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    Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
    Tehehe yes desu!

    Yes I like Laura really.
    But my Favo is Charlotte, I love her so much.
    But I just do not like Charlotte I also like Laura & Houki.
    But Charlotte is the best.
    Kawaii desu.
    4 years ago
    Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
    Owww need Laura. ITEM #287849
    4 years ago
    Hi Z!

    I will take a 1/7 scale figure any day of the week :-) The outfit and pose for ITEM #125758 is taken from the opening credits so you never get to see Sawa like this in the series...... however it just captures her personality brilliantly.

    I set up my Instagram account recently to use specifically for my hobbies, so please feel free to follow if you wish. I shall be uploading photos of my anime hauls and new arrivals in the post, as well as some gaming and movie related goodness... :-)

    Glad you picked up Takao for a good price, she is a great figure, particularly the detail with her hair. I will be keeping my eye out for the future Arpeggio figures release for sure. I will definitely be on the lookout for the painted HaruHaru prototype, this one could be great, and coming from Alter I am sure she will be.

    ...Sacrifice, I know what you mean. This time last year there were no shelves on the wall and my bookcase was sat filled with movies and video games. Now you walk into my lounge and the figures have just completely taken over the place. I am now looking to expand into my study for my influx of hauls coming throughout the later months of this year XD

    I am so far behind with my anime, and having only started watching it last year, I feel I have so many quality shows to work my way through. My little clue I left on my last YouTube comment regarding my current series of choice is none other than Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I bought this series on Blu-ray last summer but have only got round to watching it this past week ( I am currently ready to watch episode 9 of 12). I am enjoying this series so much, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the animation is like nothing I have seen before, particularly the fight sequences the magical girls have with the various witches. Without saying anything more at this point it might be worth you confirming whether you have seen this series.....?!

    I have really taken a shine to the Stronger figures recently, I have nearly all their current figures on pre-order(but not yet secured ITEM #198394, I think she would look great displayed with the GSC Ultimate Madoka scale figure I have). Although I don't own any of the figures yet, judging by comments I have received from various people so far it appears that they are up there with GSC and Alter for pure quality, however I can't wait to pick up my first figure just to see for myself.... And those LL bases.... Another thing I have noticed with Stronger are their base designs, the LL types are just ace.

    If there is any way you could watch TariTari without being drawn into the whole 'Ok I need the figure set to complete my loving bond with this show, syndrome' then give it a go.....

    As with ITEM #144368, I actually ordered the heavy armament version without any prior knowledge of the series. I was simply captivated by the design and the look of the character. So glad I ordered both her and Musashi, these will look great together. Well, I haven't done too badly with the Kancolle pr-orders so far, just sticking with the one manufacturer at this point seems to be doing the trick.......hmmmmm.

    As much as I would love to see all my figures arrive as early as possible, I have to admit I just love the e-mails I get from GSC and AmiAmi stating that this figure or that figure has been delayed by two months, I can just about hear my wallet breathe a sign of relief each time an e-mail makes its way through....!

    Well, I am off to finish Madoka, and then I think it's a choice between Attack On Titan or Kancolle. Choices, choices.......

    Bye for now.

    zeixble (4 years ago) #2796294Haaaaaaaai~
    My only gripe with Kirigiri though is that the base made her tiny so I reckon she should've been better as a 1/7 with everything going on with her :< Yeah! That was the figure that made me curious about the show ahahaha XD Phat is great :3 They have been one of my top 3 companies for a while and they're only getting better, in my opinion *3*
    OOoooo not sure if you have instagram but I posted on there that I managed to grab an A/B (essentially A/A) Takao from Mandarake for 9k!!! EEEEEEEEE she looks amazing! I also pre-ordered Iona as well as soon as she came up ahahaha >< Yuss HaruHaru! She's my favourite from the series (I seem to be attracted to battleships... even with KanColle lol). I'm really keen to see the Alter HaruHaru painted but I'm hoping Ques Q makes one of her as well. It saddens me to see the lack of Hyuuga figures (not surprising) but I'm hoping Ques Q picks up all the girls so I can have my HaruHaru, Iona, and Hyuuga :3 Takao is my fourth favourite but only because she got pushed a slot down by Hyuuga hahaha ><
    Well they look amazing! I would like something like your glass shelving one day but wooden shelves just fit my room style so I'd have to think about that later on since it'll clash D: I'm thinking of setting up another set of wall shelves (pushing my room to its limits lmao) but it would mean sacrificing my wall-mounted TV :( The things you do for figures....
    Ahhh gosh I had to do another round of culling to my list and I don't think it's enough lol... I should stay away from new anime because of this OTL
    I recently found a photo here on MFC explaining the LL! girls' bases and they spell out 'L O V E L I V E !'.... it will kill me not having the set later on and seeing Kotori with her lonesome 'V' base LOL I was thinking of grabbing Hanayo and Rin as well (maybe) but that'll end up spelling out 'L V E' so the temptation to get Maki is there just to get an 'I' =_=;;
    Oh god why do I feel like my wallet will be in more pain if I watch that show....
    Bahhh I'm so jealous you have the heavy armament ver of Yamato :( It took SO MUCH will power to resist because once you start KC, you're dead... but ughhh I regret it now :( So I'll only be getting the light armament ver of my girl... unless N-Y or BIJ reopens the pre-orders ahaha ;_; Man... GSC did really well with Shigure but I must resist as she isn't a prioritised fleet girl of mine... ;____;
    God I have no idea how many items I got delayed but I'm expecting more soon... Curse my orders being mostly under GSC/GSC umbrella T__T
    4 years ago
    On the topic of huuga.

    if she got built by alters then the one redeaming factor I would consider buying her is if they made the base out of that egg shape that she came out of. of course it would be deployable and would open in any maner that you set it at.

    then I would consider huuga. I did not even preorder Iona-chan. I did not like the pose that was used by Q Quest. I guess I am a Takoa fan-Boy after all. though I did love Kirishima and Kongo.

    Maya was fun in the anime when she was switched off and could only repeat that phase . karnival Di O (spelt phonetically).I simpathised more with Maya being assimilated then huuga. Shows how much I cared about huuga.

    = )

    4 years ago
    Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
    So I saw your new video. I love it as always.
    And I love your voice.
    It is really moe.

    Now I'm jealous of you.
    Every month you have such great things.
    4 years ago
    hi there! it's polarisu from insta *^___^ love your collection!
    4 years ago

    I was looking for some loot hauls on YouTube and I found your channel, your videos are very good and I really like them (you got another subscriber :3).

    Btw You have a really nice/big collection even tough you started collecting a year ago. Looking forward for a room tour video.

    Have a nice day..!! ñ_ñ
    4 years ago
    Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
    Oh sorry I forgot something.
    Yes I have planned all Date A Live Nendo to buy.
    4 years ago
    Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
    Ahaha okay.
    Enjoy your free time.

    Eto ne ... can I call you senpai?
    I do not know if you're older than me.
    We are both 21 years old. But then you can be my Otaku-senpai?

    Yes I am also glad that I was able to save a few.
    And Ranko and Azu-nyan I get too.
    My Lucy and my Sinon I have already paid for so I get this in any case also.

    Ahaha, it would be so nice to have both.
    But I do not know.

    I am thinking of buying me in a few days Mea.
    ITEM #167145

    Or Mika?

    ITEM #144376

    I'm not sure yet.

    Yes Madoka is still in the box but I love them now.
    I'm looking forward to July.

    I make a Otaku Room.
    But he's not ready yet.
    That's why I can not get out of the box the figures.
    I have no place here more in the living room.
    So I'm going to do in the other room an Otaku room until July.
    And then I have place again.

    Then I'll make my XXL unboxing.
    4 years ago
    Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku

    Never mind.
    But I am glad that you answer me.
    I was afraid that you no longer like me.

    Unfortunately, there was no other way.
    I can not pay Misaka so I will have to delete my Acc Nippon-Yasan.
    But I have made with the Name of my Boyfriend a second Acc.
    Now I will still be able to save a few figures.

    I ordered with my second Acc...


    ITEM #275808

    ITEM #257209

    ITEM #236206

    ITEM #186207

    ITEM #236190

    Yes I got the Nendo yesterday.

    Yes I have seen the alternate version.
    I find beautiful but like the normal version more.
    I think my Beelzebub will arrive tomorrow.
    4 years ago