mmm, I've Kan Colle ready for watching but I was told is wasn't as good as Ars Nova so I ended up watching that. And just ordered a figure from that show, Takao, if you know her? ITEM #166935 Waiting for Haruna.. ITEM #269708 - Really good series. A bit confusing at the beginning but then it ends up being really good. ^^ Heh.

    Wish I had space for 400+ figures, lol. I only have a small detolf to put stuff into, lol! :D
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3577178Did you start drawing yet? How are your classes going?! 30 minutes is a great start to try and draw once a day.
    Ya there is so many CGI in movies it's kinda ridiculous! Ya1 Sometimes it's even hard for me to tell when there is a green screen on some movies! what movie are you talking about with New York is the background?
    Ya it seems like actors have to have more of an imagination now with all the CGI in movies now

    Nooooooo~ I haven't started drawing yet. I haven't even opened the artbooks I got. >.< Too busy playing Metal Gear Solid 5 and reading manga and novels. I'm reading manga to see how they approach camera angles and pacing. I'm reading novels to try to expand on ideas. I play games when I get tried of manga and novels. lol With full time work and with school in session, I'm too lazy to open my artbooks. I just want to sit back and be entertained! After this semester finishes, I'll get to drawing because I won't have any classes left to take for Spring/Summer 2016. I'll start having to think about a state college that teaches more advances courses next Fall.

    I'm fine with CGI as long as I don't notice it! I've noticed alot of fantasy or fictional monsters are CGI and that gets boring. I want to see actual masks and real monster costumes made.

    I don't know which movie that has all of New York streets CGI. I think they reference it in the video description on the youtube video I linked you.

    I see you're interested in cowgirl! ITEM #209604 The hentai is really flowing through you. lol
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3568140I love the quality pf your pictures! And great collection!

    Thank you very much! I've been constantly practicing and learning how to make them better.
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3517595lol true although 11 months does seem like a long time
    cute little collection you have going as well :)

    Mhm, quite small collection, but thank you! Your collection is huuuuge. But you have Samurai Girls! I only have one.. I can't find the rest atm.. Well for a price I'm willing to pay anyway. Doubt I ever will. Sigh.
    3 years ago
    Thank you, although I have been here for quite some time. :p
    3 years ago
    Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3473420^-^ These are super cute!
    ITEM #346686

    They so are!! :3
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3412809
    Partying!? Oh ya, I did some of that this weekend too. I'm not sure how serious your partying really goes to... lol Congratulations! Oh your going to throw a bunch of house parties! Those are always fun! :D I grabbed her from ami ami with a nice price tag of 11,350 only problem is that she comes out with Re-class atm. www.amiami.com/...
    ahah ya I think I was already going to get her lol still I feel an urge that I need to have them together.
    Yaeh -__- I have no idea hopefully sometime next year, sucks they have 2 POI coming out and neither will probably be this year Shigure has prize POI to hang with lol
    Where and how are you displaying your figures? Now that your getting a new place?
    YA I am definitely not paying that price tag for that Jubei!!!!

    More like attending a festival on Saturday, attending another festival on Sunday and waking up Monday morning all shaky and then off to work... XD This weekend will probably be the same, although this time we'll start with a party on Friday night already haha.
    Thanks! Well I'm actually more forced to throw a bunch of house parties as there are way more people that want a party than my apartment can handle.
    Oooh, AmiAmi! I see she's still up for pre-order over there! Starting to get very tempting for me to hit that pre-order button. ^^' I wouldn't worry too much though about ITEM #235705 and ITEM #236235 being released in the same month. As Shigure hasn't seen any delay yet, I expect her too be delayed till October at least.
    ...I almost don't dear to say it, but as my apartment is only 38.9 square meters I don't have any room to place a showcase that's big enough to display all my figures in. So I'm pretty much forced to leave them at my mom's house. ;_; How do you display your figures, in showcases or on shelves?
    BTW, how's it going with your study? Does your final start this month?
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3412811
    I am too, I'm a senior at the end of program next year we will have like a 4/5 minute animated movie. I am at University of Central Florida. We do too we are doing everything in Maya now. Although we learned the original 2D animation our first semester. :D
    Wow that's awesome! I'm kinda bummed we hardly did any 2D stuff. We also have to make a movie with only things we have modeled, rigged, and textured for our final this year. Fingers crossed both of ours turn out great!
    3 years ago
    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3346247Ya I saw that! Ya I saw you added that nendo but that was it! Oh I see! Well that is completely understandable! It is coming up fast too!!! Ya lots of moneys goes into houses $_$
    I actually happened to snag this pretty lady ITEM #236235 surprisingly! She was sold out most places but I just couldn't resist! And she will go amazingly with ITEM #235371 or even ITEM #331519 once they come out ;D They will be so cute together!

    ...Back home after some serious partying last weekend and finally some proper time to respond hehe.
    It sure is coming up fast! Less than 11 hours to go and I have the keys! ^^ Not only in the house itself, but all those upcoming housewarmings will probably cost me an arm and a leg as well! X_X
    Dang! Nice grab! I'm still debating if I should get her not. Where did you managed to grab her? For the regular pre-order price as well? She will definitely go amazingly with ITEM #331519, no doubt about that! We're actually forced now to order POI, although it was already pretty obvious that we will hahaha. Downside though is, when will POI be released...? My guts tell me it'll probably be a year from now or so. ;_;

    lluviakate (3 years ago) #3396691They done snuffed up! :,[
    Her face honestly isn't that bad but it could be way better!

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/hIE1440735583.jpeg

    Whoa!!! To be honest, don't like that face at all actually. It looks real messed up to me. O_o
    Not worth the high price tag IMO, better stay safe with Alter when it comes to the Hyakka girls! XD
    3 years ago
Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!