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    Sythellri (3 years ago) #2818063I think everyone would have a bigger collection that they had more money LOL
    Well thats true.

    Plan on getting as many of the Saber figures on my wishlist as i can untill i either run out of them or run out of space or money, whatever of the 3 that comes first lol.
    3 years ago
    Sythellri the Phoenix
    I think everyone would have a bigger collection that they had more money LOL
    3 years ago
    Sythellri the Phoenix
    Thanks for the friend request! I can see youre saber fan lol
    3 years ago
    Just got my march nippon-yasan loot haul in so have take lots of pictures.
    Feel free to have a look if you like.
    3 years ago
    thanks for the add! :)
    3 years ago
    shilka (3 years ago) #2736111I got pre order for these 3 as well but they have not been paid yet which i need to get around to
    ITEM #236260
    ITEM #183305
    ITEM #276879
    The Saber Royal Dress / Type Moon 10th Anniversary was nightmare to get peo orders for in less then an hour ALL preorders on nippon-yasan was sold out, a few days later a few more came up for pre orders and in less then half an hour they where ALL gone again.
    Was super lucky that i could get a pre order in before they all sold out.

    Very lucky :3 I'm trying to get her too, I waiting for a friend of mine (who lives in Japan) to order her, so I'll make ship her to him and I'll probably get her on Xmas when'll come back home, or he'll ship it to me... @-@ preordering this figures is really a nightmare, but I don't feel like using a proxy, she's already expensive without proxy fees and shipping (and custom too!)
    3 years ago
    shilka (3 years ago) #2736075I weas thinking about this one but its so expensive that i think its overpriced, soi dont know anymore
    ITEM #78585
    These ones are not too pricey so they are probably what i am going to order the next time around
    ITEM #4
    ITEM #34
    ITEM #530
    ITEM #205
    ITEM #41
    ITEM #208850
    ITEM #246274
    I am trying to find this one but no luck so far
    ITEM #318
    I am not a fan of any of the Maid or Swimsuit Saber figures or the Saber Bride figures from Fate/Extra CCC.
    Nippon-yasan.com has the one you are looking for if you have not seen
    I pretty much only use Nippon-yasan.com myself as they have a shipping option that let me get around danish VAT which is freaking 25% plus 21 euro fee to the danish postal service

    Oh, thanks for the link :D I'll keep that in mind and try to get her maybe next month or in april
    ITEM #78585 is very expensive, you're right T_T I was lucky enough that a friend of mine last year went to Japan so he picked her up for me and payed her around 80 € or she'd be in my wishlist... she's also very expensive to ship, the box is huge and kinda heavy T.T
    3 years ago
    shilka (3 years ago) #2736012After going back and forth i decided on these 5
    This one is brand new and i have been wating since august last year for it
    ITEM #189145
    These 4 are also going in the same order
    ITEM #63654
    ITEM #160
    ITEM #712
    ITEM #133946
    I wanted to order more but i dont have money for anymore this time around so the others are being pushed back to april or may.

    ITEM #712 is probably my favorite Saber Alter from my collection (I'm also trying to cosplay her...), the details are so awesome!
    ITEM #160 is tiny but incredibly sweet and elegant
    ITEM #133946 got her last year as birthday present, is really really beautiful - I don't see her anymore on Mandarake laterly, so I guess she's becoming rare? She's gonna be a nice purchase :D
    ITEM #63654 I also wanted to get her since is quite big but I didn't like the face
    The same happened with the next Saber you're getting ITEM #189145 I would have preordered her if she was smiling ç_ç but that serious face and the strange legs' pose killed my hype... T_T

    Which Sabers would you like to order when you'll have enough money? I hope to find ITEM #6428 for a good price someday
    3 years ago
    shilka (3 years ago) #2735972Gift´s Saber figures are probably the best looking Saber figures around, Good Smile Company and Alter also has some very good looking ones.
    I am going to order 5 more Saber figures tomorrow, and i also have pre orders for another 3 that are coming out later in 2015
    I seen you have this one
    ITEM #199607
    I have been looking all over for this one so do you know any place that has it?

    Which ones are you going to order? :3
    About Saber Alter ichiban kuji, I bought her off Mandarake some days after the kuji, I paied her around 50 € (shipping included), if I recall correctly. I've seen her some weeks ago on Mandarake, I checked now but couldn't find her :C you have to patient and stalk Mandarake everyday (or use Figinstock which is of great help to check Mandarake)
    If I happen to see her on Mandarake, I'll PM you :)
    3 years ago
    shilka (3 years ago) #2735911I see you got quite a Saber collection, i am a bit of a Saber fan myself.
    See you have a few that i dont have yet.

    Yeah, Sabers' figures are the biggest part of my collection... still, I don't have enough of them XD
    Even if you have less Sabers' figure than me, imho, you own some of the most beautiful Sabers all around (like Gift's Saber Lily which is also one of my favourite figure of all my collection <3 )
    3 years ago
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